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2010-11 Season Game Summaries

Week #10:

Miami 28 - Florida State 25
Miami came away with a big win in it’s last game over FSU by the score of 28 to 25. Miami was lead by Shannon Garrity, who took the game over scoring 10 of her 12 pts at the end of the game. The whole Miami team played as one unit to overcome a 7 point deficit going into the last two segments. Bria Sutton scored 5 points and was a force on both offense and defense. Yvonne Robinson had two points, Kendra Malone and Kathyrne Stowell both added a basket each. Genesis Acosta lead the defense with many blocked shots with key help from Jennifer Reynolds with a big steal at the end and Michelle Hand helping out on defense. Shannon Garrity showed Ice in her veins hitting two free throws with 5 seconds left to give Miami the one point win. Florida State held the lead through out most of the game, only to have Miami tie the score late in the final segment. It was an exciting finish, and a last minute basket and two free throws gave Miami the win. Grace Gerhardt led the Seminoles with 6 points, with Natasha Krishnan adding 5. Bailey Grant put up 4 points and Siobhan LaFreniere, Sarah Doherty, Amber Uzzell, Meagan DeSalvo, and Isabella Sierra all had two points each. Kelly Driscoll and Katherine Rigney had strong defensive outings.

Clemson 30 - Tennessee 17
This was a close contest throughout the first half but Clemson was able to gradually pull away from Tennessee as the game went on. Megan Keene led Tennessee with 6 points while Natasha Graves played another great defensive game pulling down 7 rebounds. Samantha Govoni turned in a fine defensive effort and Amanda Faulkenham played a fine all around game with 2 points, 2 steals and a rebound.

Boston College 29 - Duke 16
Duke jumped out to an early 6-0 lead but BC went on a 17-0 run to go up by 11. Duke dug their way back into it to close the gap to 21-16. A huge hoop by Alison Brown followed quickly by a big hoop from Alex Collias put BC up 25-16 and swung the momentum back in BC’s favor with the final score 29-16. Courtney Moore had her best game of the season leading BC with eight points. Julia Slattery and Kasey Daly each six points for BC followed by Nicole Stryker with three points. Alison Brown, Alex Collias and Kelly Duggan each chipped in with two points for BC. Eleanor Langthorne and Olivia Knight played fine all around games for BC.

Week #9:

Boston College 37 - Tennessee 27
BC led all the way in defeating a determined Tennessee team 37-26. BC built a 23-8 halftime lead behind the hot shooting of Kasey Daly and Julia Slattery in the first half. Tennessee scored six straight points beginning the third quarter to get back in it. BC was able to build their lead back up keyed by the outstanding defense of Alison Brown who was all over the court and the fine all around play of Alex Collias. Kasey Daly led BC with twelve points followed by Julia Slattery with eight points and Jacky Arndt with seven points. Courtney Moore had four points and played a fine defensive game. Nicole Stryker, Eleanor Langthorne and Kelly Duggan had two points a piece for BC. Down two players, Tennessee battled hard but was not able to come away with a victory in this contest. Gianna Firicano led the way for Tennessee (12 points) while Taylor Czybora had a great all-around game (6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals). Natasha Graves turned in another stellar defensive performance hauling down 6 rebounds while Julia Segal played played another aggresive game on defense and once again, seemed to be everywhere at once.

North Carolina 22 Duke 20
Duke and North Carolina played an exciting game that ended in the last minute of the first overtime with North Carolina scoring the go ahead bucket to win 22 to 20. Duke started the game strong with a 6-0 lead, but North Carolina scrambled back. The game was close the whole way through. Duke scoring was led by Elizabeth Thissell with 6 points. Emily Rubico and Jordan Tilley each scored 4 points for Duke. Tara Wilson scored a bucket. Bryanna Abboud sank two free throws and Maggie Tiano and Jessica Dodge each scored a free throw. Haley Wilson and Mariah Shield played great defense for the Duke squad.

Week #8:

Miami 27 - Boston College 26
In exciting CYBL action and with both teams short handed Miami defeated BC in a tough game 27-24. Miami was lead by Shannon Garrity with 15 pts and Gennesis Acosta with 10 points.finishing up the scoring for Miami was Bria Sutton. It was a back and forth battle all night with Yvonne Robinson playing tough defense along with Kendra Malone with some key picks to set up a late game score. Jennifer Reynolds helped out on defense with a key steal to help seal the win. The game had numerous lead changes and was close all the way with neither team leading by more than three points. Kasey Daly led BC with eight points. Kelly Duggan played an outstanding game for BC and had six points. Jacky Arndt and Julia Slattery also had six points each for BC. Alison Brown, Olivia Knight, Courtney Moore and Nicole Stryker played fine all around games for BC.

Clemson 25 - Duke 16
Duke kept it close against an excellent Clemson squad and Clemson won 25-16. Jordan Tilley and Jessica Dodge played great defense and scrambled for loose balls and rebounds. Duke scoring was led by Emily Rubico with 7 points and Elizabeth Thissell with 5 points. Maggie Tiano scored a basket. Mariah Shield and Bryanna Abboud each sank a free throw. Clemson shooters got hot later in the game to open a bit of a lead and Duke's shots just weren't falling. Both teams played great defense."

Click on this link to view Chelmsford Patch VIDEOS of this game!

Tennessee 22 - North Carolina 21
Tennessee continued its winning ways with their third victory in their last four games. This was a close hard fought match by both teams from start to finish. It took a clutch free throw by Gianna Firicano with less than a minute left to seal the win. Brenda Mello led the way for Tennessee (6 points, 5 rebounds and 4 steals) while Natasha Graves had her best game of the year (5 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals). Other notable standouts on defense included Gianna Firicano and Kristy McCann pulling down 5 rebounds each.

Florida State 25 - Maryland 22
Florida State defeated Maryland in Saturday’s game by a score of 25 to 22. The Seminoles built up a good sized lead in the first half, and then had to hold off a surging Maryland team to hang on for the win. The game wasn’t decided till the final minute of play, when a Siobhan LeFreniere basket extended the lead to 3 points. Grace Gerhardt led the Seminoles with 10 points and great overall play. Amber Uzzell added 6 points and Bailey Grant chipped in with 5, with both playing great defense. Katherine Rigney’s 2 points rounded out the scoring. The defensive play of Kelly Driscoll, Sarah Doherty, Meagan DeSalvo, and Isabella Sierra was a big part of the winning effort.

Week #7:

Boston College 18 - Maryland 14
Boston College defeated Maryland 18-14 in a hard fought game. Maryland led from the opening tap until the end of the third quarter when they held a 14-12 lead. Julia Slattery tied the score at 14 and then scored again to give BC their first lead at 16-14. Courtney Moore added a big insurance hoop late in the fourth quarter and BC was able to hang on for the win. Kasey Daly led BC with six points, Julia Slattery and Courtney Moore each had four points and Eleanor Langthorne and Kelly Duggan chipped in with two points each. Nicole Stryker, Jacky Arndt, Alex Collias and Olivia Knight played fine all around games for BC.

Tennessee 26 - Duke 22
Tennessee won a tough battle against Duke in a contest that was close from start to finish. This victory was anchored by another stellar defensive effort by all 10 players on Tennessee (9 total steals) and a very balanced scoring attack which featured 8 players in the scoring column. Taylor Czybora and Brenda Mello led the way with 6 points each followed by Natasha Graves with 4 points. Julia Segal was a defensive standout who seemed to be everywhere at once. Other notable defensive performances were turned in by Megan Merna (3 steals), Kristy McCann, Gianna Firicano, Samantha Govoni, Amanda Faulkenham and Megan Keene. Duke played a strong all around game and ran up an early lead on great offensive play by Elizabeth Thissell (6 points), Maggie Tiano (6 points), and Emily Rubico (6 points). Jordan Tilley and Tara Wilson each scored a bucket for the Duke offense. Bryanna Abboud, Haley Wilson, and Jessica Dodge played strong defense and made aggressive plays. Tennessee's pressure on inbounds plays gave them enough lift to overcome the early Duke lead and win the close game.

Florida State 22 - North Carolina 10
Florida State defeated North Carolina in Saturday’s game by a score of 22 to 10. Both teams played great basketball and were even at the half. In the second half, Florida State’s defense began to pay off against a shorthanded N. Carolina team. The Seminoles played outstanding defense, creating turnovers, and limiting the NC’s offensive opportunities. The defense was led by Amber Uzzell’s and Kelly Driscoll’s great play under the basket. Grace Gerhardt was all over the court and led the offense with 8 points. Amber had 6 points; Siobhan LeFreniere added 4, and Meagan DeSalvo and Natasha Krishnan each had 2. Outstanding overall play by Sarah Doherty, Katherine Rigney, Bailey Grant, and Isabelle Sierra was key to the win.

Week #6:

Clemson 18 - North Carolina 6
What a defensive game by both Clemson and North Carolina. Clemson points was lead by Carley Boyd (8) and Grace Ott(4). Jasmine Elmore(2),Kirsten Robinson(2) and Caitlin Sanborn(2) finished off the Clemson scoring. Clemson then followed up with good defense by Kyra Robinson,Christina Rayball, Alexandra Myers and Emma DesMarais to keep North Carolina from scoring.

Boston College 30 - Florida State 18
Boston College defeated a determined Florida State team 30-18. The two teams traded baskets throughout the first half and BC held a slim 10-8 lead at the half. The game was tied at 14 mid way through the third quarter when BC went on a 12-0 run keyed by a big hoop by Alex Collias. Kasey Daly led BC with twelve points followed by Jacky Arndt with eight points. Nicole Stryker and Julia Slattery each had four points for BC and Alex Collias had two points. Alison Brown, Kelly Duggan, Olivia Knight and Courtney Moore played fine all around games for BC. Florida State was led by Amber Uzzell with 8 points, and Natasha Krishnan with 4. Grace Gerhardt, Katherine Rigney, and Siobhan LaFreniere each had 2 points. The defense was led by Meagan DeSalvo and Isabella Sierra, while Kelly Driscoll, Bailey Grant and Sarah Doherty contributed on both sides of the court with spirited play.

Maryland 33 - Tennessee 17
A tough battle throughout the first half which was dominated by Tennessee. Maryland came back in the second half with solid defense and great shooting. Nicole Silverman and Anna Przybylowicz directed the office with clutch passing, while great rebounding came from Danielle Withycombe Scoring for Maryland Kaitlyn Withrow (14) , Maddie McCaul (8) , Carly Rennie (5) , Maddie Darwin (4) , and Nicole Barrett ( 2) . Tennessee scoring was led by Megan Merna (9 points) and Gianna Firicano (6 points). Megan Keene scored a basket, as well.

Miami 26 - Duke 21
Miami with a big win against Duke. Miami lead the whole way with the biggest lead at 10 points. Scoring for Miami was lead by Gennisis Acosta with 10 pts followed by Shannon Garrity. Kathryne Stowell dropped in 4 points and Bria Sutton finished up the scoring for Miami. The defense was lead by Gennisis Acosta with many blocked shots and rebounds. Duke cut the lead to three in the last segment but Miami’s defense was able to hold them off. Playing well on defense was Jennifer Reynolds, Kendra Malone, Michelle Hand and Yvonne Robinson. Miami came out hot at the start of the game, but Duke held the score close for most of the first half. The Duke defense led by Mariah Shield, Maggie Tiano, and Jordan Tilley kept the game close with scrappy play all over the court. Emily Rubico led Duke scoring with 8 points (3 baskets and 2 foul shots). Jessica Dodge poured in 2 baskets and a foul shot for 5 points in the game. Elizabeth Thissell put in two buckets for 4 points. Tara and Haley Wilson each scored a basket. Miami pulled away in the second half to get a 10 point lead, that Duke managed to cut to 5, but the Miami cushion proved to be too much for Duke to overcome in the end.

Week #5:

Tennessee 23 - Florida State 22
The fans really got a treat watching this nail-biter in a match that proved to be one of the most exciting games of the CYBL season. After trailing for most of the game, Tennessee never gave up as they chipped away at the lead while all 9 players played outstanding defense. Brenda Mello (8 points), Megan Merna (7 points) and Taylor Czybora (6 points) lead the Tennessee scoring attack while Kristy McCann added a basket of her own. Other defensive standouts included Samantha Govoni, Natasha Graves, Gianna Firicano, Julia Segal and Amanda Faulkenham. Florida State held the lead for most of the game, but a last minute basket by Tennessee gave them a one point ahead. Florida State had the ball with 10 seconds to play and moved the ball the length of the court to get the final shot, but the attempt fell short. Florida State was lead by Grace Gerhardt and Amber Uzzell, each scoring 6 points and playing outstanding defense. Bailey Grant chipped in with 4 points, while Meagan DeSalvo, Natasha Krishnan, and Isabella Sierra each had 2. Kelly Driscoll, Katherine Rigney, Sarah Doherty, and Siobhan LaFreniere each played strong games on both ends of the court.

Clemson 40 - Boston College 27
Clemson defeated BC 40-27 in CYBL action. The game was close throughout the first half and Clemson led 16-11 at the half. Clemson extended their lead to 30-15 at the end of the third quarter. BC put on a furious comeback at the beginning of the fourth quarter with twelve unanswered points to cut the lead to 30-27. The comeback was led by the hot shooting of Eleanor Langthorne with six points and a big hoop by Alison Brown. BC ran out of gas and Clemson won 40-27. Kasey Daly led BC with eight points followed by Jacky Arndt with seven and Eleanor Langthorne with six points. Nicole Stryker, Alison Brown and Julia Slattery each had two points for BC. Alex Collias played outstanding defense for BC and Olivia Knight and Courtney Moore played fine all around games for BC.

Duke 19 - Maryland 11
Duke started the game on fire with a few baskets to establish a first quarter lead and fought off a strong comeback by Maryland to win 19-11. Both teams played aggressively on defense and Maryland started the second half with a press that harassed Duke effectively on inbound plays. Duke's defense was led by Mariah Shield, Elizabeth Thissell, Maggie Tiano, Jessica Dodge, and Bryanna Abboud with aggressive play on both ends of the floor. Duke's offense included: Abboud with one point, Nicole Wrobel with two points, Jordan Tilley with 6 points, and Emily Rubico with ten points.

Week #4:

Miami 30 – Tennessee 27
Miami stole a win from Tennessee this weekend. Shannon Garrity held together an injury plagued Miami team with 14 points. Also scoring for Miami was Darlene sun with 4 points, Bria Sutton with 4 points, Genesis Acosta with 4 points and Kathryne Stowell with 4 points. Kendra Malone had a great game setting some key picks leading to big baskets down the stretch. Miami finished the game with only 6 out of the 9 that started the game due to injuries. Tennessee put together their best offensive and defensive performance of the season but it just wasn't enough as they fell short in this hard-fought match against Miami. Megan Keene led the Tennessee scoring attack with 7 ponts. Gianna Firicano and Brenda Mello each scored 6 points while Natasha Graves and Samantha Govoni chipped in with 4 points each. Defensive standouts included Kristy McCann, Taylor Czybora, Julia Segal, Amanda Faulkenham and Megan Merna.

North Carolina 24 - Boston College 22
North Carolina defeated BC 24-22 in a hard fought game. NC built a 22-8 halftime lead but BC made an exciting comeback that got started with baskets by Kasey Daley and Jacky Arndt late in the third quarter. BC continued its comeback in the fourth quarter with a full court press and the fine all around play of Nicole Stryker, Eleanor Langthorne, Alison Brown, Alex Collias and Olivia Knight. Kasey Daly led BC with eight points followed by Jacky Arndt, Julia Slattery and Courtney Moore with four points each. Kelly Duggan chipped in with two points.

Florida State 34 – Duke 18
Florida State needed to play their best game of the year to defeat a strong Duke team on Saturday night. The Seminoles played great team defense and made the most of their offensive opportunities. Amber Uzzell’s led with 12 points and great play under the basket. Grace Gerhardt and Katherine Rigney had key baskets and each had 6 points. Meagan DeSalvo chipped in with 4 and played outstanding D. Isabella Sierra, Sarah Doherty, and Kelly Driscoll each had a basket and, along with Natasha Krishnan, played great two-way basketball. Duke had a solid offensive game led by Emily Rubico with 12 points. Haley Wilson scored 4 points. Maggie Tiano, Tara Wilson and Jessica Dodge each scored a bucket. Duke had great defensive efforts by Brianna Abboud, Mariah Shield, Elizabeth Thissel, Jordan Tilley, and Nicole Wrobel that harassed the Florida State offense all evening long.

Week #3:

Maryland 17 – North Carolina 15
A see-saw battle right to the end between these two teams. Defensive gems by Nicole Barrett, Anna Przybylowicz, and Katie Shea of Maryland, kept the pressure on North Carolina , allowing several Maryland players to score. Scoring for Maryland Nicole Silverman (4), Maddie McCaul (4) , Kaitlyn Withrow (3), Hollianne Crasco (2), Danielle Withycombe (2) and Madison Darwin (2).

Miami 21 - Florida State 14
In their first win of the season, Miami beat Florida State 21- 14. Miami scoring was lead by Shannon Garrity with 10 points. Genesis Acosta followed with 6 points and a big night on the boards. Bria Sutton showed some great ball handling skills driving the lane and scoring 3 points were rounded out by Darlene Sun with 2 points. Also playing well on defense were Jennifer Reynolds, Michelle Hand and Kendra Malone.

Duke 24 - Boston College 20
Duke defeated BC 24-20 in a hard fought game. Duke built a 16-8 halftime lead and BC got within two in the second half but Duke was able to hold on for the win.. Jacky Arndt led BC with eight points followed by Kasey Daly with seven. Nicole Stryker and Eleanor Langthorne each added two points and Olivia Knight had a big free throw for BC. Alex Collias played an outstanding defensive game and Alison Brown and Kelly Duggan played hard throughout the entire game for BC. Leading all scores was Emily Rubico for Duke with 12 points. Also contributing for the offense were Maggie Tiano and Tara Wilson with 4 points each and Jordan Tilley and Haley Wilson throwing down 2 a piece. The game would not have been won if not for the defense of Bryanna Abbound, Mariah Shield and Nicole Wrobel.

Clemson 43 - Tennesee 18
Tennessee stayed with Clemson throughout the early going but Clemson's offense proved to be too much for them as they built an insurmountable lead. Brenda Mello led Tennessee with 6 points.

Week #2:

Clemson 24 - Florida State 18
Clemson started off with a good offensive drive with leading scoring by Grace Ott with 6 pts follow by Emma Desmarais, Krya Robinson, Caitlin Sanborn all with4 pts. With Jasmine Elmore, Kirsten Robinson and Allie Myers with 2 each. Clemson teammates Carley Boyd and Christina Rayball helped out with great defensive work. Florida State had all it could handle in Saturday nights game with Clemson. Clemson’s offense was red hot in the first half and built a 14 to 2 lead. In the second half, the Seminoles slowed Clemson's offense and made a game if it. Isabella Sierra and Meagan DeSalvo both had steals in the third quarter that resulted in fast break baskets. Grace Gerhardt led Florida State with 12 points. Siobhan LeFreniere and Natasha Krishnan each had 2. Kelly Driscoll, Sarah Doherty, and Katherine Rigney all played outstanding defense for the Seminoles.

Boston College 33 - Tennessee 17
BC defeated Tennessee in a game that was closer than the final score indicated. Twice when it looked like Tennessee was about to make a move BC scored on segment ending buzzer beaters. Jacky Arndt made a lay up on a three quarter court inbound pass from Julia Slattery at the end of the third quarter to make the score 24-14. At the end of the seventh segment Kasey Daly scored on a thirty-five foot three pointer to put BC up 29-16. Jacky Arndt led BC with ten points followed by Kasey Daly with nine. Nicole Stryker added six points, Julia Slattery four points and Olivia Knight and Courtney Moore had two points each. Alison Brown played a fine all around game for BC. Tennessee's offense was led by Brenda Mello, Gianna Firicano, Amanda Faulkenham and Megan Merna, each with 4 points while Natasha Graves, Kristy McCann, Julia Segal and Taylor Czybora played well on the defensive end.

North Carolina 16 - Duke 10
Duke started the game against North Carolina very strong defensively and held their opponent scoreless in the first half, that ended with Duke up 6-0. But in the second half, North Carolina scratched themselves back into the game and took the lead in the last segment. The final score was North Carolina 16, Duke 10. Emily Rubico scored the first basket of the game for Duke in the first quarter, and added another bucket in the second half. Bryanna Abboud and Mariah Shield played some scrappy defense disrupting the North Carolina ball handlers and made some key steals throughout the game. Additional scoring for Duke included Tara Wilson, Nicole Wrobel, and Maggie Tiano each with one basket. Elizabeth Thissell, Jordan Tilley, Haley Wilson, and Jessica Dodge contributed for Duke with great defensive efforts and rebounding.

Maryland 21 - Miami 15
This was a close battle all the way to the end. Maryland hung on to a 21-15 win. Leading the scoring for Maryland was Holliane Crasco (6), followed by Carly Rennie (5), Kaitlyn Withrow (4), Madison Darwin (4), and Maddie McCaul (2). The defense lead by Anna Przybylowicz, Nicole Barrett, Nicole Silverman and Katie Shea once again was strong forcing a number of turnovers.

Week #1:

Maryland 16 - Florida State 13
After a slow first half, Maryland turned it around with tough defense and some clutch free throws, to pull off a hard fought win. Four free throws by Carly Rennie sealed the win for Maryland. Maryland scoring was led by Kaitlyn Winslow (6) , Nicole Silverman (2), Maddie McCaul (2) and Danielle Withycombe (2). Leading the defense was Madison Darwin, Nicole Barrett, Hollianne Crasco , and Anna Przybylowicz. The game between Florida State and Maryland was a tale of two halves. The first half was dominated by Florida State. The Seminoles leapt out to a big lead as a result of solid defense, great passing, and some key baskets. Leading the attack was the fine play of Grace Gerhardt, Amber Uzzell, and Meagan DeSalvo. Adding to the effort was the steller defense and passing of Sarah Doherty, Bailey Grant, Kelly Driscoll, Isabella Sierra, and Katherine Rigney. Maryland saved most of it's best play for the second half. Their pressure defense forced many turnovers and was the key to their comeback. Their defense held the Seminoles to only 2 points in the half and allowed them to chip away at the lead. In the end, Maryland was able to convert at the foul line and went on to win the game.

North Carolina 27 - Tennessee 20
Tennessee opened the season with a tough battle against North Carolina. After being down by as much as 12 points, Tennessee mounted an aggresive 3rd quarter comeback thanks to some gritty defense to pull within 5 points but that was as close as it got. Amanda Faulkenham led Tennessee with 6 points while Taylor Czybora, Brenda Mello and Megen Keane each scored 4 points and Gianna Firicano chipped in with 2.

Boston College 20 - Miami 15
In season opening action, Boston College led by a small margin all the way in topping an undermanned but determined Miami team. Kasey Daly and Julia Slattery led BC with six points each, Jacky Arndt had four and Alison Brown and Nicole Stryker chipped in with two points apiece. Eleanor Langthorne, Kelly Duggan, Alex Collias and Courtney Moore played outstanding defense for BC. Miami was short handed with only 6 players and everyone played hard. Standing out was Shannon Garrity with 8 points Genesis Acosta was next with 4 points and was huge on defense. Darlene Sun hit a 3 pointer with 25 seconds left to get the score with in 3 points but then BC scored again with 11 seconds left to put it out of reach. Kendra Malone played great on both offense and defense, Yvonne Robinson had a great rebounding game Michelle Hand came up big on defense at the end of the game to keep it close.


2009-10 Season Game Summaries

Week #9 Game Summaries

Clemson 25 - Florida State 12
Clemson led throughout the game by a few points and defeated a very determined Florida State team 25-12.  Sarah Booth played an outstanding game for Clemson scoring a season high eleven points.  Meghan Sementelli added five points and Jacky Arndt and Kaitlyn Withrow each chipped in with four points.  Samantha Meehan had one point on a free throw to seal the victory for Clemson. Taylor Czybora and Shannon Nagle played fine all around games for Clemson.  Cassidy Tyros and Hollianne Crasco tallied all the scores for FSU with 8 and 4 points respectively, Genesis Acosta, Katie Shea, and Sophia Upton played strong defensively.
Miami 25 - Maryland 22
After leading until the last segment, Maryland couldn't hold off Miami at the end and lost in overtime 25-22.  Maryland had a tremendous defensive 1st half resulting in a 10-4 lead.  Leading Maryland rebounders were Laura Hohenstein, Arianna Sundstrom, Jen Chamberlain, Haley LaFreniere, Jasmine Elmore and Katelyn Burke.  Chamberlain, Hohenstein, Burke, Elmore and LaFreniere had multiple steals, while Jessica Dodge, Burke and LaFreniere each had blocks.  The Maryland offense was well balanced with 7 of 8 players scoring:  Chamberlain (6), Elmore (4), Burke (4), Hohenstein (2), Dodge (2), LaFreniere (2) and Sundstrom (2).  Nice passing by Siobhan LaFreniere, Hohenstein, and Sundstrom aided the Maryland attack.  Samantha Harmon lead MIAMI’s scoring with nine (9) points.  Rounding out MIAMI’s scoring was Marylou Ryder with five (5) points, Erin O’Keefe with (4) points, Jenna D’Amore, Sarah Couch and Nardina Sera with two points each, Nicole Wrobel’s one point was a key free throw late in the game. Madison McCaul and Julia Villanova played strong games on both ends of the court.

Week #8 Game Summaries

Duke 33 - Clemson 25
Clemson trailed throughout the game by a few points in losing to Duke 33-25.  Every time it looked like Clemson was going to make a run Duke answered with a basket. Meghan Sementelli led Clemson with six points and Sarah Booth added five points for Clemson. Taylor Czybora and Jacky Arndt each had four points and Shannon Nagle, Julia Sementelli and Kaitlyn Withrow each chipped in with two points. Eleanor Langthorne, Samantha Meehan and Alex Collias played fine all around games for Clemson.

Florida State 18 - Maryland 16
Florida State came back from an early deficit to defeat a gritty Maryland team 18-16. Down 10-6 at halftime, FSU opened the second half with 2 quick buckets from Carly Boyd and 1 from Christine Meskell to take the lead. But Maryland came back and the score was tied going into the last period before Cassidy Tyros scored the game winner. Boyd led FSU with 8 points, followed by Meskell and Tyros with 4 points, and Genesis Acosta with 2 points. Cassie Balas, Hollianne Crasco, and Katherine Stowell played great defense.  Maryland's defense was tough in the first half holding Florida State to 6 points, but gave up several inside baskets in the 2nd half.  The Maryland D was led by Laura Hohenstein and Arianna Sundstrom with several rebounds and a steal.  Haley LaFreniere also rebounded well, while Jasmine Elmore and Jessica Dodge had good overall games on D.  The Maryland offense included some nice passing by Celia Kampner, Siobhan LaFreniere and Hohenstein.  The leading scorer for the Terrapins was Jen Chamberlain with four, while Delaney Gembis, Katelyn Burke, Hohenstein, Sundstrom, Kampner and Haley LaFreniere each added a basket.

Week #7 Game Summaries

Miami 31 - Clemson 28
Clemson trailed throughout the game in losing to Miami 31-28. Julia Sementelli and Taylor Czybora led Clemson with six points each.  Shannon Nagle had five points, Meghan Sementelli had four points and Sarah Booth added three points for Clemson.  Jacky Arndt and Kaitlyn Withrow each chipped in with two points.  Eleanor Langthorne, Samantha Meehan and Alex Collias played fine all around games for Clemson. In one of the most exciting CYBL Junior Girls games of the day MIAMI edged a tough Clemson team. Playing tight defensive and using quick hands and quick feet MIAMI’s Julia Villanova stole a Clemson pass and then hit a running layup to put MIAMI back ahead 29-28.  Another Clemson turnover was picked up by Samantha Harmon who dropped in the insurance bucket with the final score of the game preserving MIAMI’s 31-28 victory.Leading the MIAMI scoring was Marylou Ryder with eight (8) points, Julia Villanova seven (7) points, Nardina Sera and Samantha Harmon with six (6) points apiece, Jenna D’Amore three (3) points and Nicole Wrobel one (1) point Madison McCaul and Erin O’Keefe each played strong games on both ends of the court.

Florida State 23 - North Carolina 21
Florida State built up a big early lead and held off a ferocious North Carolina comeback to win 23-21. Florida State started the game red hot and led 10-3 after 2 periods and 17-9 at halftime. North Carolina kept coming back and closed to 20-17 entering the final period. Florida State held on the final period for a tough fought win. Christine Meskell and Cassidy Tyros led FSU with 8 points each, followed by Hollianne Crasco with 4 points, Sophia Upton had 2 points, and Genesis Acosta sank a critical free throw at the end of the game for 1 point. Katie Shea and Carly Boyd played great defense with several steals and key rebounds to help seal the win.

Boston College 27 - Maryland 24
Maryland couldn't overcome BC's press in the final minutes, and lost 27-24 after leading most of the game.  Delaney Gembis, Jasmine Elmore, Jen Chamberlain and Arianna Sundstrom dribbled well to break the BC press, while Celia Kampner had two nice assists.  Leading Maryland scorers was Katelyn Burke (8), Haley LaFreniere (7) and Laura Hohenstein (6), while Kampner added 2 and Sundstrom had 1 point.  The Terrapins rebounded well again, led by LaFreniere, Burke, Hohenstein and Sundstrom, while Jessica Dodge also played strong inside and had another block.

Duke 16 - Tennessee 14
In a spectacular game, Mary Richards (4) scored what turned out to be the winning basket to put Duke up by two in the last minute of overtime play.  In one of their toughest games of the season, Duke had to play their best basketball of the season to break a well played press by Tennessee.  Kelly Driscoll played an excellent defensive game, and had a great assist that led to Duke's first points.  Critical offense came from the rest of the team; Sarah Bien (4 points), Amber Uzzell (2), Debbie Okpoebo (2), Kayla Davis (2), and Sarah Doherty (2 points).  With 15 seconds left in overtime, Tennessee's offense went to work but Duke put up some fantastic defense to hold on for the win. Both teams played exceptional basketball with a nail biting overtime finish.

Week #6 Game Summaries

Maryland 15 - Tennessee 25
Maryland and Tennessee battled in an intense back and forth game, but Tennessee prevailed 25-15. Maryland fought hard on the boards, led by Katelyn Burke with an impressive 10 rebounds. The Terrapin offense included points by Jessica Dodge (4), Arianna Sundstrom (3), Burke (3), Laura Hohenstein (2), Haley LaFreniere (2) and Celia Kampner (1). Jen Chamberlain had a nice assist, while Jasmine Elmore, Delaney Gembis and Siohban LaFreniere played stellar defense for the Terrapins.

North Carolina 20 - Clemson 10
Clemson started off slow and trailed throughout the game in losing to North Carolina 20-10. Clemson did a great job on defense but struggled on the offensive end of the court as many good shots were not falling. Julia Sementelli and Kaitlyn Withrow each had four points for Clemson and Sarah Booth added two points. Alex Collias did a great job on defense for Clemson. Shannon Nagle, Eleanor Langthorne, Samantha Meehan, Taylor Czybora, Jacky Arndt and Meghan Sementelli all played fine all around games for Clemson.

Week #5 Game Summaries

Duke 21 - Maryland 10
In a very exciting competition, Duke hit the scoreboard first and despite facing a fierce Maryland defense, managed to keep the lead through the rest of the game. The team managed to match scoring in the early stages of the game, and then stay in front with some great defense of their own. Key defensive plays were turnovers by Corrianna Wade, along with some great rebounding by Kelly Driscoll, Sarah Doherty, and Mary Richards helped keep things close early. This allowed the Duke offense to get going, led by scoring from Debbie Okpoebo (10), Kayla Davis(7), and Amber Uzzell with 4. Great job all around playing a tough Maryland team. The Maryland defense frustrated Duke at times, and Jen Chamberlain and Katelyn Burke came up with several steals. Maryland worked hard in the rebounding department, led by Haley LaFreniere, Jasmine Elmore, Arianna Sundstrom, Delaney Gembis and Burke. Laura Hohenstein, Siohban LaFreniere, Jessica Dodge and Celia Kampner also had strong defensive games. The Terrapin offense featured two baskets each by Chamberlain and Hohenstein, while Burke chipped in with one.

North Carolina 25 - Miami 19
MIAMI dropped its first game of the young season. North Carolina jumped out to a 8-2 first quarter lead, and then played tough defense and held a 12-9 halftime edge. In the third quarter NC built the lead to 20-11 as MIAMI’s shooting went cold. MIAMI picked up the tempo in the final quarter and clawed back into the game but ran out of time as NC hung on to a 25-19 victory. Erin O’Keefe and Jenna D’Amore led the MIAMI scoring with six (6) points apiece. Finishing off the MIAMI scoring was Samantha Harmon with five (5) points and Marylou Ryder with two (2). Madison McCaul, Nardina Sera, Julia Villanova, Nicole Wrobel and Sarah Couch all played strong games on both ends of the court.

Tennesse 24 - Florida State 10
On Saturday the shots were just not falling in for Florida State as they lost to Tennessee 24-6. Scoring for Florida State were Genesis Acosta, Carly Boyd, and Christine Meskell. Cassidy Tyros and Hollianne Crasco did a great job handling the point guard duties and manuevering through the full court press of Tennessee. Cassie Balas, Katie Shea, and Sophia Upton helped with strong defensive play.

Clemson 29 - Boston College 23
Clemson held on to defeat a very determined Boston College team 29-23. BC jumped out to an early 9-2 lead. Clemson then went on a 17-0 run sparked by ten consecutive points by Julia Sementelli to take a 19-11 lead at halftime. BC cut the lead to four at the end of the third quarter but Clemson was able to hang on for the win. Julia Sementelli led Clemson with twelve points followed by Taylor Czybora with six. Meghan Sementelli had four points, Sarah Booth had three points and Jacky Arndt and Shannon Nagle each had two points for Clemson. Samantha Meehan, Alex Collias and Kaitlyn Withrow played fine all around games for Clemson.

Week #4 Game Summaries

Clemson 25 - Maryland 10
With solid all around defense Clemson built up a 16-8 halftime lead and maintained the lead throughout the second half to defeat a scrappy Maryland team 25-10. Jacky Arndt led a balanced scoring attack for Clemson with seven points. Sarah Booth, Shannon Nagle, Julia Sementelli and Kaitlyn Withrow all had four points. Taylor Czybora added two points and played an outstanding game at both ends of the court. Meghan Sementelli, Eleanor Langthorne, Sam Meehan and Alex Collias all played great defense and fine all around games for Clemson.

Miami 33 - Tennessee 18
MIAMI jumped out to a 10-4 first quarter lead, and then traded baskets in the second quarter which ended with MIAMI holding a 16-10 halftime edge. MIAMI dug in defensively in the third quarter and built a 23-14 lead after three. Giving a strong team effort in the fourth quarter, MIAMI finished with the 33-18 win.Samantha Harmon led the MIAMI scoring with 11 points and played tough defense leading the team in rebounding. Marylou Ryder continued her strong play with eight points and recovered many loose balls.Finishing off the MIAMI scoring was Madison McCaul and Nardina Sera with four (4) points each; Julia Villanova and Jenna D’Amore chipped in two (2) points; Nicole Wrobel made a pair free throws for two (2) points.Erin O’Keefe played a strong game on both ends of the court grabbing rebounds and playing stifling defense

Week #3 Game Summaries

Duke 28 - Boston College 16
Duke started out a little slow on Saturday with an agressive Boston College defense that was out playing Duke, and left them down by 6 after the 3rd period. With some strong defense from Sarah Bien, Corrianna Wade, Mary Richards, and Amber Uzzell, Duke began to get back in the game in the 4th period. Duke up'ed the offense in the 5th period, led by strong play from Kayla Davis 14 points, and Debbie Okpeoebo 6 points. With great scoring support from Mary Richards 4 points, Sarah Doherty, and Kelly Driscoll with 2 points each, Duke was able to pull out a win.

North Carolina 16 - Maryland 15
Maryland jumped out to a quick lead, but North Carolina pulled even and then both teams played tough 2nd half defense. The Maryland D was led by Jen Chamberlain (5 steals, 2 rebounds), Delaney Gembis (3 rebounds, 3 steals), Laura Hohenstein (3 rebounds), Jessica Dodge and Celia Kampner. The Maryland offense featured strong rebounding and passing by all players, while scorers included Katelyn Burke (5), Arianna Sundstrom (4), Haley LaFreniere (2), Siobhan LaFreniere (2) and Jasmine Elmore (2).

Miami 34 - Florida State 24
Giving a strong team defensive effort in the fourth quarter, Marylou Ryder’s overall play was red hot, setting a MIAMI team record in scoring pacing the MIAMI offense with twenty two (22) points to lead all scorers. Finishing off the MIAMI scoring was Julia Villanova with four (4) points, while Nardina Sera, Erin O’Keefe, Nicole Wrobel and Sarah Couch each scored two points apiece.Jenna D’Amore, Samantha Harmon and Madison McCaul all played strong games on both ends of the court grabbing rebounds and playing stifling defense. Florida State was led in scoring by Genesis Acosta with a season high 10 points, followed by Hollianne Crasco, Christine Meskell and Sophia Upton with 4 points each, and Cassie Balas with 2 points. Carly Boyd and Katie Shea played great defense. Boyd led the team with 15+ rebounds.

Clemson 23 - Tennessee 15
In a game that had the atmosphere of a March playoff game and was much closer than the final score indicated, Clemson defeated Tennessee 23-15. Tennessee jumped out to an early 9-2 lead and led by a point at half time. The lead changed hands several times in the second half and the game came down to the last couple of minutes. With four girls fouling out for Clemson, all ten players contributed to the win. Julia Sementelli and Shannon Nagle led Clemson with six points each. Kaitlyn Withrow had four points, Jacky Arndt and Sarah Booth two each and Meghan Sementelli, Eleanor Langthorne and Sam Meehan each had one point on big free throws in the fourth quarter. Taylor Czybora and Alex Collias played fine all around games for Clemson.

Week #2 Game Summaries

Clemson 30 Florida State 12
Clemson jumped out to an early lead and led all the way in defeating a scrappy Florida State team 30-12. Taylor Czybora and Julia Sementelli each had eight points to lead seven players in the scoring column for Clemson. Meghan Sementelli and Kaitlyn Withrow had four points a piece and Sarah Booth, Sam Meehan and Shannon Nagle each chipped in with two points for Clemson. Eleanor Langthorne played a fine all around game for Clemson.

Miami 16, Maryland 12
Maryland was edged by Miami, as Miami's press was too much for Maryland. Maryland played a strong first half, especially on defense which was led by Arianna Sundstrom, Jessica Dodge, and Jasmine Elmore. On offense, the Terrapins move the ball around well and benefitted from nice passes by Jen Chamberlain and Delaney Gembis. Celia Kampner led the Maryland scoring with four points, while Laura Hohenstein, Katelyn Burke and Haley LaFreniere chipped in with two points each.

Week #1 Game Summaries

Miami 27 - B.C. 7
MIAMI kicked off their CYBL Junior Girls season with a solid win over Boston College. The season got off to a slow first quarter start but strong defense gave them the lead at 6-2 by the half. The bounces and rebounds started going MIAMI’s way in the second half as they pulled away with a strong team effort in the third quarter opening up an 18-5 lead and cruising on to a 22-7 finish.MIAMI spread the scoring all around with Jenna D’Amore, Marylou Ryder, Erin O’Keefe and Samantha Harmon leading the charge with 4 points apiece; Nardina Sera, Julia Villanova, and Nicole Wrobel each scored two points apiece. Madison McCaul played a strong game on both ends of the court.

Duke 24 - Clemson 17
In season opening action Duke led all the way in topping a hustling Clemson team 24-17. Duke built an eight point half time lead that Clemson cut to three but Duke was able to hold on for the win. Meghan Sementelli led Clemson with six points. Shannon Nagle and Kaitlyn Withrow had four a piece, Julia Sementelli added two and Jacky Arndt had one point. Alex Collias and Samantha Meehan played outstanding defense for Clemson.

Maryland 20 - Florida State 8
In the kick off game to the CYBL Grade 7-8 Season a tough Maryland team beat a gutsy Florida State team 20-8. Florida State was led in scoring by Genesis Acosta with 4 points, followed by Hollianne Crasco and Sophia Upton who chipped in 2 points each on assists by Katie Shea. Carly Boyd, Samantha Govoni, Christine Meskell, and Katherine Stowell played strong defensive games


2008-09 Season Game Summaries

Week #9

Miami 20
Florida State 17

Miami had Florida States number again, staging a 2nd half comeback and overtaking FSU 20-17. Florida State was led by Erin Garrity with 7 points, Nicole Crowe with 6 points, and Delaney Gembis and Nicole Wrobel chipped in 2 points each. For the second straight time Florida State raced out to a 10-6 halftime lead hitting some nice long range jump shots; Miami stuck to its defensive strength but still trailed 16-10 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter Miami’s strong defense dug in once again and the offense finally began scoring and pulled out a hard fought 20-17 victory. Ten players scored for Miami: Amanda Auriemma and Lauren Thayer had 4 points each; Julia Villanova, Christine Meskell, Rhianna Wright, Meghan and Julia Sementelli and Erin O’keefe all chipped in 2 points each in the balanced Miami attack. Brianna Stuczynski and Edith Dupont played great defensive games on both end of the court, and won the defensive players of the game honors.

Maryland 18
North Carolina 8

Maryland ran it's winning streak to 8 in a row,toughing out another physical game. Leading the way for Maryland with 4 points each were Sarah Pedersen, Annie Villare, and Nicole Gerossie. Tossing in one bucket each were Shannon Nagle,Michelle Robidas, and Jill Lattimore. Turning in strong defensive efforts were Laura Carlson, Jessica Harvey, and Alison Degloria. Nicole Gerossie the league's 13year old free throw shooting champion, finished a strong 2nd place in the district.

Duke 36
Boston College 12

BC met up with Duke for the second straight week and this time it was Duke's offense that shone. Duke's quickness was evident and BC could never match their intensity. Offensively, BC could never quite get on track and could only come up with 12 points - Jocelyn O'Connor 6, Caroline Curtis 2, Hannah Sheehan 2, Arianna Sundstrom 2.

Week #8

Florida State 36
Clemson 14

Florida State got back in the win column with a 36-14 win over gutsy Clemson team. Clemson, playing with only 6 players, played FSU tight from the start but tired as the game wore on. FSU, used an aggressive press and fast break offense to open the game up in the second half. Erin Garrity led the scoring with 10 points, Lauren Kelly had 8 points, Delaney Gembis had 6 points, Sarah Bien and Michelle Cherniak each had 4 points, and Sophia Upton and Nicole Wrobel had 2 points each. Shannon Kelley came up with several key rebounds to anchor the defense.

Boston College 25
Tennessee 19

BC started strong and headed into the second half with a 14-6 lead. In the third quarter Tennessee found their offensive rhythm and closed the quarter down only 2 at 19-17. In the fourth quarter, BC's balanced offensive attack got back on track as they pulled away for a 25-19 victory. Offensively Boston College had help from Erica Ott (8), Jocelyn O'Connor (8), Arianna Sundstrom (2), Caroline Curtis (2), Hannah Sheehan (2), Emily Majeski (2), Sadie Hansbury (1).

Maryland 41
Miami 20

Maryland contiued on their hot streak (6 wins in a row) with a 41-20 victory over Miami. Despite being sick all week, Laura Carlson poured in 15 points to secure the victory. This was 1 point short of the team record 16 held by Annie Villare. Maryland only led 13-12 at the half. However in the 2nd half they became white hot. Alison Degloria had a great game with 10 points. Nicole Gerossie the 13 year old free throw shooting champuion tossed in 6 points. Sarah Pedersen and Annie Villare had 4 points each, Shannon Nagle also had a basket. Jessica Harvey and Michelle Robidas drew tough defensive assignments and both did well. Scoring for Miami was Amanda Auriemma with 12 points, Lauren Thayer 6 points and Erin Okeefe 2 points.

Maryland 34
North Carolina 21

Maryland upped it's winning streak to 7 with the victory. Up 31 to 6 at one point, they then hung on for the win. Maryland with only 7 players, was led by Laura Carlson with 12 points. Annie Villare scored 10 and played immense defense with numerous steals. Alison Degloria added 5 points, Sarah Pedersen and Nicole Gerossie had 3 points each. Shannon Nagle was as usual tough on defense, and Jessica Harvey had some great boards. The game was unusually physical with both teams playing hard.

Miami 28
Florida State 24

In one of the most exciting games of their season Miami held off a very good Florida State team. Florida State raced out to an 8-4 first quarter lead hitting some nice long range jump shots; Miami dug in and battled back to a 12-12 tie at the half. At the start of the third Florida State again raced to a 20-12 lead and again Miami battled back to trail 22-20 at the end of the third. Miami picked up the intensity in the fourth and began pulling down rebounds and making key steals which led to a 28-24 victory. Playing an outstanding game on both offense and defense, Amanda Auriemma led Miami with 14 points; also hauling in big some big rebounds and playing scrappy defense Lauren Thayer and Brianna Stuczynski scored six points each while Julia Villanova chipped in a key 2 points to round out the Miami scoring. FSU was led in scoring by Sophia Upton with 8 points, Michelle Cherniak and Erin Garrity had 6 points each, and Sarah Bien and Nicole Wrobel chipped in 2 points apiece to round out the scoring. Lauren Kelly and Shannon Kelley made some big steals and played strong defense.

Week #7

Maryland 18
Florida State 16

In a battle of two evenly matched teams Maryland hung on for a tough victory over depleted FSU (only 7 players). Maryland avenged an opening day loss to FSU with its 5th straight victory, improving to 5 wins and 1 loss on the year. Annie Villare led Maryland with 6 points. Laura Carlson poured in 4 and forced a key turnover late in the game. Sara Pederson also had 4 points. Rose Eppolito had 2 points and so did Jill Lattimore. Lattimore's offensive rebound put back was the winning basket. Maryland hung on from there. Showing great hustle for Maryland were Michelle Robidas, Shannon Nagle, Alison Degloria, Jessica Harvey and Nicole Gerossie. Florida State, played a gutsy game and battled back from a 14-8 deficit but ran out of gas in the end and fell to Maryland 18-16. Leading the scoring for FSU was Delaney Gembis with 6 points, Nicole Crowe and Kristina Rubico with 4 points, and Erin Garrity with 2 points. Playing solid defense were Michelle Cherniak, Lauren Kelly, and Nicole Wrobel.

Miami 23
Boston College 11

For the second straight week Miami broke out to an early lead and clamped down with great team defense and strong rebounding and went on to finish with a solid victory. Miami’s second unit sparked the scoring run and was led by Lauren Thayer’s 12 points and Amanda Auriemma’s 8 points. Julia Sementelli (2 points) and Julia Villanova (1 point) rounded out the scoring for Miami. Playing solid games were: Christine Meskell (4 rebounds); Edith Dupont (3 rebounds); Brianna Stuczynski (6 rebounds, 3 steals); Rhianna Wright (5 rebounds); Meghan Sementelli and Erin O’keefe (2 rebounds each). BC's offense never quite got on track as they struggled from the floor (shooting 5 for 58). Scoring for Boston College was Jocelyn O'Connor (7) and Erica Ott (4).

Duke 33
Clemson 18

Playing with only 5 players, Duke was able to hold off a strong and determined Clemson team. Mary Lou Ryder led the scoring for Duke with 14 points, Alexandra Hamilton had 10 points, Kaelyn Cross had 6 points and Bridget Doherty had 3 points. Courtney Simard played a great game, grabbing many offensive and defensive rebounds. As usual Clemson played hard but came up short. Mary Richards led the scoring for Clemson with 6 points. Katherine Bushey and Elizabeth McElhinney had 4 points, Victoria Moore and Brooke Peterson finished the scoring with 2 points each.

Week #6

Florida State 29
North Carolina 18

Florida State played one of its best all around games to defeat previously unbeaten North Carolina 29-18. Nicole Crowe got FSU started, scoring the first 6 points and an early lead. However NC fought back tough and the score was close at halftime. FSU's strong defense, and sharp shooting helped them pull away in the 2nd half. Leading the way was Erin Garrity with 10 points, Crowe with 8, Kristina Rubico with 4 points, Michelle Cherniak, Sophia Upton, and Nicole Wrobel had 2 points each, and Shannon Kelley had 1 point.

Miami 30
Clemson 17

After a seesaw first quarter which ended in a 6-6 tie, Miami broke it open in the second quarter posting a 14-6 halftime lead which increased to a 22-12 lead at the end of the third quarter. Clemson tried to claw their way back into the game, picking up their defensive intensity, and closed the gap to a 24-17 margin before Miami dug back in and made some easy put backs after grabbing key offensive rebounds to seal the victory. Amanda Auriemma led the way with 12 points and a number of steals. Also scoring were Lauren Thayer (6 points), Julia Villanova (4points ), Christine Meskell, Edith Dupont, Julia Sementelli and Brianna Stuczynski chipped in with 2 points each.

Maryland 24
Boston College 18

Maryland got by a tough BC team, winning 24-18. It was Maryland's fourth consecutive win. Despite missing their top defender (Jill Lattimore) Maryland was still able to play tough "D" to gut out the win. High scorer was Shannon Nagle with 6 points. Contributing 4 points each were Annie Villare, Laura Carlson,and Rose Eppolito. Adding 2 points each were Sara Pederson , Alison Degloria, and Jessica Harvey. BC moved the ball well, but couldn't quite get the ball to drop. Offensively BC was led by Jocelyn O'Connor (10), Nikki Bettinelli (2), Sarah Duffett (2), Emily Majeski (2) and Caroline Curtis (2).

Week #5

Florida State 23 - Boston College 19
Florida State beat Boston College 23-19 in a very competitive game. Florida State jumped out to a quick 8-0 lead on 2 baskets by Delaney Gembis and scores by Erin Garrity and Kristina Rubico. But BC fought back and the score was 11-10 at the half. FSU pressed most of the game using the quickness of Gembis, Lauren Kelly, Michelle Cherniak, and Nicole Wrobel to cause some turnovers and pull away to the win. Rubico led all scorers with 8 points, Gembis had 4, Cherniak, Kelly, Garrity, Nicole Crowe, and Shannon Kelley had 2 points each, and Wrobel had 1 point to round out the scoring. Florida's defense challenged BC's offense and The Eagles went cold from the floor in the second half as Florida stretched their lead to 21-14. The Eagles were led by Jocelyn O'Conner (12), Emily Majeski (4), Caroline Curtis (2) and Nikki Bettinelli (1).

Duke 29 - Miami 26
Duke beat Miami 29 to 26, to pick up their first win of the season. Trailing by 10 points at the end of the first half, the team dug in on defense, led by Courtney Simard and capitalized on fast break opportunities. Alexandra Omobono led the scoring for Duke with 12 points, Alexandra Hamilton had 9 points, Bridget Doherty had 4 points and Kaelyn Cross and Marylou Ryder each had 2 points. The team has been working hard at practice and the victory was well deserved!
Miami played its best game so far this season but tripped up in the fourth quarter and lost to a consistent Duke team 29-26 in an exciting afternoon game. Miami lead the entire way except for the last two minutes of the game. The Duke low post players found their range and Miami could not stop the Duke momentum as Duke chipped away at Miami’s lead and finally took the lead at the two minute mark and ran out the clock for a Duke win. Miami jumped out quickly to a 10-2 first quarter lead with strong defense and crisp passing. The unit of Lauren Thayer, Edith Dupont, Amanda Auriemma, Julia Villanova and Christine Meskell helped power Miami to an 18-8 halftime lead.
For the second week in a row Miami came out for the second half flat and Duke took advantage and began mounting their comeback. At the end of the third quarter Miami clung to a 24-16 lead but the momentum had shifted and the Miami team went cold in the fourth quarter. Duke outscored Miami 13-2 in the fourth quarter and sent Miami away with another tough loss 29-26. Miami was led by strong play from Lauren Thayer (12 points and 11 rebounds); Christine Meskell (a pair a free-throws and a nice basket in the post for 4 points); Amanda Auriemma (some nice drives to the basket for 4 points on offense and some quick steals on defense); Julia Sementelli, Brianna Stuczynski, and Julia Villanova chipped in 2 points apiece to round out Miami’s scoring. Rhianna Wright played solid defense and pulled down 6 rebounds, Meghan Sementelli and Erin O’keefe also played strong games.

Maryland 28 - Tennessee 20
Maryland won their third game in a row defeating Tennessee 28-20. This improves their overall record to 3 wins and 1 loss. Annie Villare again led all scorers with 8points. She was followed by Laura Carlson with 6 points and Shannon Nagle also had 6 pts. with two nice turnaround jumpers. Chipping in with a basket each were,Sara Pederson, Rose Eppolito,Michelle Robidas,and Alison Degloria. Jill Lattimore was immense on defense, and Jessica Harvey and Nicole Gerossie were tough under the boards.
Maryland relied on a tenacious defense to stretch a 1 point half time lead to a 28-20 win over Tennessee. Tennessee was lead by the outside shooting of Jill Emerson (8 points). Also hitting the scoring sheet for Tennessee were Anna Swenson, Kayla Regan, Katie McGaughey, Kayla Davis and Lauren Hennessey.

Week #4

North Carolina 26 - Miami 22
Miami jumped out quickly to a 6-0 lead in the first segment on two baskets by Julia Sementelli and one basket by Edith Dupont and then held on to a 6-4 lead at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter North Carolina chipped away and took the lead back at half-time 14-13. Playing strong games on both ends of the court Miami clawed back to a 20-18 lead at the end of the third quarter. Miami’s shooting then went as cold as the temperature outside and only made one of eight shots in the fourth quarter; a basket by Amanda Auriemma late in the quarter and went on the lose 26-22. Miami’s poor free-throw shooting – going 0 for 8 from the free throw line hurt them down the stretch. Miami was led by Julia Sementelli’s 12 points which included two long range three pointers that woke up the early morning crowd who came out in the cold to watch the game; Brianna Stuczynski had 4 points 3 rebounds; Lauren Thayer, Amanda Auriemma, and Edith Dupont added 2 points each rounding out the scoring for Miami. Christine Meskell and Rhianna Wright played solid defense, Meghan Sementelli, Erin O’keefe and Julia Villanova also played strong games.

Tennessee 27 - Florida State 19
Tennessee was able to jump out to a quick 6-0 lead and relied on terrific defense to secure a 27-19 win. The Tennessee scoring attack was extremely well balanced with 7 different players scoring for the squad. Anna Swenson led the way with 6 points, Kayla Regan, Katie McGaughey, Lauren Ciccarelli and Kayla Davis all added 4 points, Lauren Hennessey 3 points and Karolen Ibrahim on a great put back added the final 2 points. Jill Emerson and Kelsey Sheehan played very well adding 8 rebounds and backing the Tennessee defense. Florida State was handed its first loss of the season by a tough Tennessee team. Florida State had several good shots that just wouldn't fall, and went into halftime with a 19-12 deficit. They closed the gap to 24-18 with strong defense from Lauren Kelly, Shannon Kelley, Nicole Wrobel, Delaney Gembis, and Michelle Cherniak but could not get any closer. Erin Garrity led all scorers with 10 points, Kristina Rubico had 6 points, and Sophia Upton had 2 points.

Maryland 26 - Duke 18
Maryland beat a tough Duke Team to improve to 2 wins and 1 loss for the season. Annie Villare led all scorers with 12 points. Laura Carlson pumped in (6) followed by Sara Pederson, Rose Eppolito, Shannon Nagle and Nicole Gerossie chipped in with 2 points each. Defenseive standouts were Jill Lattimore, Michelle Robidas and Alison Degloria.

Boston College 25 - Clemson 20
Boston College met up with Clemson on Saturday morning in what became a nail biter. With strong passing and team defense, BC held a one point lead after the first quarter and a three point lead at the half (11-8). Entering the second half, the pace picked up on both sides of the ball; however the competition remained equal as the third quarter closed with BC on top 15-14. Clemson took the lead halfway through the fourth at 18-17, but with some smothering defense and timely lay-ups BC pulled away for a victory at 25-20. Leading the scoring was Jocelyn O'Connor (12) with additional scoring from Emily Majeski (6), Nikki Bettinelli (4), Hannah Sheehan (2) and Sarah Duffett (1).

Week #3

North Carolina 20 - Boston College 19
Boston College met up with the Tar Heels in what became a thriller from start to finish. With neither team taking a lead of greater then three points, they entered the fourth quarter with BC up by three (15-12). The Tar Heels started the fourth strong with six unanswered points to take the lead 18-15. BC then clawed back, but ran out of time as UNC prevailed 20-19. The Eagles had a very balanced offensive attack with scoring from Jocelyn O'Conner (4), Erica Ott (4), Sarah Duffet (2), Emily Majeski (2), Sadie Hansbury (2), Hannah Sheehan (2), Caroline Curtis (2) and Arianna Sundstrom (1).

Florida State 25 - Duke 13
The game was 8-7 in the first half, but Florida State pulled away from a weary Duke team in the second half to win 25-13. Duke, playing with only 5 players used strong rebounding and a stubborn 2-3 zone defense to make scoring difficult in the paint for Florida State. However Florida State started bombing away in the second half and pulled away. Leading the scoring for FSU was Nicole Crowe with 7 points, including a key 3 point shot from downtown, Kristina Rubico with 6 points, and Erin Garrity and Sophia Upton with 4 points each. Michelle Cherniak, Lauren Kelly, and Nicole Wrobel rounded out the scoring with 2 points each. Sarah Bien, Delaney Gembis, and Shannon Kelley played strong defense to hold Dukes scoring down.

Tennessee 28 - Miami 18
Tennessee was able to open up an early lead and held on as Miami mounted a terrific comeback in the 2nd half. Anna Swenson and Katie McGaughey lead the way for Tennessee with 10 points apiece, with many of their scoring chances coming from nifty feeds from Kayla Regan ( 6 Assists). Kelsey Sheehan scored 4 points including an end to end drive to the hoop to open up the game. Jill Emerson and Lauren Ciccarelli rounded out the scoring for Tennessee. Kayla Davis , Lauren Hennessey, Karolen Ibrahim and Leddy Shockley all had solid games for the Tennessee squad.

Week #1

Florida State 26 - Maryland 20
Florida State and Maryland kicked off the season with a very competitive game. Florida State opened up a 6-0 lead with Kristina Rubico and Michelle Cherniak scoring a couple of quick baskets. However, Maryland came back strong and closed the lead to 12-10 at halftime. Florida State's guards, Lauren Kelly, Nicole Wrobel, Delaney Gembis and Chernaik pressed Maryland to open the second half to help build up a 24-12 lead. Maryland fought back again, but time ran out on them and Florida State held on for a 26-20 victory. Rubico and Chernaik led the scoring with 8 points each, Nicole Crowe had 6 points, and Sarah Bien and Wrobel rounded out the scoring with 2 points each.

Clemson 23 - Duke 22
In a back and forth game that took double overtime to finish, Clemson beat Duke by a score of 23 to 22. Leading the scoring for Duke were Bridget Doherty with 5 points, Marylou Ryder, Kaelyn Cross, and Alexandra Hamilton each with 4 points, and Alexandra Omobono and Courtney Simard each had 2 points. Catherine Carey and Alexandra McCafferty both applied tremendous defensive pressure on Clemson all game.

Miami 9 - Boston College 8
Miami opened its CYBL Junior Girls season with a hard fought low scoring defensive battle winning in overtime over a tough BC team 9 – 8. After jumping out to a 6-0 lead, MIAMI's shooting turned ice cold and BC chipped away and took an 8-6 lead late into the fourth quarter before Miami's Julia Sementelli hit a long jump shot to tie the game at eight apiece. Miami was led by Amanda Auriemma, Julia Sementelli, Brianna Stuczynski, and Rhianna Wright each scoring two points apiece. Edith Dupont's free throw in overtime was the only point scored in the overtime period as both teams played aggressive strong defense, Amanda Auriemma's blocked shot with seconds remaining sealed the victory. Lauren Thayer, Erin O'Keefe, Meghan Sementelli, Christine Meskell and Julia Villanova all played strong games on both ends of the court.

North Carolina 22 - Tennessee 20
In a terrific opening game to the season North Carolina held on for a 22-20 victory. North Carolina opened the game up early with a 10-2 lead. The Tennessee squad fought back to take a 2 point lead at the end of the 3rd Quarter. North Carolina played a strong 4th Quarter to squash the Vols comeback win. Tennessee was led by the all around great play from Anna Swenson and 12 points from Kayla Davis. Kayla Regan, Lauren Hennessey and Swenson rounded out the Tennessee scoring. Lauren Ciccararelli, Karolen Ibrahim, Kelsey Sheehan, Jill Emerson and Leddy Shockley were strong on the boards. Katie McGaughey played solid at point guard and on the defensive end.


2007-08 Season Game Summaries

Week #10

North Carolina 30
Wake Forest 24

The last game of the regular season was a good one for North Carolina. Lauren Silverman scored her season high 14 points, with 8 of them coming in the last segment. Marissa McCaul also had a big game scoring 10 points. Brittany Oliver scored 6, but it was the good team defense that led to a win against Wake Forest.

Boston College 32
Clemson 28

The Clemson Tigers played another thrilling game against Boston College yesterday. After a very even first half, with the score 10-10 at halftime, BC came out strong in the third quarter and Clemson could not match the intensity falling behind 20-10. Offensively, 8 of the 10 Tigers scored – Donovan Driscoll 8; Katie Poff 6; Alicia McCartin 4; Emily Majeski 2; Abby Gregoire 2; Marissa Huntington 2; Hannah Sheehan 2 and Jessi Harvey 2. With this very balanced offensive attack and swarming defense, The Tigers clawed their way back into the game late in the fourth quarter. With just 30 seconds to go, Clemson closed the gap to 30-28; however BC broke through the press and was able to score in the closing seconds to end Clemson’s comeback 32-28.

Duke 26
Maryland 22

It was a close game on Saturday morning with Duke pulling through in the end winning by 4 points. The entire team showed much improvement and a desire to win. The game was full of some excellent offense from Aimee Rivard with 6 points and Laura Carlson who also finished with 6. Sam Oliver hit a buzzer beater basket to end the first half, and finish the game with 10 points. Top defense by all players including Sarah Duffett helped earn Duke's final win.

Florida State 41
Miami 21

Florida State had one of its best offensive games of the season in their 41-21 victory over a tough Miami team. Again, the offense started out slow for FSU, scoring only 12 points in the first half, but they got it going in the second half, scoring 29 points. Leading the offense for Florida State was Katelyn McGaughey with 12 points, Alison Waszak with 8 points, Megan Hanna and Amy Quirbach with 7 points each, Emily Hulett and Elizabeth McElinney rounded out the scoring with 4 and 3 points respectively.

Week #9

Duke 35
Clemson 31

The Clemson Tigers entered into what became a very exciting contest with The Duke Blue Devils on Saturday. Duke started strong and once again The Tigers came out flat. Falling behind 16-0, Clemson changed their game plan and began to play up tempo. This started their rally to end the first half down 17-6. Jessi Harvey and Alicia McCartin led the swarming team defense which continued to pay off in the third quarter. The defense helped the offense in the third quarter with Hannah Sheehan scoring 6 of her 8 points, Katie Poff scoring 4 of her 6 points, Donovan Driscoll scoring 2 of her team high 9 points, Emily Majeski scoring 2 points and Abby Gregoire sinking a three pointer. With all the excitement, The Tigers managed to take a one point lead at 23-22 before the close of the third quarter. Unfortunately the comeback was short-lived as Clemson ran out of gas. Even with Alicia McCartin chipping in 2 points, Duke took control of the game with good ball handling and was able to hold off The Tigers for the win 35-31.

Florida State 34
Maryland 21

Florida State started off the game with plenty of good shots but nothing would fall in as they went into halftime trailing Maryland 15-10. That all changed as Florida State outscored a strong Maryland team in the second half 24-6, walking away with a hard fought 34-21 victory. Leading the way for Florida State was Meghan Hanna with 10 points, Amy Quirbach had 8 points, Elizabeth McElinney and Katelyn McGaughey had 6 points each, and Nicole Crowe and Alison chipped in with 2 points.

Miami 32
North Carolina 25

N.C. put up a good fight against number one Miami, playing without their big center and several players still under the weather. Brittany Oliver led the scoring with 11 points, followed by Lauren Silverman with 6. Grace Eppolito still continues to improve scoring 4 points, while Kaela Deangelis struggled with health issues was still able to score 4 points and play her usual good defense.

Week #8

Duke 38
North Carolina 29

If you believe in a good loss, this was it for N.C., with their number one scorer on the bench with an illness and two others playing with the same, alot of positive came out of this game. The first was the fast start for N.C. taking an early 15-10 lead, another was the play of the rest of the team, picking up the slack. Grace Eppolito played her best game of the season with aggressive play and good decision making on the court. Marissa McCaul had a great second half with 8 points and several blocks. Brittany Oliver scored a team high 9 points. Cassidy Rine and Shannon Corbett had 2 points each.

Miami 31
Clemson 30 (Overtime)

The Clemson Tigers certainly ran into a stormy situation against the Miami Hurricanes this week. The Tigers came out shooting in the first half with Donovan Driscoll scoring 10 of her game high 18 points and Abigail Arlin hitting a last second basket before halftime. While entering the second half with a 16-9 lead and extending it slightly into the fourth quarter at 24-16, the storm hit. The Hurricanes went on an 8-0 run entering the last segment and ultimately tied it up 28-28 at the end of regulation. Even with offensive help from Marissa Huntington (6), Katie Poff (2) and Hannah Sheehan (2), this game would be decided in overtime. The aggressive defense of Clemson got them in trouble and with less than a minute remaining, Miami scored on a free throw and a put back. Even with a last minute lay-up by The Tigers the Hurricanes pulled this one out 31-30.

Florida State 26
Wake Forest 21

Florida State struggled offensively in the first half, scoring only 4 points. However the offense got it going in the second half, scoring 22 points to beat a very tough Wake Forest team 26-21. Wake Forest led the entire game up until the final period, until Amy Quirbach scored all of her 6 points in the final 3 minutes to overtake Wake Forest and win the game. Other scorers for FSU were Katelyn McGaughey with 6 points, Megan Hanna, Emily Hulett, and Elizabeth McElinney with 4 points each, and Alison Waszak with 2 points and some big rebounds. Nicole Crowe and Lindsey Upton played solid defense for Florida State.

Week #7

North Carolina 33
Virginia 24

After trailing at halftime, N.C. picked up the defensive intensity and fought their way to a victory, led by Lauren Silverman(12points) and Brittany Oliver(10points). Virginia was very strong on the offensive boards, out rebounding N.C. two to one, but in the end it was the tough defensive that helped N.C. hold off a tough Virginia team.

Florida State 27
Clemson 20

Florida State held off a scrappy Clemson team for a 27-20 victory. Once again, Florida State used a pressure defense and crisp, unselfish passing to help in the win. Emily Hulett led the balanced scoring attack with 7 points, Katelyn McGaughy and Nicole Crowe added 6 points each, Meghan Hanna had 4 points, and Amy Quirbach and Elizabeth McElinney chipped in 2 points each to round out the scoring. The Clemson Tigers ran into a very good Florida State team today. The Seminoles came out quickly to take a 13-4 lead in the 2nd quarter. The Tigers, however clawed back to close the gap to 15-10 at halftime. Again, Florida State came out strong taking a 21-12 lead in the 3rd quarter; and again Clemson responded. Clemson had a balanced offensive attack (Donovan Driscoll 7, Alicia McCartin 4, Emily Majeski 2, Katie Poff 2, Marissa Huntington 2, Abigail Arlin 2 and Abby Gregoire 1), unfortunately it was just not enough as the Seminoles edged the Tigers 27-20.

Week #6

Florida State 28
North Carolina 27

Emily Hulett scored the game winning basket off of a Meghan Hanna steal with 20 seconds left to help Florida State beat previously unbeatan North Carolina 28-27. Florida State started off on fire opening with a 10-0 lead and a 14-4 lead, but North Carolina kept roaring back all game long, closing the lead to 24-21 and then took the lead 27-26 with 48 seconds left when Hanna stole the ball. Katelyn McGaughy led the balanced scoring attack with 6 points, Hanna, Hulett, Elizabeth McElinney, Amy Quirbach, and Alison Waszak had 4 points each, and Nicole Crowe chipped in 2 points. Tori Moore and Lindsey Upton also contributed with key rebounds and steals. When you come up against a fast, pressing team such as Forida State, you cannot afford a slow start. Such has been the problem for N.C. the past couple of games. Once again they fought through it, but this time came up a basket short. Marissa McCaul(4points),Brittany Oliver(4points),Kaela Deangelis(7points),and Kristen Young(2points). Lauren Silverman had 10 points but could not get the game winner to go in with seconds left.

Clemson 23
Wake Forest 22

Clemson and Wake Forest engaged in a highly competitive contest Saturday. The Tigers received offensive contributions from Donovan Driscoll (10), Marissa Huntington (6), Emily Majeski (2), Hannah Sheehan (2), Abby Gregoire (2) and Abby Arlin (1). With the game tied after the first quarter (6-6) and Wake Forest taking a one point lead into halftime (10-9); it all came down to the second half. The Tigers went on a run in the third quarter to take a three point lead into the fourth quarter (17-14) and scored quickly in the fourth to take a five point lead. Even with Clemson turning up the defensive pressure, Wake Forest scored six unanswered points down the stretch to take the lead 22-21 with just over a minute remaining. In the end, Clemson was able to keep their cool and with a jumper in the lane by Donovan Driscoll, the Tigers prevailed 23-22.

Week #5

Tennessee 15
Clemson 10

Clemson came out shooting against Tennessee taking an early lead on a Caroline Curtis jump shot. Even with 4 points by Donovan Driscoll, Tennessee took a slight lead into halftime (6-4) and had a strong 3rd quarter extending the lead to 13-6. The Tigers showed their fighting spirit as their defense picked up, led by Jessi Harvey and Marissa Huntington. Emily Majeski scored 4 quick points to start the 4th quarter and cut the lead 13-10; however in the end Tennessee made a few more plays and won the game 15-10.

North Carolina 30
Maryland 21

Maryland came out firing, and took the early lead in the first half. However, N.C. was just too much for them to handle down the stretch. Maryland had good team offense and defense. The scoring was handled by Julie Jackson (10points), Shannon Leonard(2points), and Anna Rubalcaba (8points). In their first early game of the season, N.C. game out very sluggish, and Maryland did just what you would expect a good team to do, they took advantage. Scoring often against a sleepy defense in the first half. Trailing early in the third period the offense woke up, surprisingly led by their defensive specialist Kaela Deangelis(10points). She was helped out by Lauren Silverman(8points), Marissa McCaul and Brittany Oliver with 6points each. But it was the help of the supporting cast Kristen Young, Allison Mcneill, Grace Eppolito, Loren Diforte,Shannon Corbett and Cassidy Rine that eventually put this game in the win column.

Duke 26
Wake Forest 24

Duke and Wake Forest played an intense, close game this past Saturday. The teams played head to head for 4 quarters ending with a 26-24 Duke win. Emily Carey (2points) and Sarah Duffett(2points) both earned their first points for the season aiding the win. The entire team played excellent defense to hold their lead with some hussle from Kathryn Hazel (2 pts) .

Week #4

North Carolina 26
Clemson 6

The Tigers suffered from “vacation-itis” and came out exceptionally slow against a very good North Carolina team. Falling behind 18 points after the first quarter, they could never quite get on track - offensively shooting just 3 for 43. Breaking the offensive “ice” was Hannah Sheehan, with both Abigail Arlin and Donovan Driscoll chipping in. Although the Tigers’ intensity picked up in the second half, the deficit was too much and North Carolina won 26-6. Healthy and rested North Carolina came out on fire after the long holiday break, playing probably their best game of the season, they took advantage of the slow start from a typically very good Clemson team. The exceptionally strong defense of Kaela Deangelis made it difficult for Clemson to get into any kind of a rythum, while Lauren Silverman, Marissa McCaul, Brittany Oliver, and Loren Diforte just seemed unstoppable on the offensive end.

Miami 26
Maryland 14

Miami came out with a great win this week, over an undefeated Maryland with a 26-14 win. Miami played an intense game and there were several outstanding plays from both teams. Jocelyn O'conner was excellent on offense, and Rachel Kane, Kaelyn Cross and Samantha Burnes played exceptional defense. Superb hussle by Kaite Higgins, Kate Crisafulli, Alison DeGloria and Michelle Atkins added to the overall exciting win over Maryland. Like most teams this Saturday Maryland couldn't get on track after a long holiday break. Scoring was handled by Julie Jackson and Elissa Ladwig, but in the end Miami's good defense and timely fast breaks were too much to overcome.

Duke 31
Virginia 19

Both teams played an excellent and physical game on Saturday. Duke came out strong with some tough defense and offense from Amanda Graves(2points) and Samantha Oliver(12points) helping Duke get on the board and maintain their lead. The entire team worked together with quick passes and clear shots. There were also some fast breaks from point guard, Lara Carlson(2points) providing some great assists and points. Sarah Martine helped out with 8 big points.

Week #3

Clemson 18
Virginia 15

The Clemson Tigers squared off against a very physical Virginia team Saturday. In this highly competitive game the Tigers were leading at half-time 10-9, before Virginia came out in the second half to take a 15-10 lead entering the last segment. Triggered by an early basket from Abby Arlin, the Tigers came roaring back to win the game 18-15. Clemson's offense was led by Donovan Driscoll (8), Marissa Huntington (4), Abby Arlin (4) and Abby Gregoire (2). Their team defense was equal to the task with key rebounds by Emily Majeski and Hannah Sheehan, as well as steals by Jessi Harvey.

Florida State 24
Duke 17

Florida State used its quickness and adept passing to sneak by Duke. It was a back and forth game, until FSU scored 8 unanswered point in the 4th period to pull away. Leading the way for Florida was Megan Hanna and Katelyn McGaughy with 6 point each, Emily Hulett and Amy Quirback had 4 points, while Elizabeth McElinney and Alison Waszak chipped in with 2 points. Torin Moore came up with several key rebounds to key the defense. Duke put in a major effort in another close game for the team, staying within 2 points until the 4th period. Excellent defense from Aimee Rivard and the rest of the team helped to keep it close. In addition the offense was strong with 6 points from Sarah Martine and Samantha Arnold.

North Carolina 24
Boson College 16

For the second week in a row N.C. found itself in a battle that wouldn't be decided until the 4th period. With the usual offensive threats struggling, Lauren Silverman(6), Brittany Oliver(6), and Marissa McCaul (2), the long awaited offensive ouburst from Loren Diforte with 6 big points helped N.C. hold off an aggressive B.C team. Kaela Deangelis also helped out with her usual intense defense and 4 points.

Week #2

Maryland 37 - Clemson 20
The Clemson Tigers played a very good Maryland team Saturday evening. Falling behind at halftime (19-8), the Tigers clawed back into the game to close the third period at 21-16. Offensively, Clemson was led by Donovan Driscoll (12), Emily Majeski (4), Alicia McCartin (2) and Marissa Huntington (2). Ultimately however, an inconsistent team defense proved to be too much to overcome and Maryland pulled away in the fourth period and won 37-20.

North Carolina 28 - Tennessee 21
This classic see-saw battle wasn't decided until late in the 4th period. A game of runs started with N.C. scoring often and early but Tennessee would settle down and tighten their defense, making a charge halfway through the game, it wasn't until late in the game that N.C. would tighten their defense to hold off mighty Tennessee. Lauren Silverman (11), Bittany Oliver (6), Marissa McCaul (5), Allison McNeill (2), Cassidy Rine (2) and Loren Diforte (2) handled the scoring while in the end it was strong team defense by the rest of the squad, led by Kaela Deangelis with several steals, Kristen Young, Shannon Corbett and Grace Eppolito.

Florida State 26 - Virginia 22
Florida State, playing with only 6 players, held on for a hard fought victory. Florida State built up a 22-8 lead going into the final quarter, but Virginia battled back against a weary FSU to cut the lead to 22-20, until the game was finally locked up in the end. Katelyn McGaughy led the way with 10 points, Amy Quirback had 8, and Nicole Crowe, Megan Hanna, Elizabeth McElinnye, and Tori Moore chipped in with 2 points each.

Wake Forest 31 - Miami 26
Wake Forest took an early lead on Miami and never looked back. Although up by ten the tough Miami team did not give up. Miami went on a 8-2 run and cut Wake Forest's lead to 2 with four minutes to play. Lead by the tough defensive play of Meghan Rich and Ali Nidzgorski Miami just couldn't take the lead and Wake Forest won the game 31-26. Breanna Hadley led the offense with 10 points followed by Kaitlyn Nagle with 7 points.

Week #1

North Carolina 38 - Wake Forest 26
The first game of the season started slow for both teams, but as the game wore on N.C. found some offense to pull away from a shorthanded but very good Wake Forest team. The dangerous duo of Lauren Silverman (12points) and Brittany Oliver (14points) picked up where they left off last season, joined this year by Marissa McCaul (6points) Kristen Young (2points) Shannon Corbett (2points) and Kaela Deangelis (2points).

Miami 20 - Florida State 19
With Seconds remaining in the game, Florida State's Megan Hanna stole the ball at half court, but the buzzer sounded just before she got off what would have been the game winnig shot, and Miami held on for the win. Florida State was led by Emily Hulett with 8 points, and Megan Hanna with 4. Katelyn McGaughy, Elizabeth McElinney, and Alison Waszak chipped in with 2 points each. While Tori Moore finished the scoring with one point.

Boston College 18 - Clemson 8
Early Saturday morning, the Clemson Tigers found themselves in a battle with a very good Boston College team. The Tigers struggled with their offense and never really got on track. Shooting 10% from the floor, on 4 for 41 shooting, Clemson Certainly had their chances. Scoring for Clemson was Donovan Driscoll, Katie Poff, and Emily Majeski with two points each. The Tiger's team defense came on strong in the second half but it was too late.


2006-07 Season Game Summaries

Week #10

Michigan 40 - Florida 18

Michigan finished their regular season on a positive note with a 40-18 win over Florida. Michigan played a very unselfish game, with 8 of the team members sharing in the scoring. Natalie Goodman and Tabitha Upton led the scoring with 10 points each, Leah Cole had 6 points, Meghan Hennessey and Melissa Sennott had 4 points each, and Shannon Corbett, Emily McGrath, and Kayla Vaccaro rounded out the scoring with two points each. Michigan's team defense continued to excel, holding their 8th opponent to under 20 points on the season.


Week #8

Michigan 16 -- UConn 13

This was a defensive battle all the way, featuring several steals and blocked shots. The game was tightly contested, with the score never separating by more than 3 points. UConn took a 3 point lead going into the final session. Michigan did an excellent job putting on the press with Natalie Goodman stealing the ball and scoring to cut the lead to one. On the next inbounds play, the ball was stolen again and passed to Lindsey Upton, who hit the 8 foot bank shot to put Michigan up by 1, Upton's shot turned out to be the game winner. Tabitha Upton sealed the deal swishing 10 footer to give Michigan the 3 point lead. Goodman and Tabitha Upton led the scoring with 6 points each, Shannon Corbett and Lindsey Upton rounded out the scoring with 2 points each. Tough defense was exhibited by Leah Cole, Emily McGrath, Julia Willand, and Kayla Vaccaro.


Week #7

Michigan 18 -- Duke 16

This game came down to the final shot, with a short jumper at the buzzer from Duke that would have sent the game into overtime rolling around the rim and out. Michigan, which was led by Natalie Goodman with 14 points, took an 18-12 lead going into the final period. However tenacious defense by Duke forced some turnovers that led to two quick baskets from Duke. Michigan tightened its defense and held off Duke to win the game. Besides Goodman’s 14 points, Tabitha Upton and Melissa Sennott contributed with 2 points each. Tough defense was contributed by Meghan Hennessey, Emily McGrath, and Lindsey Upton.