CYBL Scholarship Information

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Each year CYBL awards 4 college scholarships, each valued at $400.00, to deserving High School Seniors (2 boys, 2 girls) who have participated in CYBL.

The minimum requirements that must be met in order to apply for one of these 4 CYBL college scholarships are 1) that the applicant must be a Senior in High School and 2) the applicant must have participated in CYBL for at least one season between the 2nd and 12th grades.

Please note that the applicant does NOT have to be a Senior enrolled in Chelmsford High School in order to apply for one of these scholarships. For example, the applicant could be a Senior enrolled at Nashoba Valley Technical High School.

A CYBL Scholarship application form can be viewed/downloaded from this Web site (see link below) or can be picked up at the Guidance Office at Chelmsford High School.

Applications are due back to the Chelmsford High School Guidance Office in early-mid May (the exact date for each year is noted at the bottom of the Application Form).

Final applicant evaluation and award of the scholarships is handled by Chelmsford High School staff members.

Good Luck!

View/Download the Application Form (PDF format)