CYBL Game Videos

Procedure for Submitting a CYBL Game Video

  • Upload your video to a free video sharing service like YouTube.
    (Posting your video to a service like YouTube saves CYBL money because there are no video "serving" charges, and the sharing service formats the videos so that everyone is able to play them easily on their computers.)
  • Email the link to your uploaded video to "" and put "Game Video Submission" in the email Subject Line.
  • Provide a brief description of the video in the body of the email (Date, Division, Team Names, Location, Final Score, etc.). This info will be posted with the video.
  • Both video AND audio content will be reviewed before the video is posted on the CYBL Web site. The rules are simple:
    o No profanity
    o No inappropriate images
    o Do not completely identify a specific Player (no first and last names)
    o Keep video length short (10 minutes or less)
  • After passing review, CYBL will get the appropriate link from the video sharing service and place it on this Web page.
That's all there is to it, so upload your videos to a video sharing service and email us the links today!

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Sample Youth Basketball Videos from YouTube

(These videos are NOT of CYBL games)

Click on arrow in the MIDDLE of each screen to play that video.

"Oct 6 Riverside YMCA Youth Basketball 11/12 - Green vs White"

"2007-02-27 YMCA Basketball Game Highlights"