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Week #10:

Boston College 16 - Duke 12
The Eagles followed suit with the week before by pulling out another nail-biter. This was BC's most well rounded game with 7 players scoring at least one bucket. Jacquelyn Hill and Shannon Curran lead the way with two baskets. Kelly Jolin, Megan Driscoll, Jessica Mathis, and Emma Newcomb all dropped one bucket each. The Alex Meehan and Alexa Lynch backcourt played solid defense, along with running the show on the offensive side of the court. Duke found themselves a bit short staffed, but put up an outstanding effort against the league's only undefeated team this week. A swarming and aggressive defense held the high powered BC offense to only 16 points. Multiple steals by Claire O'Neill, Marie Sarault, Mia Kelly and Hannah Gilbert led the defense. Great positioning and "Boxing Out" under the boards helped Duke garner 24 rebounds. Nadya Lisciotto led the way with 13 boards, followed by Marie Sarault, Camryn Mandella and Mia Kelly, who all seemed determined to show that a height difference would not affect their ability to rebound. The offense was led by point guards Claire O'Neill and Hannah Gilbert who handled the ball with great confidence and dished out multiple assists. Benefitting from those assists were Nadya Lisciotto with 4 points and Camryn Mandella, Claire O'Neill, Hannah Gilbert and Marie Sarault all with 2 points each to round out the well balanced scoring attack. Hannah Macallister provided solid defense and and a couple of great drives to the basket which unfortunately did not result in any points this week. Duke is looking forward to the playoffs where they hope to make a run towards the championship!

UConn 26 - Maryland 13
1st period UConn came out strong to get on the score board first with baskets by #10 Hammah & #14 Lauren. Maryland rallied back witha basket by #20. The Huskies were determined to bring it on and Maryland was ready for the challenge. UConn's #12 Anastasia T had a great game with a total of 4 baskets for the Huskies.Huskies's #11 Anna & #3 Munjery were on their game with 3 baskets each. #4 McKenzie Leahy hit for 2 points to contribute the final score of 26 points. A great game was played by all! Maryland's Crazy Socks girls ended their season with an even 5-5 record. Their final game was a loss to a talented UConn team whose height dominated the boards on rebounds. Maryland’s five baskets were scored by Kathryn Haynes, Tatum Hobby, Shailagh McCormack, Ali Rubin and Rachel Pedersen. Also scoring on a free throw was Ali Rubin. Katelyn DeSilvio had three assists and several rebounds. Olivia Beauregard had a steal and several rebounds. Gabrielle Cruz and Kaitlyn Anderson played tough defense for Maryland. North Carolina 26 Notre Dame 14 A great game was played by all! In a rematch of opening day foes, North Carolina was able to defetat a tough Notre Dame team. It was a close game and back and forth early with many momentum swings before Lauren Powell and Colleen Connor's hustle and tight defense took over and led North Carolina to victory. In addition to the team work on defense North Carolina's offense flowed from the red hot Colleen Connor's 10 points and Lauren Powell's 4 points. Camryn Malone chipped in with 8 points of her own and used some nifty passing to help Manjusa Chava and Mackenzie Connor each score 2 points.

UCLA 35 - Seton Hall 24
UCLA played a great game against Seton Hall. With only 5 players for the entire game due to the February vacation the girls were a little nervous with no substitutions but they worked together as a team and came out with a win. Victoria Ryder scored an all time high of 25 points with some keys steals throughout the game. Teja Vempati and Maggie McCartin played tough and had some great defensive plays. Julia Ashely scored 6 points and Kacey Corbett had 4 points to keep the lead going for UCLA.

Week #9:

Notre Dame 18 - UCLA 16
Notre Dame had the lead for most of the game but UCLA came back strong in the 6 segment. With key steals throughout the game Victoria Ryder was the lead scorer for the team. Aggressive defense was played by Gillian Scannell, Teja Vempati and Madison Daley. Impressive rebounds by Julia Ashley, Kacey Corbett and Jennifer Scannell helped stop Notre Dame from scoring at key times during the game. Even feeling a little under the weather Maggie McCartin made some key defensive plays. UCLA lost to Notre Dame but never gave up. It was a very close game with Notre Dame winning 18-16.

Maryland 26 - Seton Hall 12
Coach Beauregard’s “Crazy Sock” Maryland team improved their record to 5-4 with an aggressive win against Seton Hall. Scoring eight points with four rebounds was Ali Rubin for Maryland. Also scoring eight points was Rachel Petersen with two assists and two rebounds. Tatum Hobby had a strong game for Maryland with two baskets, one assist, six rebounds and four aggressive steals. Shailagh McCormack had two baskets and a free throw for five points, a rebound and three steals. Olivia Beauregard was a tough defensive player with three rebounds, and two steals. Laura Kate Magnusen and Kathryn Haynes contributed with several rebounds. Kaitlyn Anderson had four aggressive steals for Maryland. Katelyn DeSilvio had a free throw for a point and an assist. Gabrielle Cruz was aggressive at point guard with flawless inbounding to find the open girl. Maryland’s overall teamwork contributed to a successful thirty-five field goal percentage with very few turnovers. Nice work Maryland!

Boston College 19 - North Carolina 16
The Eagles pulled out a thriller this week against a good North Carolina team. In her best game of the season, Jacqueline Hill dropped 10 on a swarming North Carolina defense. Ireland O'Brien rattled home 6 of her own, along with Alex Meehan who scored 3 points. Emma Newcomb helped seal the game with a few critical rebounds in the waining minutes of regualtion. Alexa Lynch and Caroline Whelan did an excellent job of breaking down North Carolina's team throughout the game. Kelly Jolin and Shannon Curran both played tough, intense D the entire game. Meghan Driscoll and Jessica Mathis each rebounded well to help keep BC a perfect 9-0.

UConn 23 - Villanova 13
UConn came out strong in the first period with baskets by Huskies' Stephanie Desrosiers & Anastasia Turley. Villanova was playing strong and came back with 2 pts by Andrea Cote. UConn's Hannah Kirstel was on fire this game with a a total of 7 baskets. Villanova's defense was strong. Huskies' McKenzie Connor, Anastasia Turley & Stephanie Desrosiers all got on the board for a total of 9 points. The game on the court was a lot closer than the score - a great game was played by all.

Week #8:

Seton Hall 27 – Syracuse 20
Seton Hall scored a season high 27 points to defeat a tough Syracuse team. Scoring for Seton Hall were Caitlyn Riley (11), Kaylee Thomas (8), Abbey Gardner (4), Holly Cashman (2), and Karen Ghobrial (2). Helping to set up the scoring with excellent ball handling and passing were Alex Dunn, Kaylee Thomas, Cassidy Moore and Karen Ghobrial. Samantha Gould, Caitlyn Riley, Holly Cashman, Emma Goldberg and Abbey Gardner all played tough defense with key rebounds, steals and defensive coverage. The entire Seton Hall team showed great hustle and spirited play. Syracuse suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Seton Hall, 27-20. The win came down to the wire as Syracuse raced to hit baskets until the ending buzzer. A strong man-to-man defense, multiple steals, and aggressive rebounding kept Syracuse alive. High scorer Stephanie Kosmin with 8 points was on fire with shooting and bounce passing. Madeline Severance and Lindsey Pratt hit for 2 baskets each, Sara Quirback and Kaitlyn McGowan each scored 2 points on fast breaks. MaryAlice Jackson was a scrapper,setting picks and screens. Tatyana Reedy andTanu Kulkarnie owned the boards while Meghan Majeski excelled at dribbling and hitting the open player. Anna Mullane and Kayla Stone's key plays, steals and aggressive offense kep the team pushing foward until the bitter end. Excellent teamwork Syracuse!

UCLA 22 - North Carolina
UCLA played North Carolina and it was a very close game during all 8 segments. Victoria Ryder, Kacey Corbett and Gillian Scannell led the team in scoring. Julia Ashley, Maggie McCartin, Katie Conley and Madison Daley all had a great game playing terrific defense. In one of the best games of the day UCLA snuck past a very spirited North Carolina squad. The gym was rocking as the game featured many lead changes and dramatic play between the two teams culminating in a tie score with about a minute to play before UCLA pulled ahead for the win. North Carolina played a great team defense led Lauren Powell and Mackenzie Connor with strong rebounding from Colleen Connor and Lily Cardonne. In addition to the many shots rolling off the rim, North Carolina's balanced attack was lead by Camryn Malone with 6 points and Lily Cardonne, Mackenzie Connor, Lauren Powell, Alannah Servin, Sammy Turner and Colleen Connor all chipping in 2pt a piece.

Maryland 26- Notre Dame 14
Perhaps it was the crazy socks the girls wore, or it was the combined twenty-six steals that allowed Maryland to overcome a three game losing streak to tie their record at 4-4 with a win over Notre Dame. Tatum Hobby was the high scorer for Maryland with 10 points and an impressive 7 rebounds on the boards. Katelyn DeSilvio continued her impressive lay-ups with 6 points for Maryland. Also scoring for Maryland were Rachel Pedersen with 4 points and a basket each for Ali Rubin, Shailagh McCormack and Olivia Beauregard. The game would not have been won however without the aggressive defense of Gabrielle Cruz, Kathryn Haynes, Laura Kate Magnuson and Kaitlyn Anderson who attributed to eight steals combined and several tough defensive plays.

BC 16 - Villanova 4
Boston College kept their undefeated streak alive by defeating a solid defense in Villanova. Jessica Mathis lead all scorers with 6 points. Shannon Curran playing under the weather was still able to put 4 points on the board. Emma Newcomb, Alex Meehan, and Kelly Jollin all scored a bucket each. The B.C. offense was like a well oiled machine. Their passing and moving on offense was smooth and fluid. Each team member contributes for the team every game.

Week #7:

Villanova 16 - Maryland 15
Despite playing an excellent defensive game, Maryland came one point short on a defeat to Villanova in an exciting double overtime game with the score Villanova 16 to Maryland 15. Rachel Pederson and Ali Rubin scored two baskets each for Maryland, with four rebounds each and several steals. Tatum Hobby and Shailagh McCormack each scored a basket with several rebounds and steals. Olivia Beauregard contributed several rebounds and three key steals. Katelyn DeSilvio was at the free throw line with a 16-14 score in the second overtime and managed to sink one free throw to bring Maryland to within one point and a chance to win. Several aggressive attempts and rebounds by Kaitlyn Anderson, Gabrielle Cruz, Laura Kate Magnuson and Shailagh McCormack however could not get another basket to fall for a disappointing but exciting defeat.

North Carolina 28 - Duke 13
North Carolina played with a lot of hustle and was able to defeat a very good Duke team. North Carolina's guard duos of Sammy Turner / Lily Cardonne and Lauren Powell / Meghan Shea did a great job controlling the pace of the game. Additionally the tremendous defense by Lauren Powell, Mackenzie Connor and Sklur Demers kept the game close. In the second half North Carolina's offense came to life led by Camryn Malone (10 points) and Alannah Servin (8 points). Also a key offensive star was Colleen Connor with 4 points. Also scoring were Mackenzie Connor, Meghan Shea and Sammy Turner with 2 points each.

Boston College 22 - UCLA 6
In their most well played game of the year, Boston College was able to defeat a very good UCLA team. Leading the scoring drive was Jacquelyn Hill who recorded 6 points for her second straight week. Kelly Duggan, Jessica Mathis, and Shannon Curran each added 4 points. Also, Alexa Lynch and Alex Meehan both dropped a bucket each. Caroline Whelan and Meghan Driscoll both played beyond superb defense and Emma Newcomb did a great job crashing the boards. UCLA gave a a very good effort, but couldn't get their offense going. Victoria Ryder delivered all 6 of the team's points.

Week #6:

Boston College 18 - UConn 13
The Eagles kept rolling with a 18-13 victory over the Huskies. The scoring attack was lead by Jacqueline Hill scoring a season six high points. Ireland Obrien and Shannon Curran added four points each. Caroline Whelan, and Emma Newcomb both dropped two points to help keep BC undefeated.

North Carolina 22 - Maryland 14
Maryland was unable to shake the Sunday night jinx in a tough defeat against NC, 22-14. NC had a strong offensive rebounding game. Tatum Hobby had a strong game for Maryland with six points, three rebounds and a steal. Her teammate Ali Rubin also played well with four points, six rebounds and a steal. Also scoring a basket for Maryland was Shailagh McCormack and Olivia Beauregard. Playing solid tough defense for Maryland was Rachel Pedersen and Kathryn Haynes. Also fighting aggressively for several rebounds was Gabrielle Cruz, Kaitlyn Anderson and Katelyn Desilvio.

UCLA 24 - Villanova 21
UCLA played Villanova on Sunday and it was a great game. Villanova took an early lead but UCLA never gave up. Great defense was played by Kacey Corbett, Teja Vempati, Madison Daley and Maggie McCartin. Julia Ashley and Katie Conley helped the team take the lead with key baskets. Victoria Ryder lead the team with scoring. She had a few key steals that helped UCLA take the lead at the end. The game ended in a tie so we went into over time. It definitely was an exciting game to the end. During the overtime Victoria Ryder and Katie Conley scored to bring UCLA to victory.

Week #5:

UCLA 28 - Maryland 14
UCLA played a great game today. The team hustled and had a lot of great shots. Victoria Ryder had 18 points and was the high scorer for the team with some great breakaway plays. With their quick speed Gillian Scannell and Brennan Tomaino had several steals throughout the game. Julia Ashley and Jennifer Scannell were tough on defense and made some key rebound plays. UCLA got off to a quick lead in a defeat against Maryland 28-14. For Maryland, Katelyn DeSilvio, Tatum Hobby and Rachel Pedersen had 4 points each with several rebounds. Ali Rubin and Kathryn Haynes also scored a basket with great defensive efforts against a strong UCLA team. Maryland teammates Kaitlyn Anderson, Olivia Beauregard, Shailagh McCormack and Laura Kate Magnuson also had rebounds on a night the basketball refused to drop into the basket. Also contributing extremely well defensively for Maryland was Gabrielle Cruz.

Week #4:

Boston College 20 - Seton Hall 16
After a slow start that put Boston College down 8-2, they started playing shut down defense, holding Seton Hall to only 8 more points the rest of the game. Leading the much needed scoring attack was Jessica Mathis, who hit a few unbeleivable shots, scored 6 points. Ireland O'Brien and Caroline Whelan (who ended the game with a superb assist) scored 4 points each. Emma Newcomb, Meaghan Driscoll, and Alex Meehan all added a bucket each to keep the Eagles soaring.

BC 20 - Seton Hall 16
Seton Hall played tough but lost to Boston College this week 20-16. The Seton Hall team played a tremendous game with a great team effort all around. The Seton Hall scoring was done by Caitlyn Riley, Kaylee Thomas and Samantha Gould. Supporting the scoring with key passes, ball movement and offensive rebounds were Alex Dunn, Cassidy Moore, and Kaylee Thomas. On the defensive end of the floor, Seton Hall’s Samantha Gould, Karen Ghobrial, Alex Dunn, and Caitlyn Riley played tenacious and never gave up.

UCLA 18 - Syracuse 16
It was a close game from the beginning. Both teams played great. UCLA had strong defense from Katie Conley, Kacey Corbett, Madison Daley, Teja Vempati and Jennifer Scannell. Brenna Tomaino, Maggie McCartin, Julia Ashley, Gillian Scannell and Victoria Ryder all scored for UCLA. This win was definitely a team effort. UCLA made the key plays to win the game.

Maryland 34 - Duke 16
Maryland scored a season high thirty-four points in an exciting victory to improve their record to 3-1. Rachel Pedersen made several impressive layup drives to the basket scoring twelve points. She also was a tough defensive player. Shailagh McCormack scored eight points with two steals. Tatum Hobby had six points with ten impressive rebounds and two steals for Maryland. Olivia Beauregard had two baskets, two assists, seven rebounds and three steals to help break open the game. Also scoring a basket and contributing defensively for Maryland were Ali Rubin and Laure Kate Magnusen. Kaatelyn DeSilvio had a strong game with three rebounds and a steal. Kaitlyn Anderson had two rebounds and Gabrielle Cruz had a steal to contribute to the teams tough defense against Duke.

Week #3:

UCLA played Connecticut this weekend and both teams played very well. Connecticut lead the game at every segment but UCLA never gave up. Jennifer Scannell, Julia Ashley and Katie Conley were tough on defense and had several rebounds each. Brenna Tomaino, Gillian Scannell, Maggie McCartin and Kacey Corbett scored for UCLA.

Maryland 18 - Syracuse 12
Maryland won a close game over Syracuse. Maryland's Alexandra Ali'Rubin had a game high eight points with three rebounds and a steal. Her teammate Shailagh McCormack scored six points with two key rebounds. Also scoring points for Maryland were Tatum Hobby and Laura Kate Magnuson. Maryland's Olivia Beauregard had an impressive six defensive rebounds, a steal and very aggressive defensive play, and Rachel Pedersen had two assists, three rebounds and five impressive steals. Other key contributors for Maryland were Kaitlyn Anderson, Gabrielle Cruz, Katelyn DeSilvio and Kathryn Haynes

North Carolina 28 - Seton Hall 7
North Carolina played a complete game through great teamwork and determination was able to defeat a tough Seton Hall team. Lily Carodnne was the offensive leader with 10 points and Mackenzie Connor played terrific defenses. Samantha Turner made some spectacular passes and kept everyone involved in the offense. Also scoring for North Carolina scores were Camryn Malone with 8 points, Meghan Shea and Manjusha Chava with 4 points each and Alannah Servin with 2 points. In Boston College's most impressive game of the season, they defeated Notre Dame 20-2. Leading the scoring drive was Ireland O'Brien with 12 points. Caroline Whelan chipped in two baskets, along with Shannon Curran and Jessica Mathis who both had a bucket each. Alexa Lynch dropped dimes left and right, assisting on the first three BC baskets.

Week #2:

North Carolina 20 - Syracuse 10
Syracuse suffered a crushing loss to North Carolina on Saturday in the second season game with a final score of 20 to 10. Guards Madeline Severance, Stephanie Kosmin and Sara Quirback performed like professionals as they dribbled their way through the game. Stephanie had 4 steals, Sara 6 and Madeline 7, setting up 6 of the teams 10 points. MaryAlice Jackson gave it her all as she ran hard and fast as of the team forwards. Tanu Kulkarni, Kayla Stone, Katilyn McGowan and Anna Mullane pulled down rebounds as they skillfully boxed out the defense. Centers Tatyana Reedy and Lindsay Pratt blocked shots, worked the boards and boldly defended the key. Game scorers were Sara with 4 points, Anna, Taty and Madeline with 2 points each.

Connecticut 22 – Seton Hall 12
The Seton Hall team played tough but lost to Connecticut this week. Seton Hall’s scoring was done by Kaylee Thomas and Abbey Gardner with 4points each & Karen Ghobrial and Alex Dunn with 2 points each. Maddie McCann and Cassidy Moore played well on offense with some key drives and offensive plays. Caitlyn Riley and Samantha Gould both played well on defense with some key rebounds.

BC 26 - Maryland 16
BC’s height dominated the boards in a 26 to 16 win over Maryland. Maryland’s high scorer, Rachel Pedersen scored three baskets with four aggressive rebounds and two steals. Her teammate Olivia Beauregard followed with two baskets and a steal. Maryland’s Tatum Hobby, Shailagh McCormack and Alexandra Ali’Rubin each had a basket, several rebounds and key defensive steals. Other key defensive players for Maryland were Kathryn Haynes and Katelyn DeSilvio with a rebound each and Kaitlyn Anderson with two steals and tough defensive play.

Week #1:

Boston College 22 - Duke 16
Boston College started off their season on the right foot by pulling out a win against Duke. BC's win was lead by Shannon Curran who had a team high 8 points. Ireland O'Brien and Emma Newcomb scored 4 points to help push BC to victory. Also, Jacquelyn Hill, Caroline Whalen and Kelly Jolin contributed 2 points each.

UCLA 27 - Seton Hall 24
It was a great game played by both teams this Saturday. Seton Hall lost to a tough UCLA team. Seton Hall got off to a slow start offensively but exceptional play by Caitlyn Riley and Kaylee Thomas, 10 points each, helped keep the game close. Alex Dunn, Samantha Gould and Abbey Gardner helped their team with several key passes, assists, and defensive plays. On the other side of the court UCLA had great defense and were quick with the rebounds. Jennifer Scannell, Kacey Corbett, and Julia Ashley had a lot of rebounds that helped the team come back when we were down by a few baskets. Madison Daley and Teja Vempait, were quick on defense and stole the ball a few time. Great offensive was played by Gillian Scannell, Katie Conley and Maggie McCartin. Victoria Ryder was the lead scorer for the game and has some great shots. Brenna Tomaino had a fantastic long shot and it was almost a 3 pointer.

Maryland 16 – Connecticut 14
Maryland’s Tatum Hobby shot the final game winning basket with under a minute remaining in an exciting victory for Maryland over the aggressive Connecticut team. Hobby had a high scoring 8 points, 7 rebounds and a steal. Katelyn DeSilivio had 4 explosive points and 2 steals, and Shailagh McCormack contributed with a basket, 2 rebounds, a defensive blocked shot, and several steals. Rachel Pedersen also scored a basket and was a key defensive player with 3 steals. Defensive standouts for Maryland were Olivia Beauregard with 4 rebounds and Laura Kate Magnuson with 9 rebounds and 4 steals. Other key contributors on defense were Kaitlyn Anderson, Gabriel Cruz, Kathryn Haynes and Alexandra Ali’Rubin.

Syracuse 19 – Villanova 8
Syracuse rocked the house in the season opener on Saturday. A 19-8 victory over the well-qualified Villanova pumped the passion of the orange wonders. Guard Meghan Majeski topped the scoreboard with 3 baskets. The rebounding team of Lindsey Pratt, Tatyana Reedy, Kayla Stone and Sara Quirback ripped the boards to initiate successful fast breaks. Dribbling powerhouses Tanu Kulkarni, Stephanie Kosmin and Kaitlyn McGowan ran circles around the defense. Madeline Severance performed in multiple roles as she scored points, ran the offense and pulled down rebounds. Mary Alice Jackson played like a professional as the #1 forward and lead the team with her spirit, both on and off the court.

 2009-10 Season Game Summaries

Week #9:

Seton Hall 20 - Maryland 19

The Seton Hall girls played an excellent offensive game against  Maryland. Caitlyn Riley, Emma Newcomb and Lauren Holbrook each chipped in 4 points. Brenda Mello, Megan Merna, Bria Sutton and Alison McLaughlin scored two points each.  Elena Brown and Emily Singer played strong outside defense and had a couple of assists. The game was a nail biter and Seton Hall had the crowd on their feet when the Seton Hall girls came back from five point deficit to pull ahead in the final two minutes. During the final minute, each team had numerous shots which couldn’t find the bottom of the net. Maryland's guards, Natasha Krishnan and Collen Connor had outstanding games on defense with several rebounds and key steals.  Megan Driscoll was outstanding in her girl-to-girl defense denying a number of key passes. Lauren Butler played strong defense and just missed on a shot from the paint. Yvonne Robinson and Courtney Moore contributed on both offense and defense with great heads up rebounds and passes.

Boston College 26 - North Carolina 17
The B.C. Eagles enjoyed their most well rounded game of the season in a 26-17 win over the UNC Tar Heels.  The Eagles played great team defense, and saw every player make the stat sheet with at least one hoop.  Leading the team were Lindsay Ambrosino with 8 points, Molly Doherty with 6 points and Amanda Faulkenham with 4 points.  Morgan Engdahl, Katrina Klinkhammer, Victoria Ryder and Christina Rayball rounded out the scoring, and each member of the Eagles gave their best effort from start to finish to seal the victory.

UConn 26 - Villanova 12
It was another exciting game. Uconn was able to get an early lead against Villanova thanks to some great defense from Kasey Daly(18 pts), Olivia Knight,  Kelsey Tinker (4 pts) and Jordyn Tilley (2 pts). Villanova was able to make a strong come back with a lot of unanswered points. UConn also had some great passing and team work from MaryAlice Jackson, Lexie Pitsios(2 pts), Stephanie Desrosiers and Jennifer Reynolds, helping Uconn to come up with the win.

Notre Dame 21 - UCLA 10
Notre dame was lead by Nicole St Peter on defense and continually kept UCLA at bay. Caroline St Peter lead the offensive scoring with 6 points.  Nicole Stryker, Meghan Henderson and Shannon Curran also led the defensive charge.  Notre Dame's passing, led by Elizabeth Thissell, Jessica St Peter and Julia Slattery allowed Notre Dame's offense to move the ball effectively all game.  Having their best games of the season on both sides of the ball were Abigail Pelligrino and Sarah Benda.

Syracuse 22 - Duke 21
Syracuse played very strong in the clutch to defeat a strong Duke team in a seesaw nailbiter battle which was tied or within 3 points the entire game. The final was 22 - 21. Duke was up three points with minutes to play but the Orange beat them 6- 2 down the stretch to hold on at the final buzzer. Lizzy Manning, who had several successful drives to the hoop led the Orange with 7 points, while Hannah Kirstel had 6 and Bryanna Abboud 5, Anastasia Turley chipped in with 4. Jill MacKillop had several key blocks while Emily Severance played a strong game off the boards with several rebounds and some key steals. Kira Lavoie, Megan Peterson and Katherine Rigney had strong games defensively. The Duke scoring was almost even all around with 4 points apiece for Madison Darwin, Nadya Lisciotto, Ketsia Acosta and Shania Smith. Isabel Urban and Natasha Graves kicked in a basket each and Kristy McCann knocked down a free throw. Lindsey Pratt and Isabela Sierra played excellent defense in this very exciting see saw game.

Week #8:

Notre Dame 22 Maryland 14
Notre Dame was lead by Jessica St.Peter scoring 6 points.  Caroline St.Peter and Julia Slattery each chipped in 2 baskets.  Elizabeth Thissel, Niki St.Peter, Shannon Curran and Sarah Benda rounded out the scoring with one basket each.  Leading the defense with numerous steals were Megan Henderson, Abbey Pelligrino and Nicole Stryker. Playing well for Maryland were Elizabeth Soha and Courtney Moore.

Villanova 16 - Boston College 14
In a thriller, Villanova held off a strong Boston College team.  In this defensive game, Emily Rubico (8 points) Kyra Robinson (6 points) and Jacqueline Hill (2 points) played excellent defense under the boards and were able to score on their end.  Caitlin Sanborn lead the guards strong outside defense and had multiple steals.  Kelly Jolin also played aggressive defense along with Kirsten Robinson who played through an injury.  Both teams played excellent basketball but Villanova was able to come out on top.

North Carolina 23 - UCLA 10
UCLA played against a tough North Carolina team on Saturday. UCLA took an early lead in the first quarter but North Carolina quickly made adjustments and regained the lead by the second quarter. UCLA played their hearts out and had several opportunities to score, however, the ball just wouldn’t fall for them. In the end, North Carolina beat UCLA with a score of 23-10. Alexandra Myers and Margaret Tiano led UCLA with 4 points each, and Riley Higgins scored 2 points,

Seton Hall 11 - Syracuse 6
Setan Hall faced a determined Syracuse team on Saturday.  Scoring for Setan was Brenda Mello with 7 points, and Caitlyn Riley and Lauren Holbrook each had 2 points. Elena Brown and Emma Newcomb helped their team with several key passes and assists.  Score at half time was 9 to 6.  Excellent defense by Emily Singer, Bria Sutton and Alison McLaughlin in the second half gave the win to Setan Hall.  Final score Setan Hall - 11, Syracuse 6. A scrappy shorthanded Syracuse played a very hard fought very close game which was tied right into the 4th quarter but Seton Hall was able to hold on for the victory. Syracuse gave themselves many good shots down the stretch and played a very effective zone defense but unfortunately could not convert on offense. Lizzy Manning, Bryanna Abboud, and Anastasia Turley all scored hoops for Syracuse, while Emily Severance had many rebounds for the Orange.

Duke 22 - UConn 18
Duke defeated a tough UConn team this weekend in a very close game that went right down to the wire. UConn cloed to with 2 point in the last minute but Duke held on with two baskets by Nadya Lisciotto (8 points total) in final minute of the game. Kristy McCann had numerous rebounds and 4 points followed by Shania Smith with 3 points. Natash Graves, Lindsey Pratt and Ketsia Acosta got a bucket apeice while Issabella Sierra threw in a free throw to round out the scoring. Isabel Urban played an excellent game at the guard position.

Week #7:

UCLA 14 - Boston College 12
It was the second consecutive exciting contest for the UCLA team, as they pulled out a hard fought 14-12 win in OT against a tough BC team. Svetlana Suslovitch dispayed her usual hustle throughout, but also provided the winning margin by nailing two clutch free throws in the overtime period. Tatum Hobby was a strong presence - adding 2 points of her own and more importantly was a force under the glass pulling down multiple key rebounds. Allexandra Myers, Olivia Beauregard and Hannah Brown provided additional rebound help and Maggi Tiano had another strong offensive showing with 4 points.

Villanova 32 - Maryland 16
In their best game of the year, Villanova took the lead and never looked back and defeated a good Maryland team.  Leading the most potent Villanova offensive attack of the year was Emily Rubico with 9 points.  Kyra Robinson had 8pts  followed by her sister Kirsten Robinson with 7pts.  Jacqueline Hill scored 4 points.  Caitlin Sanborn and Ireland O'Brien both chipped in a bucket a piece.  Alex Meehan and Ali Rubin played there best game of the season.  Both girls worked the offense and made good passes.  Maddy McCann played a good defensive game.

North Carolina 20 - Duke 16
In a game that was close right down to the final buzzer, North Carolina edged by Duke this weekend. Natasha Graves lead the scoring for Duke with 8 points while Madison Darwin, Lindsay Pratt, Kristy McCann and Shania Smith threw in 2 points apiece. Isabel Urban, Ketsia Acosta, Isabella Sierra and Nadya Lisciotto all played good defensive games but were not able to hold off the North Carolina charge in the last minutes of the game.

Week #6:

UConn 19 - Boston College 17
The UConn girls took on a strong Boston College women’s team this week. The game score was close the entire way ending in a tie, and going into overtime. In the end, the UConn team had a great offensive charge from Casey Daily, Jillian Scannelll, Alexis Pitsios, Jennifer Reynolds and Kelsey Tinker and clinched the win. Both teams played with 100% effort and made their coaches proud. The BC Eagles gave a valiant effort in their OT loss to UConn. The Eagles found themselves down 10 points early in the game and fought back to make a game of it. The Eagles gave up only two points in the second half, and the defensive spark was ignited by Lindsay Ambrosino and Caroline Whalen. The offense that followed suit was provided by Molly Doherty (7 pts/5 steals) and Victoria Ryder (5 pts/5 rebounds). Morgan Engdahl chipped in with 10 rebounds and the scoring was rounded out by Alyssa Regan (2pts), Katrina Klinkhammer (2pts) and Amanda Faulkenham (1pt).

UCLA 25 - Villanova 24
Villanova came out strong, but lost in the last 30 seconds of the game 25-24 to UCLA who held there own all game. Emily Rubico was outstanding for Villanova! She had 6 steals, 13 rebounds, and 12 points. She was tenacious the whole game for Villanova. Ireland O'Brien also played an aggressive game with 2 steals, 2 rebounds and 4 points. Kyra Robinson( 4 pt, 7 rebounds, 3 steals) had several breakaways and did a great job passing the ball. Kelly Jolin (2 rebounds,1 steal ) and Maddy McCann played good defensive for Villanova. Jacqueline Hill (4 pts, 6 rebounds and a steal) also played well and Kirsten Robinson got the job done on defense and pulled down 2 rebounds. Ali Rubin played her most aggressive game yet with 2 pts, 2 steals, and 3 rebounds. UCLA and Villanova met up in what would be one of the most exciting games of the season. Villanova started off very strong with their unstoppable shooting and had UCLA up against the wall in a deficit of over 10 points. UCLA slowly started to make its comeback in the 3rd quarter with tough defensive play and great shooting. With under a minute to play and down by 1, Margaret Tiano scored what would end up being the winning basket. In the end, UCLA ran the clock down in the final seconds and was victorious over Villanova. Margaret Tiano led UCLA with an impressive 12 points and 6 rebounds. Riley Higgins scored 4 points and had 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 steal. Alexandra Myers also scored 4 points and had 2 rebounds. Tatum Hobby and Mariah Shield each scored 2 points. Nicole Barret had 1 point, sinking a critical free throw. Svetlana Suslovitch, Hannah Brown, Laura Kate Magnuson and Olivia Beauregard all played aggressively with a combined 7 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 assists.

Duke 26 - Seton Hall 19
Seton Hall lost to a tough Duke team. Seton Hall got off to a slow start offensively but exceptional play by Brenda Mello, 7 points, and Megan Merna, 6 points, helped keep the game close. Bria Sutton, Lauren Holbrook and Elena Brown had outstanding games defensively and each chipped in two points.

Week #5:

Maryland 20 - UCLA 16
Maryland pulled out a tough victory over a short handed UCLA team. UCLA jumped out to an early 4-0 lead with Maryland eventually taking the lead. Maryland's guards, Alexa Lynch and Colleen Connor played outstanding defense, chasing the quick UCLA guards. Megan Majeskis was a ball hawk on defense making several steals and scoring a clutch basket in the second half. Lauren Bulter and Ketaki Mahunkar had outstanding games pulling down several key rebounds. A great team effort sealed the win. UCLA and Maryland both played tough games on Saturday as the lead switched hands several times. In the fourth quarter UCLA tired as Maryland pulled away with some quick scores. UCLA came back with a late 4th quarter surge but it wasn’t enough to beat Maryland with a final score of 20-16. Margaret Tiano led UCLA with 6 points and 4 rebounds. Nicole Barrett was also an offensive threat with 4 points, 1 assist and 2 rebounds. Tatum Hobby, Olivia Beauregard and Mariah Shield each had a basket with a half dozen rebounds between them. Hannah Brown contributed with tough defense, forcing several jump balls and pulling down 2 rebounds.

Notre Dame 19 - Duke 4
Notre Dame played their finest game of the season. Playing exceptionally well on defense were Sarah Benda, Niki St.Peter, Abi Pelligrino, and Shannon Curran. Leading the scoring was Caroline St.Peter with 8 points, Julia Slattery with 5 points, Elizabeth Thissell with 4 points and Shannon Curran with 2 points. Jessica St.Peter carried the play both on offense and defense. Dukes entire team played well and had plenty of close shots but the ball just didn't want to drop for Duke in this game that seemed a lot closer than the score indicated.

UConn 22 - North Carolina 20
UConn pulled out a close win over a strong North Carolina team this week. The UConnn team played a great defensive game led by Alexandra Pitsios, Jennifer Scannell, Gillian Scannell, Mary Alice Jackson and Jennifer Reynolds. The UConn team had a great offensive charge from Kasey Daly, Stephanie Desrosiers, Jordyn Tilley, Olivia Knight and Kelsey Tinker. The score was tied into the last minute of the game with a final basket ending with a 22-20 UConn victory. The girls all gave 100% effort and both teams worked hard and made their coaches proud!

Boston College 17 - Syracuse 16
In a very well played game, Boston College held on as a determined Syracuse squad mounted a terrific 4th Qtr comeback. Lindsay Ambrosino led the BC attack with 6 points, Amanda Faulkenham 4 points, Morgan Engdahl 3 Points, and 2 points apiece from Molly Doherty and Alyssa Regan. Victoria Ryder, Katrina Klinkhammer and Caroline Whalen spearheaded the Boston College defense while Meredith Berube played an overall solid game with 2 outstanding assists. A scrappy Syracuse squad of only 6 players went up against a tough Boston College team and battled hard in a very close game throughout. BC was able to prevail 17 to 16. Hannah Kirstel and Katherine Rigney each scored 6 points for the Orange as Emily Severance and Lizzy Manning also chipped in 2. Jill MacKillop had several assists and rebounds and Sarah Quirbach played a stellar game defensively for Syracuse.

Seton Hall 19 - Villanova 14
Seton Hall played a hard fought battle against Villanova and came up with the win. Bria Sutton led the scoring with a season high 10 points. Megan Merna chipped in 5 and Elena Brown added 4 points. Allison McLaughlin, Caitlyn Riley, and Lauren Holbrook provided great rebounding and tenacious defense.

Week #4:

UCLA 14 - Syracuse 10
A well matched UCLA and Syracuse squared off on Saturday for an exciting game. Alexandra Myers led UCLA in scoring with 4 points while Margaret Tiano of UCLA made a major contribution with a team high of 8 rebounds. Olivia Beauregard pulled down 4 rebounds, had 2 steals and scored 2 points. Tatum Hobby, Nicole Barrett, Svetlana Suslovitch also each scored a basket with Riley Higgins leading the team in assists with 4 key passes. Mariah Shield, Hannah Brown and Laura Kate Magnuson all played tough defensively for UCLA. The game was a nailbiter with almost all of the game played with the score tied. UCLA was able to pull away at the end with the victory 14 -10 despite a swarming Syracuse press. Lizzy Manning and Anastasia Turley led Syracuse on offense each scoring 4. Jill MacKillop chipped in with 2. Bryanna Abboud played a great game defensively wth numerous steals for the Orange as did Emily Severance.

Seton Hall 20 - Boston College 18
Seton Hall Pirates won a close game against Boston College on Saturday. Caitlyn Riley lead the Pirates with strong rebounding and did a good job on defense. With great scoring support from Megan Merna and Bria Sutton, 6 points each, the Pirates were able to pull out the win. Seton Hall withstood a determined 4th quarter comeback from Boston College and pulled out a thrilling 20-18 win. Lindsay Ambrosino (8 points) and Meredith Berube ( 2 points and 4 assists) spearheaded the BC attack. Victoria Ryder (3 points), Amanda Faulkenham, Morgan Engdahl, Christina Rayball rounded out the scoring for BC. Alyssa Regan and Katrina Klinkhammer took care of the rebounding duties while Molly Doherty and Caroline Whalen play very solid at the guard position.

Maryland 14 - Duke 12
In a close game for 8 segments, Maryland held on to pull out a two point victory over a tough Duke team. Defense was the focus for the game, great defensive rebounding and solid defense by both teams kept this match close throughout. Yvonne Robinson and Alexa Lynch were unstoppable on defense as their strong played helped keep Maryland in the game. Natasha Krishnan was outstanding on both offense and defense, her heads-up defense and passing were keys for the tough victory. Liz Soha played had a great game with solid passes and key defensive rebounds.

Notre Dame 16 - UConn 15
Notre Dame and Connecticut played an exceptionally close game. Both teams played very aggressive defense and kept scores at a low. The game was fast paced and all the girls hustled well. Elizabeth Thissell was the standout from Notre Dame scoring 10 points and shooting the winning basket with 5 seconds remaining. Caroline St.Peter and Sarah Benda rounded out the scoring for Notre Dame. Kelsey Tinker led an aggressive defense for Connecticut, disrupting the Notre Dame offense the entire game.

North Carolina 22 - Villanova 10
Villanova lost to a tough North Carolina team. After a slow start from the Villanova offense they started to heat up. Emily Rubico had 2pts and a great block followed by Caitlin Sanborn 2pts, Kyra Robinson had a nice steal as well as a nice drive to the basket for 2 pts. Kirsten Robinson provided great leadership and had 2pts and Jacqueline Hill also had 2 pts. Alex Jolin and Kelly Meehan played a good defensive games for Villanova.

Week #3:

North Carolina 27 - Seton Hall 16
The Seton Hall team played tough but lost to North Carolina this week. Brenda Mello played a great game, contributing with good defense, some key steals and pushing the ball up the floor to chip in 2 points. Alison McLauglin had a couple of great offensive rebounds and scored 2 points. Lauren Holbrook played well on defense and had some impressive drives on offense, adding 2 points to Seton Hall's overall 16 points.

Duke 25 - Villanova 23
In an absolute thriller, Duke was able to pull out a two point victory. Villanova played an excellent game, especially at the defensive end. Villanova's offense was very fluid with Kelly Jolin scoring her first basket of the season and Jacqueline Hill (8 points) hitting a great outside shot. Villanova's defense lead by Ireland O'Brien (4 points 4 rebounds), Alex Meehan (2 points), Caitlin Sanborn, Emily Rubico (4 points) and Kyra Robinson (5 points) who had a break-away lay-up to bring Villanova to within 1 basket. Unfortunately, the girls came up short, however, it was a game they will not soon forget.

UCONN 20 - UCLA 10
UCONN remains undefeated this season by overpowering UCLA with a final score of 20-10. This win was a total team effort with offensive plays by Kasey Daly(6pts), Gillian Scannell(2pts), Jordyn Tilley(4pts) and MaryAlice Jackson. UCONN also displayed strong defensive skills with standout plays by Alexandra Pitsios, Jennifer Scannell, Olivia Knight & Stephanie Desrosiers, Jennifer Reynolds and Kelsey Tinker(8pts). These UCONN girls play as a total team and make their coaches proud!

Maryland 19 - Syracuse 15
Both teams played in a game that saw several lead changes. Maryland scored first but was behind going into the last segment. Maryland’s Colleen Connor and Megan Majeksi played great defense and were responsible for several key turnovers, which allowed the Terrapins to capture and hold onto the lead. Courtney Moore was outstanding in the paint, ripping down several offensive and defensive rebounds. Lauren Butler and Ketaki Mahukar helped the team seal the win by playing strong defense throughout the game.

Week #2:

Notre Dame 28 - Villanova 12
Notre Dame started strong and continued to play well throughout the entire game on their way to their second victory of the season. Playing well offensively were Caroline St.Peter and Julia Slattery who lead the way with 8 points a piece. Abigail Pelligrino and Jessica St.Peter each chipped in 6 points each. Getting some key offensive rebounds were Nicole Stryker and Megan Henderson. Carrying the play in the guard positions were Nicole St.Peter and Shannon Curran. All the players played very well defensively. Sarah Benda also showed great team spirit. Playing well for Villanova on both sides of the ball were Kyra and Kirsten Robinson. Emily Rubico and Jacqueline Hill played well offensively. The entire Villa Nova team ran well the entire game.

Connecticut 20 - Seton Hall 18
The Seton Hall Pirates girls got off to a slow start against Connecticut but fought back in the second half led by Emily Singer's aggressive play and four points. Emma Newcomb chipped in two points and was a force on the boards. Jessica Mathis assisted in the game tying point and played tenacious defense.

Boston College 20 - Maryland 10
In a terrific game the Boston Colege squad was able to pull away in the 2nd half to secure the win. Boston College was lead by Lyndsay Ambrosino's 10 points and Amanda Faulkenham's 4 points. The Eagles scoring was rounded out by Katrina Klinkhammer, Meredith Berube and a buzzer beater by Morgan Engdahl. Caroline Whalen played outstanding defense and also lead the Team in assists. The Terrapin's, Alexa Lynch played a great game at guard with good passes and defense. Yvonne Robinson also played very well with several rebounds and steals.

Duke 28 - UCLA 8
UCLA squared off against a tough Duke squad Sunday night, losing a tough one 28-8 despite a late-game charge. Nicole Barrett had a great game, contributing both offensively and defensively (team high 4 rebounds). Also playing well were Alex Myers who hustled at all times and was one of the four Bruins who scored (along with Svetlana Suslovitch and Nicole Barrett), and Maggie Tiano who had the first UCLA blocked shot of the young season.

Week #1:

Seton Hall 26 - UCLA 18
UCLA and Seton Hall squared off in their first game of the season. The Seton Hall Pirates played a strong first game, winning 26 to 18. Megan Merna led the scoring and had some key offensive rebounds. Elena Brown scored 6 points and played solid defense with some big steals. Bria Sutton did a great job at guard, pushing the ball up the floor, setting up plays. passing and scoring. It was very close throughout the game due to the tough defensive play by both teams. For UCLA Riley Higgins led the scoring with 6 points. UCLA’s other scoring leaders were Nicole Barrett (4) and Maggie Tiano (4) whose outstanding defensive play contributed to a close score throughout the game. In the last quarter, Seton Hall pulled away with a 26-18 win over UCLA.

Villanova 12 - Syracuse 10
Villanova pulled out an exciting 12-10 overtime win over Syracuse. Kyra Robinson was high scorer with 6 points, Jacqueline Hill had 4 points and Caitlin Sanborn contributed 2 points. A great team effort contributed to the win!

Duke 16 - Boston College 15
In a terrific game that saw several lead changes, Duke pulled it out with 2 key hoops in the last 90 seconds to secure the 3 point win. Leading the scoring for Duke was Natasha Graves with 6 points followed by two points a piece from Shania Smith, Ketsia Acosta, Isabella Sierra and Nadya Lisciotto, Kristy McCann sealed the win with the final basket in the last few seconds of the game. Lindsay Pratt and Gianna Gareri pushed the offense with excellent guard play. The well balanced BC scoring was lead by Meredith Berube, Molly Doherty and Victoria Ryder with 4 points each. Morgan Engdahl and Alyssa Regan rounded out the scoring for the Eagles. Lindsay Ambrosino lead the Team in assists and steals and the defense was anchored by Christina Rayball, Caroline Whalen, Amanda Faulkenham and Katrina Klinkhammer.


2008-09 Season Game Summaries

Games on 2-28-09

Syracuse 21 - Villanova 19
Syracuse defeats a very good Villanova team. The scoring was lead by Emily O’Neill (10), Bailey Grant (6) and Nicole Silverman (5).They could not have done it with out there supporting cast with great passing from Brenda Mello, Megan Merna and Jacqueline Hill. Syracuse kept Villanova off the boards with a very tenacious defense lead by Courtney Moore, Alexandra Myers, Alyssa Wink and Christina Rayball. With playoffs near Syracuse is peeking at the right time. (21-19).

UCLA 26 - Seton Hall 20
The shots were not dropping for either team in the first half but UCLA managed a 10-4 lead at halftime. Suzanne Misherfi had six rebounds in the first half for UCLA. UCLA was able to build their lead to 20-10 early in the fourth quarter but Seton Hall came storming back with a 10-2 run to pull within two points at 22-20. UCLA hung on for a 26-20 victory. Sam Harmon and Julianne Sheehan led UCLA with eight points each, Colleen Ashness had six points and Kasey Daly and Lexie Pitsios chipped in with two points a piece for UCLA. Amanda Faulkenham and Jacky Arndt played fine all around games for UCLA. Seton Hall's strong 2nd half effort wasn't enough on Saturday. Sprited defense was the key to the comeback, led by Michelle Materna, Laura Hohenstein, Katelyn Burke and Jessica Dodge who had several steals and hustle plays. Kristie Ann DeSilvio and Maggie Tiano led in rebounding while scoring 6 and 4 points respectively. Also scoring were Jen Chamberlain (2), Hohenstein (2) and Materna (6). Materna, Burke and Chamberlain also had some assists and handled the UCLA pressure well. Nicole Barrett, Mariah Shield and Meghan Peterson chipped in with a few rebounds and hustle plays.

Games on 2-14-09

UConn 26 - Villanova 18
UConn got off to a fast start in the first quarter. Great passing created shot opportunities with Lauren Olsen finding Megan Keene for the first points of the game. Bria Sutton converted steals into points, with 2 baskets and Michaela Smyth added 2 points to the UConn total. Isabella Sierra and Elizabeth Soha played strong defense to limit the opponents' scoring chances. Stephanie Cardonne came on strong in the second quarter with six points while Keene and Smyth each added another basket. Genesis Acosta played strong defense in the paint and added 2 points in the second half. Michaela Smyth led the team in scoring, adding six more points in the second half for a total of 10 points.

Boston College 32 - North Carolina 12
It was a tough battle through 3 quarters, before Boston College pulled away with some strong defense. Scoring for Boston College Madison McCaul (6), Kaitlyn Withrow (4), Jenna Damore (4) Jennifer Reynolds (2), Kira Lavoie (2), Anna Przybylowicz (2), Holliane Crasco (4), Grace Ott (6), Apoorva Karpurapu (2)

UCLA 22 - Notre Dame 15
UCLA trailed Notre Dame early but took the lead early in the second quarter and maintained a small lead the rest of the way and beat Notre Dame 22-15. Julianne Sheehan led UCLA with six points followed by Sam Harmon, Kasey Daly and Colleen Ashness with four points each. Jacky Arndt and Suzanne Misherfii added two points each for UCLA. Lexie Pitsios played a fine all around game for UCLA.

Seton Hall 24 - Maryland 12
Seton Hall started slow on Saturday, but held off a tough Maryland team 24-12. Michelle Materna led all Pirate scorers with 8 points and good ball control. Kristie Ann DeSilvio had a strong game on both ends and scored 6 points. Laura Hohenstein scored 4 and made some nice assists. Also passing well were Katelyn Burke, Jessica Dodge and Maggie Tiano, who scored 2 points each. Maria Shields had a few good steals and hustle plays, while Meghan Peterson and Nicole Barrett played aggressive defense and showed good footwork. The entire Seton Hall team performed well under pressure from Maryland, and looked down the floor for passing opportunities.

Boston College 24 - Maryland 8
Playing on a regulation court size was an experience for Boston College . The girls were exhausted be the end of the game, but had enough endurance to preserve a win. Madison McCaul, Anna Przybylowicz, and Apoorva Karpurapu were tough on defense, while Kira Lavoie had some great rebounds. Scoring for Boston College Kaitlyn Withrow (4), Holliane Crasco (14), Grace Ott (6)

Games on 2-07-09

Boston College 26 – Villanova 10
Villanova took an early lead in this matchup but once Boston College got going, they never looked back. Gianna Firicano played an excellent all-around game, scoring 6 points, pulling down 3 rebounds and had a couple of steals. Natasha Krishnan and Emma DesMarais each scored a basket rounding out the scoring for the Wildcats while Nisha Mohanty played well on the defensive end. Smothering defense by Taryn Harmer, Jennifer Reynolds, Anna Przybylowicz put additional pressure on a tough Villanova squad, helping BC to preserve a 26-10 win. Scoring for BC Kira Lavoie (2),Jenna Damore (8), Kaitlyn Withrow (6), Grace Ott (2) , Madison McCaul (2) Hollianne Crasco (6)

Duke 21 – UConn 11
Duke prevailed 21-11 over a strong UCONN squad. The game was very tight throughout the first half until Duke pulled away off of strong defensive pressure by Caitlyn McCabe(4 assists/6 rebounds), Bryana Abboud and Mary Lupoli(4 points). Duke solved the UCONN zone defense through excellent passing and screens by Lilie Whalen(4 points/4 assists), Kelly Duggan and Ally Rega(2 points). Gulia Rabbitto lead all scorers with 6 points/5 assists.UCONN made a comeback late in the game, pulling to within 6 points. Duke answered with 4 points from a hustling Natalie Turner and a foul shot by Sara Doherty late in the game. The Devils remained undefeated on the season due to a total team effort. UConn played strong team defense against a very defensive-minded Duke team. The first half was a tough, defensive struggle with both teams having limited offensive chances. Michaela Smyth accounted for most of UConn's first half scoring, with two baskets and 2 points off free-throws. Stephanie Cardonne added 1 point off a free-throw. Elizabeth Soha led the defensive attack on the floor along with Megan Keene, Lauren Olsen and Bria Sutton, while Genesis Acosta grabbed several rebounds. In the second half, Smyth and Cardonne each scored a basket, which accounted for all of UConn's offense.

Seton Hall 28 – Syracuse 14
Seton Hall defeated Syracuse 28-14 on Saturday. Maggie Tiano led all scorers with 12 points, while dominating the boards. Kristie Ann DeSilvio had a strong game with 6 points and solid defense. Laura Hohenstein had 4 points and hustled well all game. Nicole Barrett, Katelyn Burke and Jessica Dodge rounded out the Pirates scoring with a basket each. Jen Chamberlain made some nice passes and had several steals. Mariah Shields also made some heads up steals and handled the ball well for the Pirates.

UCLA 16 – North Carolina 10
In a game that was tied 6-6 at halftime, UCLA pulled away in the second half and defeated North Carolina 16-10. Sam Harmon, Kasey Daly and Julianne Sheehan led UCLA with four points each and Suzanne Misherfi and Amanda Faulkenham had two points each for UCLA. Alex Collias had two key steals in the last two minutes to preserve the win for UCLA. Cadet Girls 2-08-09

Boston College 23 – Syracuse 10
Defensive rebounding by Kira Lavoie, Apoorva Karpurapu,and Madison McCaul helped give BC many offensive opportunities. Taryn Harmer, Jennifer Reynolds, Anna Przybylowicz provided the double team defense. Scoring for BC Jenna Damore (4), Kaitlyn Withrow (4), Grace Ott (5), Hollianne Crasco (10). Nicole Silverman and Emily Oneil threw in 4 points a piece for Syracuse while Jacquiline Hill scored 2.

Seton Hall 23 – Villanova 18
Seton Hall held off a tough Villanova squad by a score of 23-18 on Sunday. Kaitlyn Burke led the Pirates with 10 points and strong ball handlling. Laura Hohenstein added 6 points and had several nice drives to the hoop. Mariah Shield, Kristie Ann DeSilvio and Maggie Tiano score a basket each for the Pirates and had several rebounds. Jen Chamberlain scored 1 point and handled the ball well under heavy Villanova pressure. Nicole Barrett led the Pirates defensive attack with solid footwork and positioning. Villanova lost a close game to Seton Hall. Grace Maniscalco led the Wildcats with 10 points while Taylor Czybora, Gianna Firicano (who also hauled in 4 rebounds), Mackenzie Wilkens and Emma DesMarais each scored 2 points. Kelly Driscoll had a strong game on defense grabbing 6 rebounds.

Maryland 15 – UCLA 14
In a very exciting game Maryland never trailed and defeated it’s weekly practice partner UCLA 15-14. Jacky Arndt and Colleen Ashness led UCLA with four points each. Kasey Daly had three points on free throws, Sam Harmon had two points and Suzanne Misherfi had one point for UCLA. Lexie Pitsios and Olivia Knight played fine all around games for UCLA. Danielle Withycombe lead the scoring for Maryland with 5 points while Emily Singer and Kirsten Robinson had 4 points each and Kyra Robinson had 2.

Games on 1-31-09

Duke 30- North Carolina 10
Duke pulled away from a hustling North Carolina team midway through the first half. North Carolina was up 4-0 before the Duke Press led by Bryana Abboud , Lilie Whalen and Caitlyn McCabe lead to 4 quick baskets. Sarah Doherty and Kelly Duggan(2 points) were strong on the boards, battling NC’s Carly Boyd thoughout. Caitlyn McCabe and Mary Lupoli both had strong games on both sides of the ball for Duke, each scoring 6 points while constantly double teaming the opponent’s quick guards. The Devil’s Ally Rega played another fantastic all-around game setting up a # of plays through picks and passing( 8 assists). Guilia Rubbito ran the offense well(4 points/4 assists) despite battling Jasmine Elmore’s tenacious defense. Duke’s Casey MacGillivary showed great ball handling skills in the second half, leading to wide open shots by Lupoli and Whalen. Lilie Whalen led all scorers with 12 points in the Duke 30-6 win.

UCLA 33 – Boston College 27
UCLA built an eight point lead in the first half but BC came storming back to get within one point at half time. The game remained close and was tied at 19 midway through the fourth quarter when two consecutive baskets by Colleen Ashness and a basket by Julianne Sheehan all within a minute put UCLA up by six. UCLA was able to hang on for the victory. Julianne Sheehan led UCLA with 12 points followed by Sam Harmon with 8 points. Jacky Arndt and Colleen Ashness each had four points, Lexie Pitsios and Amanda Faulkenham two each and Olivia Knight one point for UCLA. Alex Collias played a fine defensive game for UCLA. All 10 girls for BC gave an extra effort to pushing UCLA, but were just a bit short on the comback. Apoorva Karpurapu, Jennifer Reynolds, and Anna Przybylowicz, Kira Lavoie and Taryn Harmer put pressure defense causing many turnovers. Scoring for BC Jenna Damore (2), Kaitlyn Withrow (17), Grace Ott (2) , Madison McCaul (4) Hollianne Crasco (2)

Seton Hall 12 – Notre Dame 9
Seton Hall overcame Notre Dame 12-9 in a hotly contested game Saturday. The key for Seton Hall was pressure on the ball, good rebounding and several steals. Katelyn Burke and Jen Chamberlain led the Pirate attack with several steals along with 6 and 4 points respectively. Laura Hohenstein also scored a basket and set some good picks. Maggie Tiano dominated the boards in the first half, while Nicole Barrett and Kristie Ann DeSilvio rebounded well in the second half. Jessica Dodge, Mariah Shield and Meghan Peterson applied defensive pressure throughout the game.

Games on 1-24-09

Duke 21- Seton Hall 10
Seton Hall was defeated 21-10 by an aggressive Duke team on Saturday. Seton Hall played solid defense and rebounded well most of the game, led by Jessica Dodge, Maggie Tiano, Nicole Barrett, Mariah Shield and Meghan Peterson. The offense was led by Jen Chamberlain with 6 points, while Michelle Materna and Laura Hohenstein each had a basket. Katelyn Burke and Kristie Ann DeSilvio showed good ball handling skills against several double teams, and all of the Pirates played hard the whole game.

BC 15 – UConn 14
With the clock ticking down the last few seconds, BC held off a last second effort by a tough Connecticut team holding onto a 15-14 victory. Apoorva Karpurapu, Jennifer Reynolds, and Anna Przybylowicz played aggressive defense while Madison McCaul controlled the defensive boards. Scoring for BC Jenna Damore (2), Kaitlyn Withrow (8), Grace Ott (1) , Taryn Harmer (2), Hollianne Crasco (2)

UCLA 30 – Villanova 22
In an exciting game that was not decided until the fourth quarter, UCLA defeated a shorthanded Villanova team 30-22. Villanova only had five players available for the game and led 22-20 starting the fourth quarter. UCLA was able to tie it up early in the fourth quater and was able to hang on against a very coruageous Villanova squad. Jacky Arndt led the scoring for UCLA with ten points and Julianne Sheehan added eight points. Colleen Ashness and Lexie Pitsios had four points each and Olivia Knight and Kasey Daly two apiece for UCLA.
Spectators witnessed an incredibly gutsy performance by an undermanned Villanova squad with only 6 players. The Wildcats fell short in this contest but the story of this game was the remarkable courage and tenacity of a team that just wouldn’t give up. Villanova was down to 5 players halfway through the game and then forced to play with 4 players for a good part of the second half, all due to extreme exhaustion. Grace Maniscalco had a superb performance with 8 points, 5 rebounds and 4 steals. Mackenzie Wilkens also had a strong game pulling down 6 rebounds and scoring 6 points while Emma DesMarais hauled in 5 rebounds and scored 4 points. Katie Farrell, Gianna Firicano and Taylor Czybora also played their hearts out, as well.

North Carolina - 24 Maryland 22
Maryland played another close game this week against a very well coached North Carolina team. Lauren Scannel, Emily Rubico, Danielle Whithycombe, Elizabeth Thissell and Kirsten Robinson all provide great offense to keep the pressure on the opposition. Leading the defense were Jessica St Peter, Emily Singer, and Kyra Robinson. The game ball this week goes to Eleanor Langthorne. Eleanors exceptional hustle led to many steals on defense while her remarkable passing and shooting on offense drove Maryland in the right direction the entire game!

Seton Hall 22 - UConn 11
Seton Hall pulled away from UConn in the second half to win 22-11 on Sunday. Solid second half defense secured the win for the Pirates, led by Nicole Barrett and Meghan Peterson. Jessica Dodge and Jen Chamberlain blocked some shots, while Katelyn Burke and Mariah Shield rebounded and hustled well. Michelle Materna led the Pirate offense with several nice drives and 8 points. Burke had 6 points, while Maggie Tiano, Kristie Ann DeSilvio, Dodge and Chamberlain each chipped in with a basket.

Games on 1-10-09

Duke 22 – Maryland 2
Aggressive defense led by Natalie Turner(2 steals),Sarah Doherty and Bryanna Abboud midway through the first half led to a number of turnovers. Casey MacGillivary and Kelly Duggan(2 pts) had very strong games controlling the boards for the Blue Devils. Lilie Whalen and Guilia Rabbito led the offense with 6 points each. Ally Rega added 5 points and a number of key assists. Caitlyn McCabe and Mary Lupoli rounded out the scoring with 4 points each.

North Carolina 20 – Villanova 16
Villanova lost a nail-biter to North Carolina 20-16. The game seemed to be out of reach for Villanova after 3 quarters but a 4th quarter offensive explosion by the Wildcats along with swarming defense brought them back to within 2 points with 3 minutes remaining but it just wasn't enough. Taylor Czybora and Kelly Driscoll lead the Wildcats with 6 points each. On the defensive end, Kelly Driscoll was a force on the boards pulling down several rebounds while the rest of the team played tenacious defense led by Emma DesMarais, Grace Maniscalco and Gianna Firicano.

UCLA 26 – Syracuse 10
UCLA led all the way in topping a hustling Syracuse team 26-10. Julianne Sheehan led the scoring for UCLA with eight points. Sam Harmon had six points and several rebounds. Jacky Arndt had four points and several steals for UCLA. Lexie Pitsios had four points and Olivia Knight and Colleen Ashness had two points a piece. Suzanne Misherfi, Amanda Faulkenham, Kasey Daly and Alex Collias all played outstanding defense for UCLA.

Notre Dame 15 – UConn 14
UConn started off the game strong, with a basket from Kathryne Stowell and two from Genesis Acosta in the 1st quarter. Megan Keene scored on a great pass from Lauren Olsen and Kathryne Stowell chipped in another basket to put Conn ahead at the half. Strong team defense on both sides made for an exciting second half. Michaela Smyth added two points and played tough defense, as did Olsen, Keene, Stowell, Bria Sutton and Isabella Sierra. Stephanie Cardonne and Elizabeth Soha moved the ball around the court to assist with the final basket by Megan Keene.

Seton Hall 18 – Boston College 16
Seton Hall pulled out an overtime win against BC by a score of 18-16. Defensive play was key to the win, with strong efforts by Jessica Dodge, Laura Hohenstein, Nicole Barrett, Mariah Shield and Meghan Peterson. The offense was led by Michelle Materna who scored several baskets and showed strong dribbling skills, while Jen Chamberlain, Kristie Ann DeSilvio and Katelyn Burke also scored and made good plays. The Pirates played good team defense and rebounded well considering a height disadvantage to a strong BC team. Boston College suffered a tough overtime loss. Pulling down some great rebounds were Apoorva Karpurapu, Anna Przybylowicz, and Holliane Crasco. Jennifer Reynolds, Taryn Harmer, and Kira Lavoie provided the swarming defense. Madison McCaul gave some great in the paint defense. Scoring for Boston College Kaitlyn Withrow (8), Jenna Damore (6)


2007-08 Season Game Summaries

Week #10

Villanova 19
Syracuse 16

Villanova overcame an early deficit to win their first game of the season, 19-16 over Syracuse. In the second of two exciting games between these two teams this season, aggressive play by Villanova helped seal the win. Tenacious pressure by Jessica Dodge, Jen Chamberlain, Caitlyn Ace and Jenna D'Amore led to several steals and turnovers. Tanvi Sharma, Abby Hirsch and Brooke Peterson rebounded well and played solid team defense, while Nardina Serra and Delaney Gembis excelled at point guard. Peterson and Hirsch led the scoring for Villanova, with 10 and 6 points respectively, while Gembis chipped in with 3. The entire Villanova squad kept their poise and passed the ball well to break pressure and create good scoring opportunities.

BC 16
Duke 12

BC was able to pull out a win for their final game of the ‘07/’08 season against a skilled Duke team. Behind at the half, a series of outstanding lay ups by Alexandra Wood, and some quick baskets by Danielle McGinty and Micaela Sanborn helped even the score. Great rebound shots by Samantha Harmon and Jessica Philippon assisted in changing the course of the game. BC’s incredible defensive efforts led by Nicole Bettinelli, Corrianna Wade and Molly O’Keefe kept Duke to one basket in the second half, helping bring BC to the win. Duke started out stong, leading the game 4-0 and then 8-4 at halftime in a defensive battle. However BC's very aggressive, physical defense was able to shut down Duke's offense in the second half as BC hung on to a 16-12 victory. Leading the way offensively for Duke were Lauren Hennessey and Carly Rennie with 4 points each. Kimberly Bowley rounded out the scoring with 2 points. Anchoring Dukes strong defense were Kat Livingston, Shannon Riccio, Kathryne Stowell, and Sophia Upton.

UConn 23
Maryland 20

The Huskies defeated the Terrapins in an exciting come from behind victory. UConn found themselves down by a score of 16-6 in the first half but clamped down on defense and held Maryland to just 4 points in the second half. Hollianne Crasco and Kendra Malone made strong contributions in the win. Annie Donahue and Claire Markey had good offensive games with 7 points a piece and Michaela Staples chipped in with 4. Melissa Roy led Maryland with 12 points and Jessica Quirbach threw in 8 points. It was a solid defensive first half for Maryland with numerous steals, blocked shots and rebounds by Eleanor Langthorne, Rachel Moore, Jackie Arndt and Alex Collias while Rachel March and Allie Young played excellent at the guard position. But the Huskies stormed backed in the second half to steal the win.

North Carolina 20
Notre Dame 10

North Carolina and Notre Dame played a strong defensive game. At the end of the first period ND was up by 2 points. NC game back to gain the lead in the 2nd period and did not look back. North Carolina’s baskets included Julia Sementelli (6), Grace Gerhardt (6), Patricia Blumeris (6), Kaitlyn Withrow (2). Good offensive rebounding and shooting won the day. Determined and skilled defense by Shannon Nagle, Jillian Lattimore, Amie Lynch along with great ball passing by Julianne Bernazani, Meghan Sementelli, and Joceyln Strong demonstrated a nice team effort.

Week #9

Notre Dame 11

UCLA defeated a scrappy Notre Dame squad 21 -13. Debbie Okpoebo once again led UCLA in scoring with 8 points and also had 2 rebounds, while Michelle Chernaik chipped in with 5 points. Rebecca MacKillop had 4, while Rose Eppolito and Caitlyn McCabe had 2 each with both playing stellar defense along with Celia Kampner, Michelle Robidas, Leddy Shockley and Taylor Cybora. UCLA started out strong building a sizable lead in the first quarter but Notre Dame stormed back to go up by 4 themselves. The second half saw UCLA's shooting improve, and they played a swarming team defense, able to effect many steals and put the game out of reach. It was another tough game for Notre Dame. Leading the scoring for the Irish was Sarah Couch with 6 points. Nicole Wrobel scored 4 points and Mary Richard chipped in with 2. Rounding out the scoring was Michaela Shaw, tossing in a free throw. Haley LaFreniere, Siobhan LaFreniere, Kayla Davis, and Beth Conte all played well defensively, but it was not enough to stop a very good UCLA team.

North Carolina 12
Boston College 11

North Carolina (NC) and Boston College (BC) were well matched with both teams playing a strong defense. At the half BC was ahead by 2 points but NC tied it up in the 3rd period. North Carolina’s baskets included Julia Sementelli (2), Shannon Nagle (2), Kaitlyn Withrow (2), Grace Gerhardt (2) Patricia Blumeris (4). Great team work including steals, rebounding, and passing contributed by Jillian Lattimore, Julianne Bernazani, and Joceyln Strong, Amie Lynch, and Meghan Sementelli. BC scorers Danielle McGinty and Micaela Sanborn each had 4 points. Ally Wood had 2 and Molly O'Keefe had 1 for BC. Kelly Duggan had several blocks under the basket. Jess Phillipon, Nikki Bettinelli, Samantha Harmon and Sophy Martorell applied great defensive pressure and had several steals.

UConn 36
Villanova 10

The Huskies got off to a quick start against the Wildcats on Saturday and never looked back on their way to a 36-10 victory. Cynthia and Sandra Hovsepian both had their best games of the year with multiple steals and six and four points respectively. Kayleigh Plunkett handled and passed the ball well, scoring a basket in the process. Sarah Bien led all scorers with ten points, Claire Markey had eight. While the score was lopsided, the game was very competitive with Villanova playing very aggressive defense. Several steals were made, and leading the hustle department was Jenna D'Amore, Delaney Gembis, Brooke Peterson and Nardina Serra. Jen Chamberlain, Jessica Dodge, Madison Mccaul and Tanvi Sharma played solid defense and helped out with several rebounds. On offense, Villanova did a nice job with short passes and finding the open player. Scoring a basket each for Villanova were Peterson, D'Amore, Mccaul, Sharma and Serra.

Duke 24
Syracuse 18

It was a back and forth game the entire way until the fourth quarter when Duke poured in 12 of its 24 points to finally pull away from a very tough Syracuse team 24-17. Duke exhibited a strong passing game that led to a well balanced scoring attack. Scoring for Duke was Monica Pech with 6 points, Kimberly Bowley, Lauren Hennessey, and Carly Rennie with 4 points each, and Sara Kosicki, Shannon Riccio, and Kathryne Stowell rounded out the scoring with 2 points each. Syracuse played a tight back and forth game and pulled up even with Duke knotted at 12-12 at the end of the third quarter. Duke pulled away in the first three minutes of the fourth and finished out with a 24-18 victory. Lauren Thayer lead the Orange with (14) points and Katelyn Burke and Lauren Scannell each chipped in (2) points apiece to round out the scoring for Syracuse. Erin O’Keefe, Arianna Sandstrom and Katie Farrell played strong on the defensive side of the court for Syracuse.

Seton Hall 31
Maryland 16

A strong Seton Hall team beat Maryland this Saturday 31-16. Alex Omobono lead the charge for Seton Hall with 10pts. Olivia Stanizzi, Sarah Booth & Miranda O'conner shot great with 4pts each. Megan Brown sank 3pts, while Emma Desmarais, Alex McCafferty & Erin Healy finished up with 2pts each. Though Maryland fought back to within six points in the 4th quarter, Seton Hall held on to take the win. It was a good effort by Maryland with top scoring by Melissa Roy with 9 pts, followed by Jessica Quirbach with 4 pts and Katy Bushy with 2 pts. Allie Young sank a free throw after being fouled on a layup to round out the scoring.

Week #8

UConn 30
Duke 20

UConn defeated Duke 30-20 on Saturday with a great team effort. The Huskies passed the ball effectively against Duke's pressure defense and took an early lead that they wouldn't relinquish. Claire Markey led the way with 7 assists to go with her 6 points. Annie Donahue and Sarah Bien had outstanding games with 10 points a piece. UConn proved too much for a very game Duke team. UConn started hot right out of the gates with a 10-0 lead. However Duke kept it's composure and went into halftime with a 16-10 deficit. However UConn game back strong and Duke could just never catch up. Leading the way for Duke was Sara Kosicki and Monica Pech with 8 points each. Bronwyn Shinnock and Carly Rennie chipped in 2 points each. Kat Livingston, Lauren Hennessey, and Sophia Upton played strong defense.

Seton Hall 35
Syracuse 20

The Syracuse Orange lost to a solid Seton Hall team 35-20. Seton Hall jumped out to an 8-2 first quarter lead and remained ahead throughout the game. After a sluggish first half, Syracuse got their offense in gear and closed the gap but could not come all the way back, losing 35-20. Lauren Thayer lead the Orange with (10) points and Katelyn Burke played a strong game on both ends of the court and scored (4), Julia Villanova had one bucket and a pair of foul shots for (4) points, and Arianna Sandstrom chipped in (2) points and played strong on the boards. Erin O'Keefe played strong defense and rebounded well.

North Carolina 18

North Carolina had a slow start but came back to win it in the last half. Shannon Nagle tied the game at 14 to 14. A follow- up basket by Patricia Blumeris moved the team ahead making the score 14 to 16. Scoring included Patricia Blumeris (8), Shannon Nagel (4), Grace Gerhardt (2), Meghan Sementelli (2), and Kaitlyn Withrow (2). Jillian Lattimore provided effective rebounding to win the ball. The team members all played well and used strong defense with multiple steals and blocks to prevent UCLA's scoring attempts.

BC 20
Villanova 8

BC beat Villanova 20-8 with some spectacular plays by Danielle McGinty grabbing rebounds and making long passes to Kelly Duggan who was able to drive the ball down the court. Some great shooting by Alexandra Wood and Sophy Martorell with excellent defense from Jessica Philippon and Corrianna Wade. Another great effort from BC!

Maryland 27
Notre Dame 16

In a fast paced exciting game this Saturday, Maryland defeated a tough Notre Dame team, 27-16. The Terrapin scoring was lead by Melissa Roy with 15, Jessica Quirbach with 6, Katy Bushy with six and Jacky Arndt with 2. Alex Collias had an exceptional defensive game with numerous steals, blocked shots and jump balls. Mary Lupoli and Allie Young also contributed with strong defensive games.Notre Dame played a good game but came up short against a very good Maryland team. Scoring for the Irish were Mary Richards, Michaela Shaw and Nicole Wrobel with 4 points each, Beth Conte, Sarah Couch, and Michaela Smyth chipped in each scoring 2 points. Defensively, Haley LaFreniere, Stephanie Cardonne, and Siobhan LaFreniere all played outstanding games, grabbing rebounds and making several steals.

Week #7

BC 14

UCLA was able to just barely hold off a tough Boston College squad in a nailbiter, 16 - 14. UCLA started strong and led by as many as ten points for much of the game, but BC stormed back late and it came down to the final seconds. Debbie Okpoebo led the charge for UCLA with 10 points and 9 rebounds. Rebecca MacKillop, Michelle Chernaik, and Rose Eppolito rounded out the scoring for UCLA. Leddy Shockley was a force on the boards with 4 rebounds, while Caitlyn McCabe, Celia Kampner, Taylor Czybora and Michelle Robidas played great defensively. After warming up and gaining confidence, BC players Micaela Sanborn and Alexandra Wood showed their own skills as they continued to intercept passes and sink baskets to try to even the score. Corrianna Wade, Sophy Martorell and Molly O’Keefe managed several rebounds that led to successful baskets helping to bring the score to within 2 points of a tie. Despite some masterful steals and several attempts to sink a tying basket by Samantha Harmon and Nicole Bettinelli, BC lost 14-16. Once again, an exciting and suspenseful outing by the entire BC team.

North Carolina 22
Duke 17

North Carolina and Duke played a strong defensive game in the first half with Duke out scoring North Carolina by 6 points. North Carolina came back strong and fueled by a strong offensive run in the last quarter to steal the win. North Carolina’s scoring efforts included Julia Sementelli (6), Shannon Nagle (4), Kaitlyn Withrow (4), Patricia Blumeris (4), Jillian Lattimore (2), and Meghan Sementelli (2). NC played strong defense with Amie Lynch and Jocelyn Strong. Grace Gerhardt contributed to some great rebounding.Duke came out of the gate strong, leading the game 14-8 at halftime. But North Carolina put on some tough, physical defensive pressure in the 2nd half, causing several turnovers and held Duke to just 3 points from there on in. Leading Duke on offense were Monica Pech and Carly Rennie with 6 points each, Kathryne Stowell with 4 points, and Shannon Riccio with one point. Kat Livingston and Bronwyn Shinnock contributed solid defensive pressure.

Maryland 15
Villanova 8

In an aggressive defensive game loaded with steals and blocked shots, Maryland fought off Villanova on Sunday. Jessica Quirbach lead the scoring for the Maryland with 6 points, followed by Melissa Roy with 5 and 2 each from Jackie Arndt and Rachel March. Alex Collias pushed the defense with 2 steals and 2 blocked shots while Mary Lupoli excelled with 3 rebounds and 5 steals. Villanova hung tough all game, with strong defense and rebounding led by Jessica Dodge, Nardina Serra, Delaney Gembis and Tanvi Sharma. Madison Mccaul, Abby Hirsch and Brooke played strong games at center with several excellent picks, while Jen Chamberlain and Jenna D'Amore showed lots of hustle on both ends. Scoring for Villanova was Mccaul with four points, while Gembis and Sharma chipped in with two each.

Seton Hall 20
Notre Dame 8

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish lost a tough battle to Seton Hall 20 - 8. Notre Dame fell behind early in the game and was not able to keep up with a very good Seton Hall Team. Scoring for the Irish were Michaela Shaw, Michaela Smyth, Mary Richards, and Nicole Wrobel with 2 points each. Defensively Beth Conte, Stephanie Cardonne, Haley LaFreniere, and Siobhan LaFreniere all played solid games.

Week #6

Notre Dame 31
Syracuse 17

The Syracuse Orange lost to a solid Notre Dame team 31-17. Notre Dame scored quickly off the opening tap and remained ahead throughout the game. Syracuse struggled with ball handling and fell behind 10-3 after the first quarter. Notre Dame pulled away to a 16-9 lead at half and cruised to a 31-17 finish. Lauren Thayer lead the Orange with (9) points and 6 rebounds, Arianna Sandstrom chipped in (4) points and played strong on the boards, Julia Villanova scored (2) points and Katelyn Burke and Erin O’Keefe each chipped in with one point and both played strong defense for Syracuse. Lauren Scannell, Katie Farrell, Erin Duffy, Anna Przybylowicz and Emily Morrison played tough defense and each rebounded well for the Orange.

North Carolina 22
Maryland 12

North Carolina played an effective defensive game in the first half holding Maryland to 2 points. In the second half North Carolina maintained their strong lead over Maryland with additional energetic scoring. North Carolina’s scoring efforts included Patricia Blumeris (8,) Julia Sementelli (6), Kaitlyn Withrow (6), Grace Gerhardt (2). Excellent defense was provided by Jillian Lattimore and Shannon Nagle. All the players including Julianne Bernazani, Joceyln Strong, Amie Lynch and Meghan Sementelli played a great passing game. The North Carolina team used effective passing to frustrate Maryland’s defense and North Carolina’s effective offensive and defensive rebounding efforts all contributed to the win. The Maryland team was lead by Katy Bushey who had her best game of the season with 4 points, 5 rebounds and 3 blocked shots. Meliisa Roy lead the team with 5 points, Allie Young knocked down 2 points and Jackie Arndt dropped in a free throw. Though Maryland played well and fought back in the second half, they couldn’t close the gap.

Duke 21
Seton Hall 19

Duke held on to beat Seton Hall 21-19. Duke started out strong, opening up a 6-0 lead to start the game but Seton Hall came roaring back and took the lead. Kimberly Bowley hit a key 10 foot jump shot with 1 second left in the quarter to give Duke a 17-16 lead that they never relinquished. All players scored, with Monica Pech and Kathryne Stowell leading the way with 6 and 4 points respectively, Kimberly Bowley, Lauren Hennessey, Kat Livingston, Sara Kosicki, Carlie Rennie, and Bronwyn Shimmock chipped in two points each.

Connecticut 19
Boston College 18

The UConn Huskies came from behind to beat the BC Eagles 19-18 on Saturday. It was a tightly contested game from the start with both teams applying tough pressure defense. Cynthia Hovsepian had a stellar defensive effort for the Huskies with numerous steals and blocks. Annie Donahue led the team in scoring with 6 points. Sarah Bien made a key steal with less than two minutes left and nailed two free throws to knot the game at 18. Claire Markey then stole the ball as well and nailed a clutch free throw to put the Huskies ahead with just seconds remaining and to seal the victory. The game was a nail biter all the way to the buzzer. BC put up a terrific fight to stay in the lead as the score went back and forth, but ended 18 to 19 in favor of Connecticut. The game was won on rebounds and interceptions. Fantastic rebound grabs and blocked shots by BC players Nicole Bettinelli, Kelly Duggan, Jessica Philippon and Samantha Harmon as they consistently showed determination to get the ball each time it went in the air. Outstanding plays by Danielle McGinty and Micaela Sanborn as they repeatedly intercepted passes and sent the ball sailing through the hoops. An outstanding effort today by the whole BC team.

Villanova 11

Villanova lost a heartbreaker on Saturday, as UCLA scored with seconds remaining to win 12-11. Villanova held the lead for much of the game, but UCLA's press brought them back from a late deficit. Scoring for Villanova was Delaney Gembis (3), Tanvi Sharma (2), Nardina Serra (2) and Abby Hirsch (2). Jessica Dodge, Jen Chamberlain and Sharma played strong as forwards on both offense and defense, while Madison Mccaul, Jenna D'Amore and Hirsch did a great job setting picks and moving without the ball. Serra and Gembis were solid at the point guard position leading to some good opportunities for Villanova, which continues to improve each week.

Week #5

Notre Dame 16
Duke 10

Notre Dame got back on the winning track this week with a hard fought 16 -10 victory over Duke. It was a total team effort on both offense and defense for the Fighting Irish. Leading the scoring for Notre Dame was Kayla Davis with 6 points. Mary Richards, Nicole Wrobel, Siobhan LaFreniere, Sarah Couch, and Michaela Smyth each chipped in with 2 points to round out the scoring. On the defensive side of the ball, Beth Conte and Haley LaFreniere both had a number of steals to their credit, and Stephanie Cardonne, Michaela Shaw, and Mary Richards came away with a number of offensive and defensive rebounds to help keep a strong Duke team at bay.

North Carolina 26
Connecticut 20

North Carolina v Connecticut was a well matched game with both teams fighting hard to get the rebounds and score. North Carolina scoring efforts included Kaitlyn Withrow (2), Julia Sementelli (8) , Meghan Sementelli (2) Amie Lynch (2), Grace Gerhardt (4), and Patricia Blumeris (6). Excellent rebounding and defense were provided by Jillian Lattimore, Shannon Nagle, Julianne Bernazani, and Joceyln Strong. The North Carolina team used screening and picks to slow down Connecticut’s defense.

Maryland 22

In game that was a lot closer than the score indicates, Maryland defeated UCLA 22-12. Maryland scoring was lead by Jessica Quirbach with 10 points followed by Melissa Roy with 6 points, Katy Bushey with 4 points and Rachel March with 2 points. Mary Lupoli and Alex Collias had excellent defensive games with numerous steals while Allie Young showed her excellent passing skills. Jacky Arndt controlled the boards to keep UCLA’s scoring at bay.

Boston College 28
Syracuse 8

An excellent turn out for BC as the entire team performed exceptionally well. Finishing the game 28 points to 8 against Syracuse, BC played some aggressive offense. Alexandra Wood and Micaela Sanborn executed several steals and interceptions, taking the ball down the court to score. Sophy Martorell caught rebounds, and often kept herself wide open to receive the ball from teammates and get it to scoring position. Danielle McGinty and Molly O’Keefe consistently intercepted passes and got the ball down court to score. Another exciting, and fast paced game with outstanding plays and shots by the entire BC team. Boston College stormed ahead early as Syracuse was not able to get into synch falling behind 8-2 after the first quarter. Boston College pulled away to an 18-4 lead at half and cruised to a 28-8 finish. Katelyn Burke, Lauren Thayer, Erin O’Keefe and Julia Villanova each chipped in with two points apiece for Syracuse. Arianna Sandstrom, Katie Farrell and Lauren Scannell played tough defense and each rebounded well for the Orange.

Seton Hall 19
Villanova 4

Seton Hall overcame a spirited Villanova team following a close first half of play, and won 19-4. Villanova played aggressive defense led by Tanvi Sharma, Brooke Peterson, Jessica Dodge and Nardina Serra. Abby Hirsch, Jen Chamberlain, Caitlyn Ace, Delaney Gembis and Madison Mccaul rebounded well, while Jenna D'Amore had a block. On offense, Hirsch, Serra, Mccaul and Gembis showed good ball handling skills and court awareness. Scoring for Villanova was Gembis (2), Dodge (1) and Hirsch (1). Most importantly, everyone on Villanova played hard all game and never gave up.

Week #4

North Carolina 32
Villanova 9

North Carolina started the new year out strong with great ball handling, successful drives to the basket and effective defense North Carolina scoring efforts included Kaitlyn Withrow, Jocelyn Strong, Meghan Sementelli, Julia Sementelli, Shannon Nagle, Amie Lynch, Grace Gerhardt, and Patricia Blumeris. Good rebounding and passing was provided by Jillian Lattimore, Julianne Bernazani, and Joceyln Strong.

Boston College 23
Seton Hall 22

In an exciting match up between Boston College and Seton Hall, BC managed a 1 point win with a final score of 23-22. A masterful last minute shot on the buzzer by Danielle McGinty saved the day by sinking a basket from halfway down the side court. Both teams played an excellent game, scoring each in turn maintaining single digit leads to the end. Excellent teamwork from BC players as Jessica Philippon and Corrianna Wade maneuvered themselves open for passes as teammates were surrounded. Nicole Bettinelli, Samantha Harmon, and Molly O’Keefe aggressively pursued rebounds enabling multiple scoring opportunities for BC. Another exciting and heart pounding outing for BC this season.

Duke 20
Maryland 10

Duke defeated Maryland with a strong offense led by Monica Pech. In a hard fought loss, Maryland scoring was led by Melissa Roy with 6 points while Jessica Quirbach and Rachel Moore thew in 2 points each. Katy Bushey lead the team in rebounding with 5 and Rachel March pulled down 3. Jackie Arndt and Mary Lupoli played strong defensive games but the Blue Devils held on to win.

UConn 17
Notre Dame 12

The UConn Huskies defeated the previously unbeaten Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a fiercely contested battle 17-12. The outsized Huskies pressured the ball effectively on defense as a team to help earn the victory. Sarah Bien particularly shined on defense with numerous blocks and steals. The offense was a total team effort with important shots nailed by Claire Markey, Cynthia and Sandra Hovsepian, Kelly Driscoll, Michaela Staples, and Hollianne Crasco. Notre Dame opened the game with a basket by Stephanie Cardonne starting the game on a optimistic note for Notre Dame. Kayla Davis followed with a foul shot, and Nicole Wrobel scored 6 points to keep Notre Dame in the game against Connecticut. Notre Dame offense ran an impressive passing game with key passes by Sarah Couch, Siobhan LaFreniere and Michaela Smyth. Defensively Michaela Shaw, Haley LaFreniere and Mary Richards attacked the boards and kept the scoring low throughout the game. With the score close, and the last minutes of the game very exciting, Connecticut was able to penetrate Notre Dame's tight defense to win by 2 baskets.

Week #3

Maryland 20
Syracuse 16

Maryland held off a late come back by a scrappy Syracuse team and defeated them 20-16 in another exciting CYBL game.  Both teams played well in the first half and Maryland  held a slim 8-6 halftime lead behind the hustling play of Jessica Quirbach and Mary Lupoli.  Maryland broke open a close game with an 8-0 run early in the fourth quarter on two baskets a piece by Jacky Arndt and Katherine Bushey to take an 18-8 lead.  Syracuse came storming back late in the fourth quarter but ran out of time.  Melissa Roy led Maryland with 6 points, Jacky Arndt and Katherine Bushey had 4 points each, and Jessica Quirbach, Mary Lupoli and Allie Young chipped in with two points each. Syracuse was led by strong play from Lauren Thayer who had 10 points and 10 rebounds, Arianna Sandstrom scored four points and pulled down five rebounds, and Julia Villanova’s two points rounded out the scoring. On defense, Katelyn Burke, Erin Duffy and Erin O’Keefe played excellent games with good hustle and strong defense, while Anna Przybylowicz , Lauren Scannell and Katie Farrell played well and made some key steals.

Notre Dame 9
Boston College 8

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Boston College Eagles played a see-saw game that was not decided until the final buzzer. Both teams played a tough defensive game where baskets were at a premium. Notre Dame fell behind early and rallied back in the final minute of the game to squeak out a 9 - 8 win. Scoring for the Irish were Nichole Wrobel, Siobhan LaFreniere, Haley LaFreniere, and Mary Richards with 2 points each. Stephanie Cardonne chipped in with a free throw. It was Mary Richards basket with under a minute to play in the game, and a tenacious defense that kept BC at bay for the final 30 seconds to secure the win. On the defensive side of the ball. Beth Conte, Kayla Davis, and Michaela Shaw,Michaela Smyth, and Sarah Couch all played an outstanding game.  Playing fantastic defense for BC were Samantha Harmon and Jessica Philippon who succeeded in blocking many Notre Dame shots.  Outstanding agility from Molly O’Keefe who managed to position herself to receive passes and advance the ball to the BC basket.  Excellent efforts by the entire BC team.

Duke 20
Villanova 14

In a very competitive game, Duke outlasted Villanova 20-14. This was a back and forth game, with Villanova leading 14-13, Duke put on a strong press led by Lauren Hennessey and Carly Rennie that forced some turnovers. The offense was led by Monica Pech with 14 points, Sophia Upton with 4 points, and Kat Livingston with 2 points. Kimberly Bowley, Sara Kosicki, and Shannon Riccio played a strong defensive game. Villanova hung tough, but had some ball handling challenges.  With several nice passes inside the key, Villanova displayed good teamwork and unselfish play.  Scoring for Villanova was Delaney Gembis, Jen Chamberlain, Madison Mccaul, Jenna D'Amore, Brooke Peterson and Abby Hirsch.  Nardina Serra showed good instincts handling the ball, while Jessica Dodge, Caitlyn Ace and Tanvi Sharma hustled on defense.  D'Amore, Peterson and Gembis showed good hustle all over the court.

North Carolina 18
Seton Hall 12

The teams were well matched and the scores were close through most of the game until North Carolina came on strong at the end to win. North Carolina scoring efforts included Shannon Nagle (6), Julia Sementelli (4), Patricia Blumeris (4), Grace Gerhardt (2),and Jillian Lattimore (2). Strong defense and rebound efforts by all team members worked to unite the team.

Week #2

Seton Hall 22 - Connecticut 19
With a razor thin bench, Seton Hall played an aggressive zone defense and came from behind to defeat the Connecticut Huskies by a score of 22 to 19 in a nail biter. Sarah Booth led the way offensively for Seton Hall scoring 13 points. Erin Healey scored 3 points and Miranda O'Connor, Olivia Stanizzi and Emma DeMarais all chipped in with 2 points each. Hannah Lee & Sarah Booth both played a strong defensively for Seton Hall.

North Carolina 26 - Syracuse 15
The Syracuse Orange played hard but fell short in a 26-15 loss to North Carolina. Both teams played a hard and even first half ending with Syracuse ahead 12 to 11. North Carolina moved ahead in the second half to win the game 26 to 15. Syracuse was led by Lauren Thayer with 9 points, Emily Morrison (2), Erin O'Keefe (2) and Julia Villanova (2) rounded out the scoring. Arianna Sandstrom, Anna Przybylowicz, and Katelyn Burke contributed with strong rebounding and solid defense, while Erin Duffy, Lauren Scannell and Katie Farrell played well and made some key steals. North Carolina scoring efforts included Shannon Nagle (8), Grace Gerhardt (6), Julia Sementelli (6), and Patricia Blumeris (6). Strong defense by all team members minimized Syracuse points in the second half including efforts by Amie Lynch, Jillian Lattimore, and Kaitlyn Winthrop.

Notre Dame 28 - Villanova 3
Villanova lost to a tough Notre Dame team, 28-3. After a slow start to the game, Notre Dame came on strong on both offense and defense to come away with a 28 - 3 win over a strong Villanova team. The offense was led by Kayla Davis who scored 10 points for the Fighting Irish. Michaela Shaw scored six points, and Haley LaFreniere chipped in with 4 points. Rounding out the scoring were Beth Conte, Siobhan LaFreniere, Nicole Wrobel, and Michaela Smyth with 2 points each. On the defensive side, Stephanie Cardonne, Beth Conte, and Sarah Couch all played excellent games with several steals and rebounds. Madison Mccaul and Delaney Gembis scored for Villanova, while Nardina Serra showed solid ball handling skills by getting to the basket several times. Jen Chamberlain and Jess Dodge also dribbled well, and Jenna D'Amore was aggressive on defense and rebounding for 'Nova.

Maryland 15 - Boston College 14
BC lost to Maryland in the final seconds of Sunday's game, 15 - 14. After Maryland built up a 10-3 lead early in the second quarter on baskets by Kate Bushey, Allison Young, Rachel March and two by Melissa Roy, BC fought back and narrowed the lead to 10-7 at halftime with terrific interceptions by Nikki Bettinelli, Micaela Sanborn and Alexandra Wood. Maryland maintained a slim lead throughout the second half on a basket by Eleanor Langthorne and free throws by Melissa Roy and Kate Bushey, while BC made great strides to catch up helped by some well timed rebounds by Kelly Duggan, Sophy Martorell, and Corrianna Wade. With Maryland leading 14-12 with a minute to go, Melissa Roy made a free throw to put the Terrapins up 15-12. BC made a driving lay up with one second to go in the game and drew a foul. BC missed the free throw and Rachel March grabbed the rebound as the final buzzer went off. Jacky Arndt, Alex Collias and Rachel Moore played fine all around games for Maryland. A great game played by all!

Duke 14 - UCLA 13
UCLA and Duke squared off in a nail biter with Duke eking out the win in come from behind fashion within the final minute. Duke was trailing UCLA 13-8 going into the 4th quarter, however some strong defense and timely scoring keyed the comeback. Scoring for Duke was Monica Pech, 6 points, Sara Kosicki, 4 points, and Lauren Hennessey and Carly Rennie chipped in two points each. Shannon Riccio and Kathryne Stowell played strong defense to help seal the win. Michelle Chernaik led UCLA with 5 points with Rebecca MacKillop chipping in with 4. Caitlyn McCabe and Debbie Okpoebo each scored 2 and played strong defense.

Week #1

Syracuse 20 – Villanova 18
Villanova came up on the short end of a 20-18 overtime nail-biter against Syracuse. 'Nova was led by Madison McCaul with 10 points. Brooke Peterson (4), Jen Chamberlain (2) and Delaney Gembis rounded out the scoring for 'Nova. Nardina Serra and Abby Hirsch contributed with strong rebounding and ball handling, while Caitlyn Ace and Jenna D'Amore played strong defense for 'Nova.

North Carolina 17 - Notre Dame 7
North Carolina worked hard as a team but were unable to defeat Notre Dame. NC lost 17-7, with Shannon Nagle (5 pts) and Patricia Blumeris (2 pts) being the scorers. Great defensive play by Kaitlyn Withrow (2 blocked shots), Jillian Lattimore, and Jocelyn Strong helped keep Notre Dame from scoring more. Also great defensive play by Grace Gerhardt hustling back to break up Notre Dame momentum. Julie Bernazani and Amie Lynch fought hard defensively, trying to keep possession and break up plays. Offensively, Meghan and Julia Sementelli hustled and made many shots trying to keep things alive for NC.

Connecticut 13 – Maryland 4
The UConn Lady Huskies defeated the Maryland Terrapins 13-4 Saturday in the cadet girl's division of CYBL. Kayleigh Plunkett and Sarah Bien helped fuel a strong team defensive effort. Cynthia Hovsepian led the scoring with two baskets. Claire Markey, Michaela Staples, and Sarah Bien all scored in this opening game victory. Though there were many steals and layups for the Terrapins with a few each by Jessica Quirbach, Rachel March and Mellissa Roy, it was one of those games where the ball just wouldn’t drop for Maryland. Mellisa Roy led Maryland with four points. Mary Lupoli and Eleanor Langthorn played a solid defensive game to help keep Connecticut at bay.

Seton Hall 20 - UCLA 10
UCLA and Seton Hall squared off in their first game of the season, with Seton hall winning 20 - 10. Michelle Robidas led UCLA with 6 points and 4 rebounds, while Amber Uzzell chipped in with 4 points and 5 rebounds. Rose Eppolito added three rebounds.

Boston College 17 – Duke 14
In a tightly contested game, Boston College held off Duke 17-14 for the win. It was a tough defensive battle the first half, but the scoring opened up as Duke scored 10 of its 14 points in the 2nd half. For Boston College, Micaela Sanborn scored 7, Danielle McGinty and Ally Wood each scored 4, and Kelly Duggan scored 2 and had several rebounds. Molly O'Keefe played solid defense against a very fast opponent. Duke was led in scoring by Monica Pech with 6 points, Kat Livingston with 4 points, and Kimberly Bowley and Bronwyn Shinnock chipped in 2 points each. Sara Kosicki and Sophia Upton did a great job controlling the boards.


2006-07 Season Game Summaries

Week #10

BC 22 - Duke 12

Clearly an all-team effort by BC is what it took to take on and beat a very aggressive Duke team. This was a rematch of the season opener where Duke took the eventual win in a tight game, 12-10. This game went scoreless for the first several minutes of play with strong play by both teams. Westford All-Star Kayleigh Yuan eventually started things off for BC. BC played consistently aggressive offense and defense and kept the lead. The game really exploded in the fourth quarter where BC extended their lead by 10 points and though Duke challenged, it was not enough to take on this fired-up BC team. Scoring for BC was Kristina Rubico with 7 points, Yuan and Julia Zanette with 4 points, Sarah Booth with 3 points and Melissa Roy and Kelly McDonough with 2 points. Katie Bushey played a strong game until a hard fall took her out near the end of the game. Grace Gerhardt and Mary Richards also contributed with strong games.

North Carolina 24- Notre Dame 10

A perfect end to a perfect season. After a slow start with the score tied at 6 the defense came alive, which led to 8 unanswered points against a well prepared and determined Notre Dame team. The dangerous duo of Brittany Oliver (6 points) and Lauren Silverman (10 points) were at it again. Loren Diforte (4 points) came alive with a couple of baskets and many steals, while Kaleigh Hoffman (6 points) continued her hot shooting to help the offense. The rest of the team did their usual great job of aggressive defense and help on offense. Notre Dame ran into an unbeaten North Carolina team for their final game of the regular season, and played them tough for the first half. The Irish received offensive contributions from Emily Majeski (6 points), Sarah Martine (2 points) and Shannon Nagle (2 points). True to their name, the Irish "fought" the entire game; however even with strong team defense from Notre Dame the Tar Heels pulled away and ultimately won 24-10.

Seton Hall 21 - UCLA 10

The Lady Bruins were led by Breanna Hadley and Laura Carlson with 4 points each. Strong defensive play was turned in by Katherine Nestor and Meaghan McCormack.

Maryland defeats Connecticut

A balanced offensive and defensive attack helped Maryland to the win. Scoring for Maryland were Laura Hansen (2 points), Alli Przybylowicz (2 points), Lauren Kelly (2 points), Michaela Shaw (4 points), Arianna Sundstrom (4 points), and Jocelyn O'Connor (4 points) . Relentless defense came from Kelsey Sheehan, Julie Harrison, Nicole Gerossie, and Lauren Hennessey.


Week #9

UConn 19 -- Villanova 12

UConn played their best game of the year against a tough Villanova squad. The game was 12-4 at halftime, but Villanova scored 6 of the next 8 points to cut the lead to 14-10. However UConn turned on the jets scoring the 5 unanswered points to put the game out of reach. Leading the scoring for UConn was Jessica Quirbach and Brianna Stuczinski with 6 points each, Amanda Urmanna with 4 points, Courtney Simard, 2 points, and Kristen Young with 1 point. Nicole Wrobel and Erica Ott played tough defense. Connecticut defeated Villanova in a closely contested game 19-12. Meghan Morrison sparkled on defense for Villanova while Lauren Thayer and Haley LaFreniere led the scoring charge with 4 points each. Nardina Serra and Kaelyn Cross chipped in 2 points each.

North Carolina 26 -- Boston College 17

Only an all out team effort would slow down the high flying B.C. offense, and that is what we got with just one more game to play before march madness begins. Loren Diforte, Sarah Bien, Beth Conte, Allison McNeill and Samantha Gray combined to play good solid defense with several assists. It was good to see Kaleigh Hoffman break her two game scoreless draught and chip in with 6 big points, with several other shots just coming up short. But again the dangerous duo, Brittany Oliver (10) and Lauren Silverman (12) controlled the offense and created havoc with several steals and blocked shots.

Notre Dame 6 -- UCLA 5

Notre Dame was able to squeak by a very competitive UCLA team in a battle of two very tough defenses by a score of 6-5. Notre Dame scoring was led by Sarah Martine with four points and Shannon Nagle with two. The defense was anchored by Emily Majeski getting some great help from Sarah Duffet and Julia Sementelli. UCLA was primed for a great comeback and only some tough bounces held them back from willing themselves to victory. The Notre Dame offense was led by some slick ball handling by Meghan Sementelli, Madelyn Robinson, Emily Carey and a lightning quick Abby Gregoire.

Seton Hall defeats Maryland

Missing a couple of key players, Maryland fell to a very tough Seton Hall team. Lauren Kelly (2), Lauren Hennessey (2), Laura Hansen (2), and Alli Przybylowicz (4) scored for Maryland.


Week #8

Maryland 16 - Notre Dame 10

Maryland's pressure defense held off a second half surge by Notre Dame, giving Maryland the win. The pressure defense was led by Julie Harrison, Kelsey Sheehan, and Michaela Shaw. Maryland's scoring was led by Lauren Hennessey (2) , followed by Arianna Sundstrom (2), Jocelyn O'Connor (2) , Lauren Kelly (2), Nicole Gerossie (4), Alli Przybylowicz (4). The Fighting Irish started slow against a very tough Maryland team and could never quite catch up. With adjustments made at halftime, the passing improved and Notre Dame found themselves open for more shots. The Irish again had a very balanced scoring attack with five players each adding two points - Emily Majeski, Caroline Curtis, Sarah Martine, Abby Gregoire and Emily Carey. Ultimately it was not quite enough as Maryland prevailed 16-10.

North Carolina 16 - UCLA 11

With just two games remaining in the schedule N.C. remains unbeaten, but had to get by a very fast and aggressive UCLA team to stay that way.

Lauren Silverman got up from a bad fall during the game to lead the scoring with 10 points, Brittany Oliver had 6. But in the end it was good team defense and passing that helped pull off another win. In a well played game by both teams, UCLA fell to undefeated North Carolina: 16-11. UCLA was led by Meaghan McCormack with 7 points. Excellent defensive efforts from Breanna Hadley & Amanda March helped to make this a close contest throughout the entire game.

Duke 20 - UConn 12

UConn played a very tough game, battling back from an 8-0 deficit to cut the score to 10-8, but then ran out of gas against an aggressive Duke team. It took UConn a little while to solve the constant picks set up by Duke, but once they did they were able to slow down Duke’s offense. Tough defense was displayed by Jessica Quirbach, with several steals, Courtney Simard, Sophia Upton, and Kristen Young. Leading the scoring for UConn was Brianna Stuczinski and Amanda Urmann with 4 points each, Sarah Couch and Kristen Der chipped in with 2 points each.

Seton Hall 24 - Syracuse 9

Hall had another fine performance on the hardwood as they were led by high scorers Katelyn McGaughey and Victoria Moore with 8 points each. Outstanding defense by Alexandra McCafferty, Katie Higgins and Danielle McGinty also contributed to the victory.

Boston College defeats Villanova

BC played a solid game all-around with players equally controlling the ball on offense and defense. Melissa Roy led the Eagles with 8 points, followed by Kaleigh Yuan and Sarah Booth with 6, Kristina Rubicio and Kelly McDonough with 4 and Grace Gerhardt with 2. Contributing also to the team win was Mary Richards with aggressive defense and rebounding. Scoring for Villanova was Erin O'Keefe with 4 points and Meghan Morrison.


Week #7

North Carolina 16 - Duke 13

The battle of the undefeated teams lived up to expectations. After getting behind in the first half, N.C. came out shooting to start the second half to take the lead, and held on with some excellent team defense, led by Sarah Bien, Kaleigh Hoffman, Beth Conte (2), Bridget Doherty, Samantha Gray, Loren Diforte, and Allison McNeill. The dangerous combination of Lauren Silverman (8), and Brittany Oliver (6) handled most of the scoring for a good win against an excellent Duke team.

BC 20 - UCLA 18

This certainly had to be one of the most exciting games today. UCLA came out strong and dominated the first half, leading at one point 12-4. But, BC made an incredible second half comeback. BC fought hard and held UCLA scoreless in the third quarter, with only two points separating the teams going into the fourth quarter. BC tied it up in the fourth and then took the lead. With aggressive offense and defense on both sides, UCLA didn't give up and the fourth quarter showed it could be anybody's game....a real nail-biter down to the final seconds, but BC prevailed and won the game 20-18. Leading the team in scoring was once again Kristina Rubico with 8 points. Contributing to the win with 2 points each for BC were Kaleigh Yuan, Sarah Booth, Melissa Roy, Kelly McDonough, Katie Bushey, and the game clinching 2 points scored by Grace Gerhardt.

Seton Hall 16 - Notre Dame 14 (O.T.)

The Fighting Irish played a thrilling game against a very talented Seton Hall team. The score was tied at halftime (8-8) and at the end of each segment from there; including a shot by Emily Carey that tied the game as time expired in regulation. Notre Dame also received scoring efforts from Sarah Martine (6), Emily Majeski (4) and Abby Gregoire (2). The overall play was at a high level and team defense on both sides was strong. In overtime one shot separated the two teams and Seton Hall prevailed 16-14.

UConn 20 - Syracuse 8

UConn played a very tough Syracuse team but was able to come out on top 20-8. UConn, was led by Jessica Quirbach with 10 points. Also contributing to the scoring for UConn was Kristen Der and Nicole Wrobel with 4 points each, and Amanda Urmann with 2 points. Playing tough defense for UConn were Sarah Couch, Erica Ott, and Kristen Young.

Maryland 16 - Villanova 10

With strong defensive pressure, Maryland kept the game close before pulling away. Jocelyn O'Connor led the way with a game high 8 points. The relentless defensive pressure was lead by Laura Hansen , Julie Harrison, Lauren Hennesey. Others scoring for Maryland were Arianna Sundstrom a career high 4 points. Nicole Gerossie and Alli Przybylowicz contributed with 2 points each. Kelsey Sheehan, Lauren Kelly, Michaela Shaw used rebounding and tough defense forcing turnovers. Elizabeth McElhinney and Haley LaFreniere each had 4 points for Villanova, while Lauren Thayer chipped in with 2. Kaelyn Cross and Nardina Serra played strong games off the boards with 3 rebounds each for Villanova.


Week #6

Villanova 15 - UCLA 14

Villanova eked out a 15-14 win over a UCLA that came down to the final seconds. Julia Villanova and Lauren Thayer led the charge for Villanova with 4 points each, with each also making some very clutch free throws. Erin O'Keefe had 3 points while Kaelyn Cross and Elizabeth McElhinney each had 2, while Haley LaFreniere had 4 rebounds. Laura Carlson hit a shot with 10 seconds remaining to pull UCLA to within 1 point at 15-14, but the Lady Bruins would come no closer. UCLA were led by Amanda March, Breanna Hadley and Laura Carlson with four points a piece.

North Carolina 23 - Maryland 9

Brittany Oliver again leads the scoring for N.C. with 10 points, Samantha Gray (2) Kaleigh Hoffman (2) and Bridget Doherty (2) balance out the scoring. After a slow start, Maryland played great defense in the second half. Julie Harrison, Laura Hansen and Nicole Gerossie forced the turnovers. Lauren Hennesey and Lauren Kelly raced down the court with their fast breaks, while Arianna Sundstrom was tough under the boards. Scoring for Maryland Kelsey Sheehan (2), Michaela Shaw (2), Joselyn O'Connor (5)

Notre Dame defeats Syracuse

The luck of the Irish was in full swing as Notre Dame played its most complete game of the year against a Syracuse team missing some key players. Team defense for the Irish continues to improve and at times was stifling. The difference however, was that today their offense clicked with the most balanced attack of the year. Seven players for Notre Dame scored (Sarah Martine 8; Emily Majeski 6; Julia Sementelli 4; Shannon Nagle 2; Sarah Duffet 2; Caroline Curtis 2).


Week #4

Seton Hall 19 - Boston College 16

Seton Hall rallies to beat Boston College. Seton Hall’s passing and teamwork made the difference in there 19-16 win over Boston College. Seton Hall overcame the adversity of player injuries and a short bench to edge out the win. Sarah Welch scored 8 points, Katie Higgins and Katie McGaughey each scored 4 points and Annie Villare scored 3 points in a hard fought game.

Notre Dame 18 - Connecticut 13

It took a team effort for the Fighting Irish to hold off a very good UConn Huskies team. After a slow start, Notre Dame scored eight unanswered points to take a lead that they would never give up. The Irish had a very balanced attack on offense with six players scoring - Sarah Martine, Abby Gregoire and Julia Sementelli each had four points and Caroline Curtis, Shannon Nagle, Emily Majeski had two points apiece. The team defense came up big in the final minutes when it really needed to and Notre Dame prevailed 18-13.

North Carolina 28 - Villanova 8

The holiday break had no effect on the team effort produced by N.C. heading to there 4th win of the season. Bridget Doherty (4) Loren Diforte (6) and Kaleigh Hoffman(4) balanced the scoring attack. While Beth Conte (2) scored her first points of the season and chipped in with aggressive defense. Brittany Oliver scored a team high 10 points, and with help from Lauren Silverman (4) they held off a determined Villanova team. Elizabeth McElhinney, Lauren Thayer, Kaelyn Cross and Julia Villanova scored for Villanova while Erin O'Keefe, Meghan Morrison and Haley LaFreniere played excellent games defensively.

Duke 18 - Maryland 9

Maryland closed the score to within 3, but could not hold off Duke. Lauren Hennessey, Michaela Shaw, and Julie Harrison forced many turnovers. Kelsey Sheehan stole the ball for a fast break. Scoring for Maryland Jocelyn O'Connor (2), Laura Hansen (1), Arianna Sundstrom (2), and Allison Przybylowicz (2), and Lauren Kelley (2)


Week #3

The Cadet Girls went into the holiday break with some big wins.

Boston College 20 - Notre Dame 10

The third game of the season saw BC with another showing of solid defense and aggressive offense, earning their second win. It was an evenly matched game with strong play at both ends of the court. BC took the early lead in the first quarter, with Kristina Rubico, Katie Bushey and Sarah Booth scoring a basket each. In the second quarter BC broke loose with 8 unanswered points, Kristina Rubico taking it to the hoop for another two and then six points in a row by Kaleigh Yuan. The third quarter saw a very tight match with each team only scoring a basket each, with Grace Gerhardt scoring for BC. Kelly McDonough scored the final 4 points in the fourth quarter, giving BC the 20-10 win. Solid defense and aggressive offense was provided by the entire BC squad. Also contributing to the team effort were Alexandra Omobono, Sarah Booth, Melissa Roy and Mary Richards.

The Fighting Irish played a very aggressive and quick Boston College team and could never quite get their offense going. Although close in the first half, Boston College pulled away and ultimately prevailed 20-10. For Notre Dame, their offense was led by Julia Sementelli with 4 points; with Sarah Martine, Abby Gregoire and Sarah Duffett each adding 2 points. Team defense for The Irish again started strong, however was unable to keep up with The Eagles in the second half as they pulled away.

North Carolina 28 - Seton Hall 12

Loren Diforte (6 points) led N.C. with her combination of scoring, passing and defense. Brittany Oliver and Kaleigh Hoffman helped out with 8 points each. Lauren Silverman chipped in with 6 points of her own, in a tough win over a determined Seton Hall bunch.

Maryland 15 - Syracuse 3

Using strong team defense, Maryland defeated a scrappy Syracuse team. Scoring for Maryland were Nicole Gerossie (4), Alli Przybylowicz (6), Michaela Shaw (1), Jocelyn O'Connor (4).