Chelmsford Youth Basketball League (CYBL)

Purpose & Goals: The Chelmsford Youth Basketball League (CYBL) is currently working toward the goal of constructing its own facility for the youth of Chelmsford for the primary purpose of playing basketball. The structure will not be limited to playing basketball only. It will also provide space for other sports (e.g. Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc).

Why Does the CYBL Need a Building? Currently the CYBL has over 1,200 participants between grades 3 and 12 consisting of approximately 120 teams playing seven days per week at most of the schools in the Town of Chelmsford at a cost to CYBL of $40,000+ per year.

Even at this level of occupancy, CYBL cannot properly provide its participants enough playing and practice time. There just never seems to be enough time or space available. A new building would certainly give us the opportunity to relieve this burden and better provide the town with an answer to this need and want.

At this time, the CYBL Building Committee is primarily investigating potential sites and locations and their availability. Once the best opportunity is identified, then the real work of putting a full building plan together will begin.

The help and support of all in the town of Chelmsford will be required to make this venture a successful project. Stay tuned for more information and details.

In the event that the program is unable to make this project a reality, the funds that are accumulated will be used to defray future annual costs of the CYBL.