CYBL Officiating/Referee Information

Director of Officials: Jonathan Silva

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General Information:

Game Officials

All Intramural Cadet and Junior division games, and Mites Boys games, are refereed by CYBL-paid and trained Chelmsford High School Boys and Girls. Intramural High School division games are refereed by CYBL-paid, professional (High School and/or College-level) Referees who are members of IAABO (International Association of Approved Basketball Officials).

Intramural Mites, Cadet, Junior and High School games also have CYBL-paid and trained Official Scorers and Time Keepers.

Travel Team games are officiated by referees supplied by the regional league in which that Travel Team participates.

Site Managers

Site Managers are former CYBL players and/or officials of at least college age (most are college graduates). They are paid to maintain order in the gym, supervise the games and watch over the officiating. All questions regarding the game should be directed to the Site Manager. Site Managers are the on-site representatives of BOTH the Director of Officials AND the CYBL Board of Directors.

CYBL High School Official Requirements:

CYBL High School Officials (Referees, Time Keepers, Official Scorers) must be of high school age (at least a freshman). The young men and women are required to attend classes and pass a written exam on the rules of basketball. Once the individual has passed the written exam, they are then required to pass a floor exam conducted during an actual game.

To see sample questions and answers from the written exam, please click on this link.

CYBL High School Officials are paid based on their years of work in the program and pay increases year to year.

Officials Class Schedule:

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Officials Sign-up Form

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