Mini-Mites & Mites Practice Plan Form, Practice Drill Sets

Compiled by Brain Breton, CYBL Board Member

Practice Plan Form
* Practice Plan Form
In Rich Text Format (.rtf); this file should open in most Word Processing programs
* Practice Plan Form
Same form in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf); you will need free Adobe Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer

Mini-Mites & Mites-Specific Basketball Skills Drill Sets

Click on the appropriate "Drills" Web page link below to view details for each drill listed on this page.

* Ball Handling Drills
  • Figure 8's without dribble
  • Drum dribble
  • Ball Handling Challenge
  • Dribble Tag
  • Knock Away
  • Races
  • Red Light Green Light
  • Heads Up Direction Change
  • 6 Cone Dribble enhancement drill
  • Count von Count
* Defensive Drills
  • Defensive Challenge
* Hustle Drills
  • Ball scramble
* Passing Drills
  • None
* Rebounding Drills
  • Ball slaps & squeeze
  • Box out drill
  • Rebound drill
* Scrimmage Drills
  • Corner Drill, aka Bull Rush
* Shooting Drills
  • Spot Shooting Contest
* Skill Drills
  • Quick Hands
* Transition Drills
  • None

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