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2010-11 Season Game Summaries

Week #10:

Xavier 38 - BC 27
In the last regular season matchup, this game featured some fantastic play by both squads as the game went back and forth, highlighting great defense and team play. The first few segments showed Xavier take a small lead but BC’s defense and hustle kept it close until the half. Early into the second half, Xavier’s guard play started to take over with numerous steals and that helped open up the offense. Leading the way were Devin Firicano (2 assists, 10 pts), John Barry (2 assists, 6 pts), Justin Kaminuma (4 pts), and Ashwin Krishnaswamy (2 assists, 2 pts). Also contributing with their outstanding inside game and crashing the boards were Daniel Dimitrov (8 pts), Simon Van Haren (4), Michael Kilmartin (2), and Michael Shea (2). Nick Krupyshev was a standout on defense and a key steal by Joe Giroux with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game was a big lift for Xavier.

North Carolina 24 - Kansas St 22
It was an exciting game from start to finish between North Carolina and Kansas State. Each team played extremely strong offense and defense. The exchange of points and rebounds kept the game close, but it was N. Carolina who lit up the board first. Pat Casserly, N. Carolina’s center, received a drop pass then went up strong and laid it in. Later on Nick Pottle dropped a 20 footer from the corner to keep up the momentum for N. Carolina. Kansas St. answered right back with a basket of their own and it was Kansas St. who lead the game going into the second half. N. Carolina played consistently throughout the second half. Aidan DiPasquale started the scoring with a quick drive short jumper from the bucket and Evan Wang received a fast break and laid it in to give N. Carolina the lead. Pat Casserly, one of N. Carolina’s leading rebounders, fouled out late in the half and it was Luke Briand and Cody Miller, who filled the slot successfully. It was Kyle King’s extraordinary ball handling skills and determination that lead N. Carolina to victory. Kyle made three critical baskets within the last two minutes of the game to give N. Carolina a small lead. After a few more strong attempts by Kansas St. it was the defense of N. Carolina that sealed the win. Kyle King lead the scoring for N. Carolina with 8 points, followed by Pat Casserly with 6 points, Aidan DiPasquale with 4 points and Evan Wang, Nicholas Pottle, and Luke Briand all contributed 2 points. Cameron Arena gave N. Carolina a number of assists and played spectacular defense during the entire game. N. Carolina came away with a 24 – 22 win, but Kansas State played an outstanding game.

UConn 29 - Michigan St 16
In an exciting and hard fought game that was very close up until the end, UConn prevailed over Michigan St 29 to 16 to end the regular season. It was a total team effort for UConn in which everyone contributed. Jimmy Matthews drove to the basket the entire game and led the scoring with 7 points. David Kelley contributed 6 points with his sharpshooting. Emil Zulawnik and Hunter Ruszkowski had strong inside games and had 4 points each. Avery Markham did a great job handling the ball and chipped in with 4 points. Chris Matthews and Kietel Toussaint played strong defense and had 2 points each. John Mieszczanski was a force defensively the entire game, guarding the top scorers for Michigan St. Eli Piper showed great hustle. Both teams should be proud for their determination and effort. For Michigan State, defense was the theme of the day, as Adithya Rao agitated the Huskies offense with stifling coverage, snatching the ball and causing three turnovers. Tarun Bomma was also able to quash the offense with lightning quick hands, stealing the ball and the Huskies scoring chances. Zachary Phillips joined in the defensive strike with unending pressure and three steals. Justin Grove added to the Spartans possession time with two steals of his own. Daniel Mandel had quick hands and was able to grab the ball; forcing jump balls and gaining possession for the Spartans. Jeremy Guerin was the rebound king , nabbing several rebounds on both ends. Offensively, the night belonged to Nick Glekas and David Jones. Glekas had a season high of 10 points. Six of those points came off of his defensive steals leading to three fast break layups. Finishing the scoring was David Jones.with six points. Jones.had an amazing defensive steal. He took it hard to the basket for 2 points and was fouled. With steady nerves he sank his foul shot. Jones.was also key once again on defense with his never ending pressure. The Spartans came up short in the end, however, but were tenacious until the final buzzer.

Week #9:

Michigan State 27 - Kansas State 25
Michigan State Spartans came out ready to play Saturday afternoon against a tough Kansas State Wildcats team. The Spartans were on fire with Mike Coppa leading the charge in the first half with his season high of 6 points. Coppa rattled the Wildcats with superb defense, pulling down several rebounds and causing the Wildcats to turnover the ball. Ryan Willome once again took the title of top scorer with 8 points. Willome showed great focus and calm nerves by earning half of his points at the foul line. Willome hustled on defense grabbing a rebound and sending a nice outlet pass to Jeremy Guerin. Guerin.was fouled on his shot and was able to sink one of his 2 free throws. Justin Grove also partnered up with setting an amazing pick allowing score 2 more of his 5 points. Grove had fast feet all game pulling down many rebounds and forcing a half court violation by smothering all routes the Wildcats had. The Wildcats came back in the second half and were able to tie the score. Defense was key, however, for the Spartans in the end. Nick Glekas had 2 amazing blocks denying the Wildcats scoring chances. Glekas also contributed offensively by rushing hard to the basket and scoring 6 points. Daniel Mandel helped out defensively by causing double dribbles sending the ball back into Spartan hands. Tarun Bomma was all hustle grabbing rebounds and winning a key jump ball to once again give Michigan State possession. David Jones inbounded a perfect pass to Zachary Phillips who was able to immediately sink the ball for 2 points. Phillips also had a key steal with 2.2 seconds left in the game giving the Spartans final possession. It was a solid team effort and a great win.

Xavier 29 – North Carolina 11
This was a fantastic game as both team played to a furious pace that was up and down the court. Xavier finally was able to break thru with a lead when their stellar defense turned into offense. Leading the way were guards John Barry (4 steals, 3 pts), Justin Kaminuma (1 steal, 6 pts), and Ashwin Krishnaswamy (2 steals, 6 pts). The “big two” of Daniel Dimitrov (8pts) and Simon Van Haren (6 pts) also helped out with numerous rebounds and tough defense. Also contributing to the win were Joey Giroux, Nick Krupyshev, and Michael Kilmartin. A high-five to Devin Firicano as he cheered on his team from the bench while sidelined with a knee injury. All players from both squads should be proud, and especially North Carolina as they continued to show great effort the entire game and never gave an inch as Xavier had to work for each and every basket.

Week #8:

Pitt 30 - Kentucky 16
Both teams came out running with a strong defensive effort. The first five segments proved to be a low scoring defensive battle with Pittsburgh holding the edge 10-4 from top scorers Josh Sogade and Anthony DiChiara. Multiple steals by Tommy Snelson and Andrew Shore paved the way for Pittsburgh to break away in the 6th segment. Exceptional rebounding from Jimmy Burill and Christopher Lyons resulted in Pittsburgh’s Colin O’Brien to score multiple baskets. Kentucky persevered with Thomas Slattery making two foul shots and Luke March’s continued stealing. Harry Gilman and Nick Reinhold for Pittsburgh provided excellent ball handling resulting in several baskets by Jimmy Burrill, Chris Lyons and Tommy Snelson late in the game helping Pittsburgh win.

Duke 24 - Michigan St 14
The Duke Blue Devils may have been missing their head coach, but still put what they’ve learned to good use in their effort against a tough Michigan State team. Andrew Thayer got the Devils off to a quick 4-0 start with two baskets in the first period. Michigan State charged back in the second to tie the game before the Devils took back the lead for good in the third on the first of three jumpers on the day by Michael Iovino. Derek Tyros led all scorers with 10 points while Trace Askenburg and James Ripley each contributed two points to team total. Josh Pynn, Matt Landers and Cameron Prees each played active defense and fought for rebounds while Ben Dillman demonstrated his strong ball handling and passing skills in the hard fought victory. It was another hard fought game for the Michigan State Spartans. Despite losing, the team played hard until the final buzzer. Mike Coppa had a stellar game on defense as well as a perfect pick to allow Ryan Willome to score 2 of his 7 points. Tarun Bomma played tough defense under the net, grabbing several rebounds and setting up Nicholas Glekas for 2 of his 3 points. Zachary Phillips played hard on defense as well as contributing 2 points and a steal. Justin Grove hustled all game and had 2 steals. David Jones once again sacrificed his body and made a diving play to save the ball from going out of bounds. Daniel Mandel, Jeremy Guerin and Adithya Rao were key on defense forcing several turnovers and grabbing many rebounds.

No. Carolina 22 - UConn 12

The game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the UConn Huskies was slow to start, but both teams picked up the pace later in the first half. It was UConn who put the first points on the board. Due to UConn’s strong defense, it took N. Carolina a little time and numerous attempts to make their first basket, until Nick Pottle broke the ice for N. Carolina with an 18 ft jump shot from the strong side. N. Carolina continued scoring to take the lead, but it was UConn’s offense that came alive scoring three consecutive baskets to tighten the score by half time. The second half started off much like the first for N. Carolina, until Cameron Arena took control of the floor with three strong drives to the basket for scores. Cameron Arena lead the scoring for N. Carolina with 8 points and Kyle King contributed 4 points. Luke Briand, N. Carolina’s Center, grabbed a defensive rebound, drove coast to coast and was determined to score 2 points, and he was successful. Aidan DiPasquale, Nicholas Pottle, Griffin Green, and Patrick Casserly also assisted with 2 points a piece. Evan Wang, as point guard, provided numerous assists and Cody Miller was a dominant figure under the boards helping N. Carolina to a 22 -12 victory over UConn. This was truly a team effort for N. Carolina. The players of both teams showed strong determination and effort throughout the game, which is a true testiment to quality behind both coaching staffs.

Week #7:

Xavier 32 – Villanova 13
In an early evening game, Xavier and Villanova played a fantastic game that was up and down the court. It wasn’t until midway thru the second half that Xavier extended their lead on a feisty Villanova squad. Daniel Dimitrov had a tremendous all-around game for Xavier, grabbing rebounds and dishing off assists as well as scoring 9 points along the way. Other players knocking down the baskets were Devin Firicano (6 pts), John Barry (6), Ashwin Krishnaswamy (6), Justin Kaminuma (2), Michael Shea (2) and Nik Krupyshev (1). Joe Giroux showed his quickness by playing great defense and coming up with 4 steals. Michael Kilmartin contributed with his rebounding and tough defense in the victory.

Kentucky 26 - Michigan State 23
In a game that was close the entire way, Kentucky held on to take the win 26-23 against a strong Michigan State team. The scoring for Kentucky was lead by Thomas Slattery with 8 points followed by Tyler Mireault with 5 points, Luke March, Ben Burke and Michael Marchant with 4 points each and a basket by Hyrum Wright on a free throw. Michael Silva, Ross Torigian and Nikhil Meka played excellant defensive games to keep the Wildcats ahead. The key to the win for Kentucky was excellant passing. Despite falling short in the end, the Spartans were energized and played their best game so far this season. Tarun Bomma set a perfect pick allowing Ryan Willome to score 2 of his 11 points. Mike Coppa had a standout game with a steal, numerous rebounds and 4 points. Zach Phillips contributed with 2 points, a steal and a nice pass to set up David Jones for 2 points. Jones was also a force on defense cutting off many of Kentucky's scoring chances. Jeremy Guerin had several rebounds and also chipped in with 2 points. Daniel Mandel finished out the scoring with 2 points. Adithya Rao had a strong game fighting hard under the basket and grabbing several of the Spartans many rebounds.

Duke 37 - Arizona 22
The Duke Blue Devils were shorthanded today against Arizona today but played as if they had extra hands guiding the ball on offense and protecting the lane on defense. Andrew Thayer led the shooting spree with 16 points and countless rebounds as Duke got off to a quick start. Arizona stayed tough and brought the game back within five points late in the game but big scores from Derek Tyros (6), Ben Dillman (6), Matt Landers (6) and Cameron Prees (3) kept Duke in the lead. James Ripley played like a seven footer down the stretch with key rebounds and tight defense and Duke came out on top.

Week #6:

Gonzaga 20 - Kentucky 14
In what was a close game right up to the end, Gonzaga edged out Kentucky this weekend. Leading the scoring for Kentucky was Michael Marchant with 5 points and numerous rebounds. Also scoring for Kentucky was Thomas Slattery with 4 points and Erik Merril and Michael Sylva with 2 points each. Ben Burke dropped in a free throw for 1 point. Erik Merrill played an unbelievable defensive game and Hyrum Wright, Luke March and Ross Torigian played exceptional all around games.

No. Carolina 22 - Louisville 16
North Carolina and Louisville played an exciting game. At the start, the possession of the ball was exchanged numerous times between both teams, before N. Carolina was the first to score. Louisville had a tenacious defense making it difficult for N. Carolina’s guards to bring the ball past half court. It was N. Carolina’s rebounding and strong defense from Patrick Casserly, Luke Briand, Cody Miller and Cameron Arena that helped them maintain the lead throughout the game. N. Carolina had a 12 point lead going into the second half, but Louisville cut that lead in half very quickly. In the beginning of the second half, points where exchanged equally between both teams. Towards the end, N. Carolina’s Griffin Green, Evan Wang, and Patrick Casserly made key baskets to give their team the victory. N. Carolina was lead by Patrick Casserly with 8 points, Kyle King and Griffin Green both with 4 points, Nicholas Pottle, Aidan DiPasquale, and Evan Wang all contributing 2 points.

Xavier 20 - Duke 14
This was one of the best games of the year and featured a strong defensive battle by both squads. Xavier slowly began to stretch the lead with the superb guard play of John Barry (3 steals, 2 assists, 3 points) and Justin Kaminuma (4 pts). Unselfish team basketball allowed others to contribute on offense as well led by Devin Firicano (4), Dan Dimitrov (4), Simon Van Haren (3), and Nik Krupyshev (2). Great hustle and energy were displayed on both ends of the floor by Michael Kilmartin, Ashwin Krishnaswamy, Joey Giroux and Michael Shea (key pass/assist at end of game). Duke never gave up and played a tremendous game throughout but Xavier’s late game stellar defense helped to close it out for the victory Commitment by the Blue Devils to a strong game plan gave Xavier their toughest challenge yet. Baskets by Andrew Thayer and Miles Plunkett in the 2nd period gave the Blue Devils an early 4-3 lead. Tough defensive contributions by James Ripley, Cameron Prees, Trace Askenburg and Michael Iovino held Xavier to their lowest point total of the year. Ben Dillman often led the team down the court with his strong ball handling skills while Josh Pynn and Matt Landers spread the court and fought for rebounds. Derek Tyros led an aggressive defense and added two points to his season total in the 8th period. The Duke boys look forward to reversing that outcome in a playoff rematch.

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Villanova 28 - BC 26
In a very exciting game that needed all 8 periods to determine a winner, BC started off a little slow. Both teams played outstanding defense through the entire game. BC had awesome offense with Liam Early scoring 6 points, Justin Cheok, Dylan Coates, Wesley Fortier and Graham Jeffries with 4 points. Joseph Ranagan and Drew Fottler both had 2 points. Robert Crowley and Matthew Hohmann were amazing on defense. They were all over the place getting many rebounds, steals and causing many turnovers on the other team.

Pittsburgh 20 - Michigan State 16
Saturday afternoon brought a tough loss to the Michigan State Spartans. Pittsburgh was dominant on the boards the entire game but the Spartans played hard to the final buzzer. A stellar pick by Justin Groves and a diving play by Jeremy Guerin to save the ball from going out of bounds set up Michigan's scoring chances. Leading the way in scoring was Ryan Willome with 8 points. Also contributing to the scoring was Daniel Mandel with 4 points and Zach Phillips with 2 points. David Jones provided solid defense with help from Mike Coppa, Tarun Bomma and Adithya Rao.

Week #5:

Pitt 3 - Louisville 13
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No other game summaries for Week 5.

Week #4:

No game summaries for Week 4.

Week #3:

Pitt vs. Gonzaga
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Xavier 47 - Michigan State 18
In a game that both teams played hard all night, Xavier opened up the lead in the second half in a balanced team offensive scoring attack in which all 9 players scored at least one basket. Leading the team with their swift passing was John Barry, Devin Firicano, and Justin Kaminuma. Strong team defense and rebounding also contributed to the win as Simon Van Haren, Daniel Dimitrov and Nik Krupyshev led the way. Great effort and key steals by Joey Giroux and Ashwin Krishnaswamy could not be overlooked in this game. Kentucky kept coming at Xavier and continued to play hard, but late scoring by Michael Kilmartin and the rest of the team allowed Xavier to close out the game for the victory.

Kentucky 15 - UConn 8
Kentucky beat Uconn for their first win of the season this weekend. The scoring for Kentucky was dominated by Tyler Mireault with ten points. Eric Merrill and Ben Burke knocked down 2 points apeice while Hyrum Wright sank one of his free throws after being fouled in the final minutes of the game. Michael Marchant controlled the boards for Kentucky with numerous rebounds while Luke March and Michael Silva effectively pushed the ball up the floor at the guard positions.

UNC 15 - Duke 14
Duke got off to a quick start in the first period and took a 4-0 lead on baskets by Andrew Thayer and Derek Tyros. The team maintained their lead into the last period on three more scores by Thayer, strong team defense highlighted by James Ripley’s speed and Ben Dillman’s aggressiveness, precision passing by Miles Plunkett and Josh Pynn and tenacious rebounding by Trace Askenburg. Tyros added two clutch shots in the final period but North Carolina scored with about 30 seconds left on the clock for the win.

Week #2:

Xavier 34 - Kentucky 5
In a hard played game to the finish by both teams, there was little scoring in the first couple of segments due to excellent defense on both sides. Xavier would open up the scoring in the next few segments with excellent passing and fast breaks led by Devin Firicano (10 points), John Barry (6), Simon Van Haren (6), Ashwin Krishnaswamy (4), Daniel Dimitrov (4), Justin Kaminuma (2), and Nik Krupyshev (2). Kentucky never gave up as they continued to play hard, but tough defense by Joey Giroux (3 steals) helped Xavier hold down their attack.

Duke 22 - UConn 14
Duke came out firing to start the game and quickly jumped out to a 12-0 lead in the first two segments with a very strong inside game and great shot selection. UConn never gave up and put together a furious rally and were able to cut the lead to 3 points. Duke held strong and was able to withstand the pressure and ultimately prevailed 22-14. Leading UConn was Hunter Ruszkowski who scored 4 points and was a force inside. David Kelly and Matt Roberts also had 4 points each with some great outside shooting and drives to the basket. Chris Matthews chipped in with 2 points and some great passing. John Mieszczanski, Jimmy Matthews, Avery Markham, Kietel Toussaint and Eli Piper played great defense to help UConn get back in the game.

Week #1:

UConn 20 - Kentucky 16
In a game that was close all the way until the 4th quarter, UConn defeated Kentucky 20-16. Scoring for Kentucky were Thomas Slattery with 6 points, Michael Sylva and Erik Merrill with 4 points each, and Luke March with 2 points. Michael Marchant played excellent under the boards, while Hyrum Wright, Ross Torrigian and Nikhil Meka pushed the ball up the court to make it an exciting game. Kentucky held the lead for most of the game until the 4th quarter when UConn got 3 quick baskets to win the game.


2009-10 Season Game Summaries

Week #9:

UMass 28 - North Carolina 19
At the end of the first half, UMass held a slim 3-point margin with the score at 12-9. North Carolina charged back defensively by limiting Umass to only 6 points in the next 3 segments.  In the second half, NC turned it on offensively by scoring eight points bringing the game to within one point 17-18 in favor of UMass.  UMass responded to the strong effort by NC with aggressive defensive pressure and good shot selection against the formidable opponent. Exceptional defense, rebounding, and ball movement by Eli LeMasurier (key assists), Ben Burke (who stuck to his man like a fly on fly paper), Mitch Bottomley (rebounding and fantastic passing) Dennis Baker (rebounding and tenacious defense), Thomas Mouraview (blocked shot and the “hustle man”), and Daniel Dimitorv (the down-low defender)  was the key for the UMass win.  Leading the scoring for the Umass win was Griffin Murray with 12 points, and Zack Dalton with 10 points. Both Jacob Burke (4 points),and Mitchel Costa, (with a great 2-point shot from the left elbow), assisted UMass win.

Arizona 30 - Gonzaga 20
These two teams clashed on Saturday in a game where fouls made the difference in the end for a very poised Arizona team.  Chris Hibbard of Arizona proved to be a rock of defense with strong support from Mike Scaplen's steals and passing for offensive setups from Joseph Santoro and Jack Withycombe.  Strong ball handling and solid shooting from scoring leaders Erik MacDonald and Chris Babcock, each with 9 points, was accompanied by consistent shooting from Duncan Dean at 6 points.  Rebounding remained strong from centers Bryan Moran with 5 points and Drew Carbone with one from the foul line and several defensive blocks.  This Arizona team continues to demonstrate a strength from team play and solid basketball skills.

Week #8:

Arizona 29 - BC 22
Arizona and BC met for their first official game against each other after multiple weeks together in scrimmage play on the practice court.  Arizona gained an early lead which they maintained throughout the game although were constantly challenged by BC's aggressive play.  Mike Scaplen led Arizona for steals and scoring (8 points) with Chris Babcock and Duncan Dean sharing the point guard position earning 7 and 6 points, respectively.  Erik MacDonald combined speed and shooting skills to earn 4 points and unwavering rebounding from centers Drew Carbone and Bryan Moran who each put 2 points on the board.  Kietel Toussaint, Jack Withycombe, and Chris Hibbard provided solid defense to keep pressure on BC as Arizona closed the game with another win.
Gonzaga 23 - Kentucky 19
In a classic "Cats" against the "Dogs" battle, these two teams came out scratching and clawing for the ball.  Josh Dean of the Wildcats seemed to be everywhere the ball was as he continued to show us his strong defensive hustle which led to 6 quick points in the first two segments.  Aaron Rowe, Jacob Galvin and Micheal Marchant of Kentucky battled under the boards and pulled down multiple rebounds each.  The Bulldogs spread the scoring around as Ryan Johnson, Nick Glekas, Derek Tyros and George Cole all added to Gonzaga's first half point total.  The game continued to be close with the lead changing hands all the way through 5 segments. In the 6th, it was all "Cats" as Tyler Riley stole and converted them into 2 layups and Thomas Marshall, Matt Hooten and Matt Harkins came in and re-ignited Kentucky's defense.  But the game went to the "Dogs" late in the 7th, as Ryan Johnson, John Barry and Chris Landry combined for 8 points.  George Cole iced it as he went 3 for 5 from the charity stripe late in the final segment.  Kentucky Wildcat scoring: Josh Dean led all scorers with 10 hard fought pts, Tyler Riley hustled his way to 6 pts, Michael Marchant got 2 pts and Jacob Galvin sunk a free throw.  Gonzaga Bulldog scoring: Ryan Johnson scored 6 pts, George Cole got 5, John Barry and Nick Glekas had 4 pts, and Chris Landry and Derek Tyros finished with 2 pts each.

Week #7:

Kentucky 32 - Memphis 25
This game began as a defensive battle on both sides of the ball.  Kentucky got on the board first when Michael Marchant came out on fire with 8 points in the first 4 segments.  Liam Schille got Memphis on the board with 4 points in the 4th.  By halftime, Kentucky was out in front 12 - 6.  Both teams got aggressive on "D" in the second half, which kept the officials busy with their whistles.  Kentucky's Thomas Marshall got sent the the line 7 times in the 6th and 7th.  Memphis' Liam Schille and Ashwin Krisnaswany together knocked home 10 points in the 6th and 7th to help bring Memphis back to within 6 points with 1 segment left.  Memphis battled to get within 2 points of the Wildcats, but Josh Dean's tough defense and Tyler Riley's 3 for 4 from the free throw line, brought home the victory for Kentucky.  Michael Marchant of the Wildcat's led all scorers with 14 big points, followed by Liam Schille of the Tigers with 12.  Wildcat scoring: Tyler Riley had 7, Jacob Galvin got 4, Thomas Marshall sank 3,  Matt Hooten and Josh Dean each finished with 2. Tiger scoring: Ashwin Krinaswany had 6, Nick Coppa got 4, Chris Lucy got 2 and Joe Neylon had 1 from the foul line
UMass 29 - UConn 23
Umass and Uconn faced off in an exciting game from start to finish. UMass got off to an early lead with a great offensive scoring effort Dennis Baker, Jacob burke, Zack Dalton and Daniel Dimitorv.  Ben Burke continued his strong defense, along with outstanding rebounding by Mitchel Bottomley.  In the first half, UConn had many close shots on the basket, but unfortunately they wouldn’t drop in.  At the end of the half, the game was 21 to 6 in favor of Umass.  UConn turned on the scoring in the second half with shots falling for 17 points.  The spirited UConn defense limited Umass to only 8 points for the remainder of the game.  Both teams were short on players and were exhausted by tough play the end of the game.  Leading the scoring for the Umass win was Zack Dalton with 16 points.  Jacob Burke contributed with 6. Daniel Dimitrov assisted with 3, while Dennis Baker and Mithchel Bottlemley finished with 2 points apiece.

Arizona 34 - Duke 29
Arizona faced Duke in this head to head game with each Arizona basket matched by Duke.  Solid rebounding and 2 points each from Drew Carbone and Erik MacDonald, Mike Scaplen's steals and 6 points, and unwavering defense from Kietel Toussaint, Jack Withycombe, Joseph Santoro, and Chris Hibbard were combined with Chris Babcock's staggering 11 points and Duncan Dean's 8 points during regulation time. These well matched teams fought to a 29-29 tie at the end of the 4th quarter.  In overtime Chris Babcock sunk a foul shot and Duncan Dean put in back to back layups to end this edge of the seat game at 34-29.

Boston College 20 - Gonzaga 16
Tough defense ruled the battle between these two teams as the score remained low and tight down to the last second.  BC had three leading scorers; Jack Gump, Anthony DiChiara and Ryan Daniels all with 4 points each.  Other offensive contributors were Liam Early, Steve Quigley, Brady Ryan and Eric Wrobel.  Tough defensive standouts were Peter Miller and Christopher McCarthy.

Week #6:

Arizona 30 - Texas 19
In the first half of the game Arizona was challenged by Texas' zone defense and solid shooting from Kyle King and Donovan Loew. At the half, Arizona trailed by several points. Arizona regrouped in the second with unwavering man to man defense from Kietel Toussaint, Chris Hibbard, Joe Santoro, and Jack Withycombe. Arizona's speedy forward Erik Macdonald led the early 3rd quarter surge ending with 8 points under his belt. With the momentum on their side after 2 points from the foul line from Duncan Dean, Arizona dominated the final segment with a staggering 6 consecutive points from Mike Scaplen. The battle of these two teams ended with Duncan Dean contributing 6 points for Arizona and Chris Babcock and Drew Carbone each contributing 4.

Week #5:

Boston College 22 - Texas 20
Down the stretch they come! No not a horse race but a great battle between these two teams. Down at half time, BC let the reigns go and in the end the Eagles won by a nose. Brady Ryan led BC with 8 hard fought points. Other offensive contributors were Jack Gump and Ryan Daniels with Eric Wrobel, Christopher McCarthy and Anthony DeChiara hitting late buckets to secure the win. Liam Early was all over the court on defense while BC stand out rebounder Kyle White shined again.

UMass 21 - Gonzaga 20
Gonzaga and UMass battled Saturday in a possible playoff preview. Gonzaga was held to 9 points after four periods on a free throw by John Barry and baskets by Nathan Parisi, George Cole and Derek Tyros. In the fifth, Barry added three to his point total and Chris Landry nailed a free throw to go with a huge shot block bringing Gonzaga within five points, down 18-13. Things looked bd for Gonzaga after two more periods of tenacious defense on both sides leaving UMass up 21-13 to start the eighth but Gonzaga refused to give up. Gritty defense and big rebounds led to unanswered scores by Nick Glekas, Cole and Ryan Johnson and with only 30 seconds on the clock, Cole buried a free throw to bring Gonzaga within one. Unfortunately, that's where the comeback ended as a Hail Mary pass by Cole went long and UMass wound down the last few seconds to a 21-20 victory.

Arizona 23 - Michigan 18
An early 6-0 surge from Arizona was quickly recovered by Michigan with a near equal match at the half. Arizona regrouped in the second led by scoring leaders Chris Babcock, Erik MacDonald, and Duncan Dean each with 6 and Mike Scaplen with 4. Arizona's rebounding continued to be strong led by Drew Carbone who also put 1 on the scoreboard. Arizona held off Michigan to a 23-18 victory with strong defense from Joseph Santoro and Chris Hibbard.

UMASS 21 - Gonzaga 20
In a thrilling game to the finish between Umass and Gonzaga, the each of the segments were led by umass, but only by a slight margn. At the end of segment 6 the score was 21-13 infavor of Umass. Gonzaga played ferocious defense and denied any further soring by the Umass squad for the remainder of the game. At the end of the 7th segment, the score was still locked at 21—13. Gonzaga came out charging in the last segment to come within one point of the final score 21 – 20. Both teams made key shot blocks and continued to press durig the final seconds of the game. Leading the scoring for the Umass win was Jacob Burke with 6 points (two of which were by key foul shots) and Griffin Murray with 5 points, Daniel Dimitorv contributed with 4, and Eli LeMasurier, Dennis Baker Mitchel Bottomley all had 2 points. Ben Burke, Mitchel Costa, and Thomas Morview all played outstanding defense in the final segments of the game to secure the win for Umass.

Week #4:

Boston College 22 - Louisville 8
The BC Eagles got back to their winning ways with a hard fought battle against Louisville. Louisville played hard with tough inside rebounding but in the end the ball fell better for Boston College. The Eagles were led on offense by Christopher McCarthy with 12 points. Other offensivecontributors were Ryan Daniels, Eric Wrobel, Anthony DeChiara, Steve Quigley, Jack Gump, and Kyle White. Defensive standouts were Liam Early, Brady Ryan and Peter Miller.

Gonzaga 28 - UConn 19
Gonzaga came back from the holiday break with some rust and without key players Nick Glekas and John Barry. After three periods, just two points each from Ryan Johnson and Ben Dillman left the team down 7-4. Things turned around starting in the fourth period when Johnson sunk four more baskets contributing to his astounding sixteen point game total. Big man George Cole, pitbull Derek Tyros and spark plug Ryan Kelly each added to the team's point total while tenacious defense from Scott Phoenix, Chris Landry and Nathan Parisi held the opponents down and led the team to victory.

Week #3:

Arizona 21 - UCLA 12
Arizona beat UCLA after a very aggressive battle between these two teams. Arizona scoring was led by Chris Babcock at 6, Duncan Dean at 5, and Drew Carbone at 4. Erik MacDonald and Mike Scaplen showed court speed and defensive strength with both earning multiple steals. Bryan Moran towered at the net with rebounds while Jack Withycombe and Joseph Santoro provided forward position strength. Kietel Toussaint and Chris Hibbard joined the roster for their first game of the season. Great play setup and solid foul shooting were the keys to Arizona's victory this week.

Week #2:

UMass 33 - Louisville 12
In a hard played game to the finish by both teams, there was noscore in the first segment due to excellent defense on both sides. Umass scored in the next few segments with excellent passing and fast breaks as Louisville continued to pressure Umass opponent with scoring of their own and tough defense. It was a tight game at halftime with the score of 10 to 4 in favor of Umass. Both teams scored well in the second half, but defense and rebounding efforts by Ben Burke, Dennis Baker, Mitchel Bottomley, and Eli Lemasurier contained the offensive surge by Louisville. Leading the scoring for the Duke win was Zack Dalton and Griffin Murray with 10 points each, Thomas Mouraview with 6, Jacob Burke with 4 and Daniel Dimitorv and Eli Lemasurier with 2 each.

Arizona 26 - Syracuse 16
Arizona beat Syracuse in an early game on Saturday. Syracuse showed a strong defensive and offensive drive but Arizona’s passing and offensive play setups led them to victory. Each of the players on the short 6 player Arizona roster put points on the board for the game led by Duncan Dean at 8 and Mike Scaplen at 6. Strong offensive drives by Chris Babcock and Erik MacDonald coupled with solid rebounding from Drew Carbone and Jack Withycombe played equally into this win derived from raw Arizona teamwork

Gonzaga 20 - UCLA 11
After two periods, Gonzaga had built a 6-0 lead on tough defense and baskets by big man George Cole and spark plug John Barry. Deep threat Derek Tyros hit from downtown in the third as Cole and Barry added to their point totals and Ben Dillman displayed his ball handling skills and formidable defense in the fourth extending the team's lead to 14-4 at the half. Chris Landry and Nick Glekas hit jump shots in the fifth and Barry added two foul shots in the sixth driving the score to 20-7 with six minutes left in the game. Landry, Ryan Kelly, Scott Phoenix, Glekas and Ryan Johnson worked hard to hold UCLA scoreless in the seventh before a UCLA comeback reduced Gonzaga's lead in the final period but fell short in the end. Coach Kevin Johnson looks to guide the team to another win next week as they face off against Syracuse.


2008-09 Season Game Summaries

Games on 2-14-09

Duke 29

In a close battle between two rival teams, UCLA took an early lead and held Duke scoreless in the first segment. Duke took the lead in the second quarter with a tight defense and a scoring rush by Matt Thomas and Jacob Giampa. UCLA battled back in the second half to get within 6 points, but Duke managed to hold off UCLA with key defense by Daniel Green, Ethan Flewelling, Bailey Morton and David Salomaa. Leading the scoring for the Duke win was Griffin Murray with 12 points. Also scoring for Duke were Matt Thomas with 8, Jacob Giampa with 7, and Tommy Connolly with 2. Jimmy Lynch led the scoring for UCLA with 14 points, with Mike Russo adding 5 and Jake Freitas chipping in with 2.

Games on 2-7-09

North Carolina 29
BC 22

After a slow start in which North Carolina held a slight lead at the end of the first quarter (4-2), their offense started to click and they exploded for 10 quick points to start the second quarter. NC used those ten points to enter the second half with a 20-10 advantage. BC fought back, but NC was able to hold them off for a 7 point victory. Scoring for North Carolina was Jason Arnaud (12), Sean McCartin (6), John Blake (5), Michael Peluso (4) and Michael DeAngelis (2). Dual high scorers for BC with 6 points apiece were Patrick Burrill and Layne Lencki-Barlow.

Kentucky 22
Kansas 14

Playing short-handed, Kansas put up a good fight against Kentucky but ended up coming up a bit short. Kansas was lead offensively by Josh Plunkett, Kyle Bond and Nicholas Manautou. On the defensive boards were Connor O'Keefe, Kevin Reidy and Mitchell Bottomley. High scorer for Kentucky was Justin Plausky with 6 points.

UMass 10

UCLA beat a tough UMass team behind Jimmy Lynch who had 12 points and 14 rebounds. Also for UCLA, Matt DelPozzo scored 8 points, added 7 rebounds and had 8 steals. Tyler Kenney and Mike Russo each added 6 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Great defense and passing was turned in by Brett Roberts, Brady Ryan and Aaron Rowe

Games on 1-31-09

Duke 32
UNC 30

North Carolina and Duke clashed on Saturday in what became an "instant classic". In the first half neither team enjoyed a lead of great then two points with a half-time score of 14-12 in favor of Duke. Duke came out fast in the third and stretched their lead to 22-16. UNC stormed back and tied it coming down the stretch 28-28, sending the game into overtime. In overtime both teams had their chances, but it was Duke who edged out UNC by 2 as time expired. Offensively, UNC was led by Jason Arnaud (10), Michael Peluso (8), John Blake (6), Michael DeAngelis (4) and Misha Mouraviev (2).

Temple 28
DePaul 25

Temple eked out a win over the strong team effort of DePaul. The score was close, and Depaul maintained a consistent lead though out the game. Temple had plenty of scoring opportunities, but the ball just wouldn't fall through the hoop. The consistent exchange of points during the game gave Temple the opportunity to take the lead towards the end. Temple took their last time out with a three point lead and with two and half minutes remaining in the game. Temple's strong defense, with double coverage on the ball and grabbing key rebounds, lead them to a 28 to 25 point victory. Nick Spinale, Temple's big man, led the scoring with 14 points, followed by Morgan DiPasquale with 8 points and outstanding defensive play. Eric Andrus contributed the remaining 6 points and utilized his speed to assist in moving the ball. Tyler Fleming, Drew Donoghue and Jimil Patel provided a solid team effort at both ends of the court.

Wake Forest 20

UCLA beat a stubborn Wake Forest team, behind Matt DelPozzo with 12 points and 7 steals. Mike Russo had 6 points and 6 rebounds, while Jimmy Lynch had 5 points and 14 rebounds. Tyler Kenney chipped in with 4 points and 3 steals. Great Defense was turned in by Brady Ryan, Aaron Rowe, Jake Freitas and Mitch Ferrullo.

Games on 1-24-09

North Carolina 26
Kentucky 14

North Carolina beat Kentucky in the late game on Saturday. The contest was knotted up at the end of the first quarter (4-4), and then again at halftime (8-8). UNC started the second half hot and took the lead at 16-8 through solid team defense. Kentucky closed the gap to 18-14 halfway through the fourth quarter, but the Tar Heels were able to pull away late to secure the victory. Leading the way for UNC were John Blake (10), Sean McCartin (8), Jason Arnaud (4), Michael Peluso (2), and Robbie MacPherson (2). Craig Salmi led Kentucky with 6 points.

Louisville 40
Kansas 24

Kansas battled undefeated Louisville very tough for the entire first half and entered the halftime break down only 2 points. However, Lousvillle came out quickly in the second half and pulled away down the stretch. The defense for Kansas was led by Mike O'Keefe, Andrew Forgue, Connor O'Keefe and Kyle Bond. Josh Plunkett led Kansas scoring with 12 pts. Louisville was led by Dean Trahan and Connor Wooster with 12 points apiece.

Duke 21
UMass 14

After Duke was held scoreless for the first segment of play, the Duke team came back and took a lead going into half time. UMass battled back to threaten the Duke win by coming back with good defense and a strong press at the end of the game. Due to exceptional defense by Daniel Green, Ethan Flewelling, Bailey Morton and Matt Thomas, along with key points by Jacob Giampa, and Tommy Connolly, Duke continued to hold the lead throughout the game. Leading the scoring for the Duke win was Jacob Giampa with 9 points, and Tommy Connolly with 6. Also contributing were Griffin Murray with 3 points, Jimmy Connelly with 2 points, and Matt Thomas with 1. Leading scorer for UMass was Matt LoPresti with 4 points.

Memphis 26
Texas 13

In a game that was close through the first half, Memphis downed Texas behind 12 points from Sol Barer. On the other side of the ledger, Tim O'Neill and Jack Hansbury combined to score 10 pts for Texas.

BC 18

In one of the closest games of the day, BC got past UCLA late. High scorer for BC were Owen McNamara with 6 points. Leading the way for UCLA was Mike Russo with 6 points and 6 rebounds. Also for UCLA, Tyler Kenney hit a 3 pointer and had 5 rebounds, while Matt DelPozzo had 2 points, 8 steals and 6 rebounds. Mitch Ferrullo also chipped in with 3 points.

Games on 1-17-09

Kentucky 20
Texas 18

In one of the closest games of the day, Kentucky held on at the final buzzer to get past Texas. Though Kentucky jumped out early to a 7 point lead, Texas fought back hard to get within 2 points late. Leading the way for Kentucky Geoff Sundstrom, Justin Plausky,and Craig Salmi with 4 points apiece. Jack Hansbury had 6 points for Texas, while Tim ONeill had 4.

Stanford 32
Temple 16

For Stanford, Alex Palermo and Ryan Doherty were outstanding at the point while dishing out several assists to Ryan Taylor, who led all scorers with 12 points. Austin Polce, Ryan Schweizer and Nick Scrivani were monsters on the boards for Stanford. Tod Pecora and Abhinav Tripathi each played a solid game and chipped in with 4 points. Temple worked hard as a team on both ends of the court. Cam Clancy and Morgan Depasquale led the way on offense for Temple with 8 and 4 points respectively.

Louisville 43
UMass 20

The leading scorers for Louisville were Dean Trahan with 13 points, followed by Conner Wooster with 10. Quinn Jackson and Michael McKenna each added 6 points, while Suraag Srinivas scored four. Wooster and Srinivas led their team in rebounds, while Trahan and Jackson directed the offense flawlessly. Ryan Barry added four points and had four tough rebounds. Dan Strodel closed out the scoring with two points. Joey Penn provided tough defense, as did Liam Early and David Ibraham, who were all over the floor disrupting the U Mass offense all game long.

North Carolina 26

North Carolina brought the intensity and their defense was swarming all game long which allowed their offense to score in transition. With an 18 point lead (22-4) at halftime, UCLA started the second half doing the same to UNC and stalled the Tar Heels offense. Holding on down the stretch for the win, UNC had scoring from John Blake (10), Sean McCartin (5), Jason Arnaud (5), Michael DeAngelis (4) and Michael Peluso (2). For UCLA Michael Russo scored 6 points and Tyler Kenney chipped in with 4 points and played solid defense. Jim Lynch had 2 points 10 rebounds and 5 steals. Matt DelPozzo also had 2 points and 7 steals.

Memphis 31
DePaul 22

Memphis led in this one from gate to wire, downing a stubborn DePaul team that hung close early. Memphis was led by Sol Barer with 14 points, while Dylan McClure chipped in with 8. The high scorers for DePaul were Evan Smith with 8 and Jake Warnock with 6.

Games on 1-10-09

Kansas 9

UCLA bested Kansas behind Jimmy Lynch, who led the team with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Michael Russo chipped in with 6 points and 10 rebounds. Tyler Kenney had 4 points, 4 steals and 4 assists. Jake Freitas and Brett Roberts also had 4 points and played well on both offense and defense. Matt DelPozzo had another great defensive game with 11 steals. Matt also had 7 assists and added a basket. Great defense again turned in by Brady Ryan, Mitch Ferrullo and Aaron Rowe.

Duke 35
DePaul 26

After a slow scoring start in the first segment of play in which Duke was held scoreless, they came back with a series of segments in which they took a strong lead going into half time. DePaul battled back to threaten the Duke win by coming within 6 points in late quarters. DePaul continued to fluster Duke with matching scoring and defense. Due to exceptional passing assists and defense by Tommy Connolly, Daniel Green and Matt Thomas who made timely steals, along with key points by Jacob Giampa, the team held off the late surge by DePaul. Leading the scoring for the Duke win was Jacob Giampa with 13 points, Griffin Murray with 10 points, Bailey Morton and Ethan Flewelling each with 2 points, and Matt Thomas and James Connelly each with 4 points who provided great ball handling and passing.

Pitt 18
North Carolina 9

North Carolina met up with Pittsburgh in what started as a very close game with UNC taking a slight lead (7-6) going into halftime. Pittsburgh turned up the defensive pressure in the second half and NC could not seem to buy a basket, shooting 1 for 19 from the floor. In the end it was Pittsburgh pulling away to take the victory 18-9. Scoring for UNC was Justin Mann (4), Jason Arnaud (2), Robbie MacPherson (2) and John Blake (1).


2007-08 Season Game Summaries

Week #9

Marquette 26
No. Carolina 22

Marquette knocked off previously unbeaten North Carolina in a Boys Cadet showdown on Saturday. Led by the scoring touch of Mike DeDonato (8 points) and the rebounding of Sean Doherty (7 points, 12 rebounds), Marquette held off a strong comeback by the Tar Heels. Great all around efforts from North Carolina's Mark Keller, Aaron Haded and Ryan Gallagher tied the score at 22 with only a minute left in the game. But Zach Gareri hit a clutch free throw and last second basket to seal the victory. Strong defense from Ryan Doherty, Evan Smith and Billy Shield was a big key to the tough win.

UConn 26
Indiana 18

UConn set a fast pace from the beginning with a 20-6 lead at halftime. Quinn Jackson led the scoring with 12 points, with Dean Carmen contributing 5 points and Matt Brown adding 4 points.

Temple 32
Memphis 20

Memphis shot out to an early 8-2 advantage behind the strong play of Daylon Thompson, but Temple's pressure defense and fast-break offense eventually clicked into gear paving the way to a hard-fought win over Memphis. Leading the way for Temple was Joey Levesque, who scored 7 points and Andrew Linnehan, who scored 6 points. Linnehan and Levesque also had multiple steals, triggering Temple's first half comeback. Rounding out the scoring for Temple were Clayton Tucker and Mitchell Mangahas with 5 points a piece, Vignesh Mohankumar with 4 points, and Mitchell McKillop, Michael Russo, and Connor Merrill with 2 points a piece. Merrill and Mangahas also played superb defense throughout the game. Memphis, which kept the game close throughout the first half with great ball movement and superb defense, was led by Daylon Thompson.

Louisville 20
Kentucky 17

Kentucky lost a tough battle to Louisville. Lead scorers for Kentucky were Mike McKenna and Griffin Murray with 6 points a piece. Playing well defensively were Matt DelPozzo and Joe Dowd who made a great steal to setup a basket by Nick Desilvio.

Duke 20

The Duke vs UCLA game was exciting from start to finish. Both teams played heads up basketball and the scoring was well balanced through out the entire game. In the first half, Duke's "Big Man", Nicolas Costa, started the scoring with a power drive lay up and finished the game with 4 points. Duke's other contributors where Evan Andrus, Spencer Sutton, Jason Amoud and Quinn DiPasquale, all scoring two points a piece. Duke's, leading scorer was Steven Olive with eight points, of which two were from the foul line. The first half ended up tied at 8 points. Both UCLA and Duke started the second half off strong, but Duke took the lead, and even though the baskets were exchanged by both teams, Duke's defense prevailed. Duke's defensive stand outs were Steven Olive, Jeffery You and Morgan DiPasquale.

Week #8

Gonzaga 26
Memphis 17

Gonzaga slipped past Memphis for the team's first win of the season. In an explosive offensive first quarter, Josh Plunkett and Will Higson (eight points each) led the team to an eight point lead, only to have Memphis storm back by the great passing and shooting to take the lead at the half, 13-12. Gonzaga didnt give up, with excellent defense by Michael O'Keefe, Matthew Bettinelli, and Ben Seigal, limiting Memphis to only four points in the second half. Rounding out the scoring for Gonzaga were Tyler Comacho (four points), Kevin Reidy, Tim Miragliulo, and Daniel Strodel (two points each).

Temple 35
Marquette 34 (Triple Overtime)

In one on the most thrilling games of the season, Temple defeated previously undefeated Marquette in triple overtime. Temple enjoyed a seemingly comfortable 8-point lead heading into the fourth quarter, but Marquette used its pressure defense and the heroics of guard Mike DeDonato to mount a stunning comeback. With seconds remaining in the final quarter and Marquette trailing by 2 points, DeDonato eluded a double team and proceeded to bank in a fall way shot from the corner to tie the score as the buzzer sounded, forcing overtime. The teams traded baskets in the first overtime with Temple's Joey Levesque and Mitchell Mangahas scoring key baskets and DeDonoto scoring key baskets for Marquette. The second overtime saw multiple lead changes until Andrew Linnehan calmly swished two free throws to put Temple ahead by 3 points with 13 seconds remaining. Marquette inbounded the ball quickly and DeDonato dribbled the length of the floor and connected on a long jump shot, getting fouled in the process. DeDonoto calmly hit the free throw, forcing a third overtime. In the third overtime, the lead changed hands multiple times until Vignesh Mohankumar got fouled and managed to sink a free throw to put Temple up by one with 1 second remaining. Marquette nearly forced a fourth overtime when a last-second shot narrowly missed at the buzzer, giving Temple the thrilling one-point victory.

UMass 18

Effective defense by UCLA kept the game close, but UMass pulled away in the last quarter. For UMass, Jimmy Lynch had 6; Ian McGinty, Dave Crocker, and Matty Clausen had 4 each. Fangru Jiang distributed the ball well from the point guard position. Mike and Derek Koechlin passed the ball well, set picks, and played tough defense to help UMass win.

NC 31
BC 16

The NC Tar Heels took on a strong BC team this weekend. The game started out slow, with no scoring in the first three minutes. BC scored first, but NC then went on a 17-0 run to lead the game 17-4 at the half. NC played a very aggressive game, with both Travis Ricardo (8 points) and Aaron Haded (8 points) anticipating the pass, stealing the ball and scoring on fast-breaks. Mark Keller, Ben Morrison and Jacob Freitas played a great game on defense and also contributed to good ball movement on offense with some smart passing, while Ryan Gallagher and Suraag Srinivas pulled in several rebounds. Also scoring for NC were Romi Elfakih with 4 and Eric Mullane with 2.

Week #7

Indiana 24
Gonzaga 20

In what turned out to be the most exciting game of the day, Indiana broke out of their long losing streak to beat Gonzaga in the final 2 minutes of their game. The action was hot and heavy all game long, with neither team ever leading by more than 5 points. High man for Indiana was Ryan Smith with 6 points. Also chipping in for Indiana were Matt Daley and Shawn LeFebrve with 5 points each. Leading the way for Gonzaga were Tim Miragliudo, Tyler Camacho, and Daniel Strodel wtih 4 points apiece.

UMass 41
UConn 27

David Crocker led the way with 14 points for UMass as they pulled away from UConn in the 2nd half to win by 14 points. UConn ran the fast break, shot well, and played tough defense to keep the game close for the first 3 quarters. Others who scored for UMass were Matty Clauson, Fangru Jiang, Donovan Cheok, Mike and Derek Koechlin, Jimmy Lynch, and Ian McGinty. Quinn Jackson led UConn with 13 points, followed by Will Cassels and Dean Carmen with 4 points each.

NC 26
Duke 12

North Carolina got a great game under the hoop from Ryan Gallagher to defeat a tough Duke team. Jacob Freitas scored first for the shorthanded Tar Heels after a great defensive rebound by Ben Morrison, but the lead changed hands several times during the first half. The half ended with NC leading 9-8. Travis Ricardo started the second half on the right note, scoring after a good defensive rebound by Suraag Srinivas. Mark Keller and Aaron Haded played great defense for the Tar Heels coming up with several steals in the third quarter while Gallagher scored on multiple offensive rebounds to lead the team with 10 points. Leading 19-12 to begin the fourth, the Tar Heels put the game out of reach for Duke with a couple of buckets from Stephen O'Meara.

Arizona 23
Kentucky 11

After a pretty even first half, Arizona pulled ahead to down Kentucky. Leading scorer for Kentucky was Steven Ferreira with 6 points. Also on the board were Joe Dowd with 3 points and Griffin Murray with 2. High scorer for Arizona was Conner Wooster with 5 points, while Brian Wetherall, Omkar Bhat, and Luke Bellone added 4 apiece.

Marquette 25

Mike DeDonato scored a season high 15 points to lead Marquette past a stubborn UCLA team. Also scoring for Marquette were Zach Gareri, Edwin Dam, Sean Doherty, Ryan Doherty and Danny Gillettte. Matt Majeau and Austin Polce led UCLA with 6 points each.

Week #6

Duke 22
UMass 20

In the most exciting game of the day, Duke outlasted UMass by 2 points in overtime. The lead was exchanged numerous times throughout both halves, and with just seconds left on the clock in regulation, UMass stole the ball and David Crocker threw in a 15 footer to tie the score, forcing the game into overtime. The overtime was a defensive battle for both teams, until Morgan DiPasquale made a 5 foot jump shot giving a two point lead to Duke. Although, UMass had opportunity to tie the score, Duke's defense remained strong throughout the overtime giving them the victory. Duke's Jason Aboud lead the team with 6 points, while Quinn and Morgan DiPasquale opened and closed the scoring with four points a piece. Steven Olive rounded out the scoring with two free throws and a basket for four points. Spencer Sutton and Evan Andrus added two points each with long jump shots at critical points during the game. Contributing to the strong defense for Duke were Joey Penn, Jonathon Roche and Jeffrey You, with Nicholas Costa standing out with numerous rebounds and blocked shots. For UMass, Matty Clauson had 6 points, Jimmy Lynch had 4, and Mike Koechlin had 2. Derek Koechlin, Donovan Cheok, and Ian McGinty played tough defense.

Georgetown 32
UConn 30

In a back and forth high scoring affair, Georgetown edged past UConn by a bucket behind a season high 14 points from Tyler Perry. Top scorer for UConn was Quinn Jackson with 12, followed by Alex Palermo with 6 and then 4 points each from Will Cassels, Mike Merna and Matt Brown.

Notre Dame 37
Louisville 20

In a high scoring game, Notre Dame got multiple baskets from 5 different players to defeat Louisville. Leading the way in scoring for Notre Dame was Mike McNamara with 10 points. Louisville received 8 points from Jeff D'Auria in the losing cause.

Marquette 34
Gonzaga 22

Mike DeDonato had 14 points to lead Marquette by Gonzaga in a spirited contest. Tyler Camacho led Gonzaga with 6 points.

North Carolina 14
Kentucky 6

North Carolina outlasted Kentucky in a hard, defensive battle. Leading the way for North Carolina was Stephen O'Meara with 8 points. Kentucky's leading scorer was Griffin Murray with 4.

Week #5

UMass 30
Louisville 18

High percentage shooting by Matty Clauson, 14 points, led UMass to a tough win over Louisville. Louisville threatened to close the gap late in the game with skillful outside shooting, but strong defense by Cam Schille, Ian McGinty, and David Crocker held them off.

UConn 17
Duke 12

In one of the closest games of the day, UConn edged Duke by 5 points in a defensive oriented contest. Leading by 4 at half, UConn managed to hold Duke at bay in the second half. The scoring for UConn was spread around with 4 points each by Quinn Jackson, Rohan Kulharni and Matt Brown.

Temple 38
Gonzaga 11

Strong defense and rebounding was the key to Temple's dominating victory over a determined Gonzaga team. Guard Clayton Tucker had a superb overall game with 8 points and multiple steals while center Vignesh Mohankumar had his strongest game of the season with 8 points and several rebounds and block shots. Mitchell Mangahas also played well for Temple, chipping in with 6 points and playing outstanding defense throughout. Rounding out the scoring for Temple were guards Andrew Linnehan and Joey Levesque with 7 and 5 points, respectively while Fabio Trancanna and Michael Russo has 2 points apiece. Gonzaga, which battled hard throughout, got superb performances from Tyler Comacho and Will Higson.

Week #4

UMass 22
UConn 16

UMass held off a strong fourth quarter comeback in outlasting a fast UConn team. Unselfish passing allowed many UMass players to score. Jimmy Lynch had 8 points. Fangru Jiang had several assists, including an inbound pass to Donovan Cheok who scored from just inside the foul line. Derek Koechlin hit an outside shot, and Mike Keochlin scored on a fast break layup after a steal. UConn scoring was spread out with 4 points each from Will Cassels, Mike Merna, Quinn Jackson and Matt Brown.

Temple 26
Indiana 9

Temple overcame a sluggish first quarter by outscoring Indiana 10-2 in the second quarter en route to an impressive 25-9 victory. Sparking the second quarter flurry were guards Andrew Linnehan and Joey Levesque, who had 7 points and 6 points, respectively, along with several steals. Guard Clayton Tucker also had a strong game, scoring 6 points while dishing out key assists. Michael Russo had his best game of the season scoring 4 points and grabbing several rebounds. Rounding out the scoring for Temple were Mitchell Mangahas, who chipped in with 4 points and Mitchell McKillop, who scored 2 points. Connor Merrill and Vignesh Mohankumar played strong defense throughout for Temple. Indiana received baskets from Devon Sittler, Shawn Lefebrve, Calvin Cohen and Timothy O'Neill.

Memphis 22
Gonzaga 16

In a tough battle, Daylon Thomas scored 6 points and Alex Marcotte scored 4, to lead Memphis past Gonzaga. Gonzaga was led by Tim Miragliudo with 6 points.

BC 23
Kentucky 14

BC remained undefeated while getting past Kentucky in a tough battle. BC was led by John Choukri with 8 points and Dylan McClure with 6. Mike McKenna led Kentucky with 6 points.

Notre Dame 26

Mike McNamara led the way for Notre Dame by scoring 12 points in their tough win over UCLA. UCLA was led by Jacob White wtih 10 points.


Week #3

UConn 21

UCLA won its second straight game in a nail-biter versus UConn. The lead went back and forth all game, until UCLA scored consecutive baskets with less than one minute. High scorers from UCLA were Jacob White with 8 points and Austin Polce with 6. Leading the way for UConn was Michael Merna with 12 points.

Duke 14
Indiana 13

In another excited pre-Christmas game, Duke just edged Indiana behind 6 points from Quinn DiPasquale. Indiana was led by Devon Sittler with 6 points.

UMass 18
BC 16

In the first triple overtime game of the young season, UMass outlasted a determined BC team by getting 8 points from both Fangru Jiang and Jimmy Lynch. Matty Clauson had 2 points for UMass, while Mike and Derek Koechlin each had several steals. Cam Schille had two rebounds late in the game and Ian McGinty led the press defense during the overtimes.

Arizona 21
Georgetown 20

In yet another game decided by a single point on this weekend, Noah Psilopoulos had 8 points to lead Arizona past Georgetown. Brian Wetherell and Conner Worster scored chipped in with 6 points for Arizona. Tyler Perry had a game high 12 points for Georgetown, with Colin Wang and Tim Zachert each adding 4 points.

Temple 37
Memphis 19

Temple used a fast break offense to jump out to a 12-2 lead in its strong victory over hard-luck Memphis. Leading the way for Temple were guards Joey Levesque (14 points) and Andrew Linnehan (9 points). Also chipping in for Temple were Clayton Tucker with 6 points and Vignesh Mohankumar, who had 2 points and several rebounds. High scorers for Memphis were Josh Marcotte wtih 7 points and Daylon Thompson with 6.


Week #2

Indiana 8

UCLA won its first game of the season downing Indiana in a tough battle. Multiple baskets were scored by Jacob White, Austin Polce, Jake Giampa and Matt Majeau. Heads-up plays on both ends of the court by performed by Baily Morton, David Salomas, Chris DiPietro and Shawn Griffin. A number of rebounds were also made by Jake Giampa, Baily Morton and Jacob White.

UMass 16
Temple 11

David Crocker had a team high 10 points to lead UMass past temple. Ian McGinty chipped in with 4 points, including a long outside shot with only a few seconds left in the first half, to aid the UMass cause. Though the game was tied at the half, UMass pulled away late for the victory. Derek and Mike Koechlin led the strong defensive charge against the fast break of Temple. David Crocker and Jimmy Lynch had key baskets late in the game to thwart any comeback by Temple. Joey Levesque led the way for Temple with 6 points.

UConn 28
Memphis 16

Centers Matt Brown (8-points) and Will Cassels (6-points) paced UConnto its first win of the season over Memphis. Guard Quinn Jackson chipped in with 6 points in the UConn victory. Four other players, with one basket each, contributed to a total team win.

BC 36
Gonzaga 7

BC was quick out of the gate, and never looked back in a dominating win versus Gonzaga. BC was led by John Choukri with 13 points and Owen Jordan with 10. High scorer for Gonzaga was Tyler Comacho with 3 points in the loss.


Week #1

Marquette 35 - UMass 19
Daniel Gillette scored 10 points and Evan Smith had 9, as Marquette blew past UMass. UMass was led by David Crocker with 8 pts and Matt Clausen with 6.

Georgetown 28 - Gonzaga 27
In the marquee matchup of the day, Georgetown and Gonzaga had to go to overtime to decide this one. The scoring was back and forth throughout regulation, and it was only fitting that this game go the extra distance. High scorer for Georgetown was Tim Zachert with 6 points. Tyler Perry chipped in with 5. For Gonzaga, Tyler Comacho was high man with 10 points.

BC 29 - Indiana 13
BC throttled Indiana in the 2nd half to blow open a game that was close for the first 6 minutes. Leading scorers for BC were Patrick Lyons with 8 and Owen Jordan with 6. Indiana had several players with a bucket each.

Temple 25 - UConn 10
In a game closer than the final score indicates, Temple used the fast break to its benefit in the win over UConn. Leading the way for Temple was Andrew Linnehan with 12 points. Michael Merna was high scorer for UConn with 4.


2006-07 Season Game Summaries

Week #10

Duke 32 - Syracuse 12

The Duke Blue Devils closed out the regular season with a hard played victory over a determined Syracuse team. Every player on the Duke team scored a basket. Heads up plays under the basket by Dan DeGloria and Bryce Wynn, and excellent handling and passing was exhibited by Quinn Cooney, Matthew Majeau, Bernard Sou and Sameer Omar helped lead Duke to victory. All-around heads up playing on both ends of the court was noted by Jeff D'Auria and Doug Consalvi.

UConn 30 - Providence 20

Top scorer for UConn was John Corbett with 12 points who broke open a close game just before half-time with three baskets. Other teammates earning points included Alex Paroyian and David Crocker with 6 points each with single baskets from Jake Murphy, Max Shinnick and Nick Andre.

Arizona 13 - Florida 8

In a hard-fought game, Arizona defeated Florida after holding a slim lead throughout the game. Romi Elfakih led Arizona with eight points, Austin Collias and Brian Carey had two points each and Joe Markey one point for Arizona. Connor Scribner and Matty Clauson played outstanding defense for Arizona with several steals each. Nick Arndt, Anthony Koeckhoven, Omkar Bhat and Ryan Curran played excellent all around games for Arizona. Nick Geoffroy led Florida with six points.

BC 31 - Kansas 19

BC continued its winning streak beating Kansas behind high scorer Jacob Ashley, who had 14 points and 12 boards. Also scoring for BC were Jesse Ashley with 8 points, Justin Freeman and Bobby Tripathi with 6 points each and Kenny Toussaint with 2 points. Other team contributors on both defense and offense were Dylan Freeman, Tim LeMasurier, Kirby Toussaint, Nathan Trzandel and Alex Bottomley. BC's defense played a key role in shutting down the opponent's offensive scoring drives. The entire BC team contributes every week and made this a very successful season for the Eagles.

Louisville 25 - Temple 20

Louisville pulled out a 5-point victory over the defensive strengths of Temple. The game started off slowly with both teams battling up and down the court trying to start the scoring. Late in the first half, Louisville's Jacob McNamara hit a soft under the basket jumper and later followed up with a foul shot. Then Louisville pulled away with two nice outside jump shots from Michael McNamara and Kasey Ferreira. Temple's tenacity would not go away so easily, as they came back with a few choice buckets to close down the gap in the first half. Temple came out strong in the second half, utilizing their speed to score a few more baskets, taking a one point lead over Louisville. The game was close throughout the second half, but Louisville, kicked it into overdrive at both ends of the court. There was no stopping the McNamara's boys, with Michael's rebounding and outside shooting contributed 7 points and Jacob's outstanding defensive play, with 5 to 6 block shots and numerous rebounds at both ends, was our high scorer with a total of 11 points. Also, contributing to Louisville's victory was Joseph Lafreniere and Tim Keene, both with 2 points. Sharing the load on defense and contributing to the victory were, Patrick Landrigan, Connor Merrill, and Quinn DiPasquale.

Georgetown 35 - Kentucky 23

Georgetown jumped out to a quick 12-2 lead after one segment, then held off a determined Kentucky team for the win. Scoring for Georgetown were Zach Warnock (10 points), Shawn Callahan (8 points), Tyler Armstrong (7 points), Graham Lustiber (6 points) and Bret Dery (4v points). What really secured the victory was a ferocious defense that stepped up every time Kentucky made a comeback bid. The strong defense was lead by Tanuj Sane, Ray Sheerin, Josh Gaurnera, John Choukri and Walker Champeaux. Josh Gaurnera played a particularly solid game; often out-hustling bigger opponents for his 5 rebounds and several steals. For Kentucky the leading scorer was Jacob Glovin with 8 points and 4 rebounds. Joshua Ambrosino added 7 points while grabbing 5 steals, and 3 rebounds. Additional buckets came from Shawn Lefebvre, Michael DiFronzo, Jacob White, who also had 4 rebounds and Robert Schweizer, who also had 12 rebounds and 2 steals. Mark Keller contributed with 3 steals and 3 rebounds. Kevin Kelley played excellent defense while grabbing 3 rebounds and a steal.

UMass 37 - UNC 11

UMass beat a determined Tar Heel squad. The first half was tight with UMass leading 15-8. Both teams played well as there were few fouls or violations called. Standouts for UMass: Alex Marcotte (4 points and 2 critical steals), Andrew Knightly and Sean Moran (8 points each), and Justin Sheehan and Shayan Sobhian (18 rebounds combined).

Week #9

Duke 30 -- UCLA 28 (OT)

In yet another double overtime CYBL cadet boys game, Duke managed to sneak by UCLA. In the first half, Bryce Wynne's consistent rebounds enabled baskets to be scored by Quinn Cooney, Travis Ricardo, Bernard Sou, Sameer Omar and Doug Consalvi. In the second half, Dan DeGloria's aggressive blocking enabled baskets to be scored by Matthew Majeau, Jeff D'Auria, and Quinn Cooney. In the second over time, Sameer Omar scored the lone basket for the win.

Kansas 23 -- Kentucky 12

In a game closer than the final score indicates, Kansas outgunned Kentucky. Leading the way for Kentucky were Mark Keller with 4 points and 2 very nice assists and Jacob White with 4 points and 6 rebounds. Jacob Glovin and Kevin Kelley added baskets as well. Robert Schweizer had 11 rebounds for the hard luck losers.

BC 41 -- Georgetown 17

High scorers for BC were Bobby Tripathi with 12points followed by Justin Freeman 6points, Jesse Ashley 6points, Jacob Ashley 5points, and Nathan Trznadel 4points. Other team contributors on both defense and offense were Dylan Freeman, Tim LeMasurier, Kenny & Kirby Toussaint, and Alex Bottomley.

Arizona 16 -- Temple 10

In another close Cadet Boys game Arizona defeated a scrappy Temple team. Arizona held a slim lead at halftime 6-4 and stretched the lead to 16-6 mid way through the fourth quarter. Brian Carey led Arizona with 6 points, Connor Scribner had 4 and Joe Markey, Ryan Curran and Austin Collias 2 apiece for Arizona. Nick Arndt, Anthony Koeckhoven, Omkar Bhat and Romi Elfakih played excellent all around games for Arizona.

Providence 24 -- Indiana 21

Cam Enghdahl had 6 points, 4 rebounds and an assist to help lead Providence over Indiana in a hotly contested ballgame. Michael DeDonato (6 points), Mark Albee (4 points and several steals), and Nick Alvarez (4 points & 4 rebounds) were the other leading scorers for Providence. Zach Gareri and Dan Gillette scored 2 points each, while Michael DiPietro (5 rebounds), Cam Burns (6 rebounds) and Sujal Pandit (2 rebounds and an assist) also contributed. Providence jumped out to an 8 point lead in the 2nd quarter, and then held off a 4th quarter rally by Indiana.

UConn 33 -- Xavier 21

UConn blew past Xavier scoring 19 of their 33 points prior to half-time. High scorer for UConn was Nick Andre with 12 points including 4 successful foul shots. Additional points fjor UConn came from John Corbett (8), Max Shinnick(4), James Clasen(4), Jake Murphy (3) and Alex Paroyian(2).


Week# 8

Indiana 28 -- Georgetown 27

Indiana continues on an amazing streak of competing in super tough and close games versus the rest of the CYBL Cadet Division. Indiana started the game strong against Georgetown, but Georgetown fought back to even the score and the game remained close right to the finish. Indiana played an evenly balanced team game and fought hard for a great one point victory. Fantastic contributions by the whole team including Joe Dowd, Peter Breitwieser, Brendan Carey, Luke Grillo, Ian McGinty, Joe McLaughlin, Derek Dodge, Daniel Nolan, Chris Judge, and Al Grillo.

BC 31 -- Arizona 10

Continuing on a roll, BC won for the 6th straight week, behind Jacob Ashley who had 11 points and 6 rebounds. Also playing well for BC were Justin Freeman (4points and 2 rebounds), Jesse Ashley (4points and 2 rebounds) and Bobby Tripathi (4points and 11 rebounds). Other corers for BC were Nathan Trznadel, Tim LeMasurier and Kenny Toussaint. Great defense and passing by Alex Bottomley and Kirby Toussaint helped BC to the victory. Matty Clauson led Arizona with six points and Joe Markey chipped in with four. Omkar Bhat, Anthony Koeckhoven and Connor Scribner played excellent all around games for Arizona.

Providence 36 -- Kentucky 14

Providence won their 3rd straight game with a solid win over Kentucky. Prerak Goel (4 points and 8 rebounds) helped spark Providence with his aggressive play, but he had plenty of help. Nick Alvarez (10 points and 6 rebounds), Cam Enghdahl (8 points and 8 rebounds), and Michael DeDonato (6 points) were the offensive leaders for Providence, and Mark Albee (4 points, 2 rebounds), Dan Gillette, and Micahel DiPietro also scored. Cam Burns and Zach Gareri helped out with several rebounds and some aggressive defense in what was a solid team effort. Providence jumped out to a 28-12 lead after 3 quarters, and then held off a late rally by a determined Kentucky team. For Kentucky the leading scorer was Joshua Ambrosino with 8 points, also adding 3 steals and 3 assists. Robert Schweizer contributed with 6 points and 6 rebounds. Jacob Glovin scored 4 points as well. Also contributing with baskets were Jacob White, Tim Havener and Mark Keller. Michael DiFronzo, Kevin Kelly and Shawn Lefebvre all played a good, hard game.

UMass 24 -- UCLA 6

UMass played a solid game at both ends of the court, on the way to a victory over UCLA. Andrew Knightly (6 points and 6 steals), Justin Sheehan (8 points and 9 boards), and Mike Tice (11 points) led the way, but all players contributed to the win.

Duke 28 -- Xavier 16

Duke throttled Xavier behind Sameer Omar and Jeff D'Auria , who scored baskets and sunk a foul shot for an extra point each. Matthew Majeau and Bernard Sou were on their mark with blocking and scoring baskets. Daniel DeGloria was instrumental under the basket snagging rebounds enabling Travis Ricardo, Doug Consalvi and Bryce Wynn to scored baskets.


Week# 7

Arizona 30 -- Kentucky 26 (OT)

In a game where neither team led by more than four points Arizona slipped past Kentucky in overtime. Nick Arndt hit an eighteen foot shot with less than two minutes to go to give Arizona the lead at 24-22 but Kentucky tied the game at 24 to send the game into overtime. Brian Carey scored 4 of his 6 points and Matty Clauson 2 of his 6 points in overtime for Arizona. Romi Elfakih led Arizona with 8 points, Nick Arndt and Ryan Curran had 4 points apiece and Austin Collias 2 points for Arizona. Anthony Koeckhoven, Connor Scribner and Omkar Bhat played outstanding defense for Arizona. The leading scorer for Kentucky was Tim Havener with 8 points. Mark Keller, Jacob Glovin and Joshua Ambrosino contributed with 4 points each. Robert Schweizer had 10 rebounds while adding 2 points to complete the scoring for Kentucky in the game.

UMass 28 -- UConn 24

UMass built up a first half lead, and then held off a determined Uconn squad for the win. Andrew Knightly and Sean Moran each had 8 points, and Shayan Sobhian and Justin Sheehan combined for 16 rebounds for UMass.

Providence 40 -- Kansas 23

Michael DeDonato had 10 points and an assist to help lead Providence over a tough Kansas team. Cam Enghdahl and Nick Alvarez scored 8 points each and had dominating rebounding performances. Michael DiPietro had 6 points, and Dan Gillette and Zach Gareri had 4 points each. Providence got solid contributions from all 10 players to extend a 4 point halftime lead and pull away in the 2nd half.

Duke 22 -- UNC 17

The Duke Blue Devils edged past North Carolina in a close game. Daniel DeGloria played very aggressively at both ends of the court with rebounds and take-aways. Quinn Cooney was great with passing and blocking which enabled multiple baskets scored by Bernard Sou, Jeffrey D'Auria, Matthew Majeau and Bryce Wynn. Additional scorers included Travis Ricardo, Doug Consalvi and Sameer Omar. Overall great playing both offensively and defensively was displayed by Matthew Majeau, Travis Ricardo and Sameer Omar.

BC 27 -- Louisville 24

BC rolls to 5th straight victory in yet another CYBL Cadet Boys double overtime game. High scorers for BC were Jesse Ashley and Bobby Tripathi with 8 pts each, followed by Jacob Ashley with 7pts including the go ahead foul shot. Also contributing to scoring were Tim LeMasurier and Nathan Trznadel with 2 pts each. Another super team effort with great defense and rebounding by Dylan Freeman, Kirby and Kenny Toussaint.


Week #6

Arizona 22 -- Syracuse 16

In a game that was close for three periods, Arizona defeated a very scrappy Syracuse team. With the game tied at 14 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Arizona put on a tenacious full court press led by Connor Scribner, Omkar Bhat, Nick Arndt and Anthony Koeckhoven that resulted in several steals. Romi Elfakih had six of Arizona's points in the fourth quarter. Matty Clauson, Ryan Curran and Austin Collias had four points each and Joe Markey and Brian Carey two apiece for Arizona.

Kentucky 28 -- Florida 22

After falling behind in the third quarter, Kentucky took control in the fourth quarter to beat Florida. The high scorer for Kentucky was Joshua Ambrosino with 10 points, 8 rebounds, 6 steals and 4 assists. Mark Keller was also a force with 8 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists. Tim Havener also had a big day with 8 points and 7 rebounds. Jacob Glovin contributed with 2 points, 3 rebounds and good defense.

Duke 23 -- UMass 22

Duke and UMass played a very close game right to the buzzer with Duke coming out on top with a one point win. In the first half, baskets were scored by Doug Consalvi, Quinn Cooney, Jeffrey D'Auria, Ahmed Merhi, Bernard Sou and Travis Ricardo. Daniel DeGloria and Matthew Majeau both led in the rebound department. In the second half, all around great playing by Sameer Omar and Key blocks and rebounds by Bryce Wynn enabled baskets to be scored by Doug Consalvi, Matthew Majeau, Ahmed Merhi and Travis Ricardo. For UMass, Justin Sheehan had 8 points and 10 rebounds.

Georgetown 22 -- UConn 21

Georgetown outlasted UConn in a battle of undefeated teams. Leading the way for hard luck losers was John Corbett with 7 points.

Providence 22 -- North Carolina 20

In yet another game decided in the final seconds, Providence outlasted North Carolina behind 6 points from Michael DiPietro. Also for Providence, Cam Engdahl had 5 points and 6 rebounds.


Week #5

Georgetown 38 -- Kansas 30

Undefeated Georgetown extended their winning streak to 5 games by squeeking out a victory over an equally impressive Kansas team. Kansas got a huge game Kevin Falco, who could not be stopped en route to a game high 14 points. However, Georgetown countered with big games of their own from Graham Lustiber (11pts), Zack Warnock (10pts) and Shawn Callahan (9pts). Ray Sheerin played great defense down the stretch to help the Hoyas ice the game.

Marquette 26 -- Arizona 18

In a game that was close for three periods, Marquette pulled away in the fourth quarter and defeated Arizona. Brian Carey led the way for Arizona with 8 points, Romi Elfakih had 4 and Joe Markey, Ryan Curran and Austin Collias had 2 each for Arizona. Connor Scribner hustled on both ends of the court for Arizona.

Kentucky 24 -- UCLA 22

Kentucky edged UCLA in a close game that went down to the wire. Joshua Ambrosino was the leading scorer for Kentucky with 7 points and added 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. Jacob White was a force in the 1st quarter with 4 of his 6 points and 5 of his 7 rebounds in that quarter. Jacob Glovin added 4 points while coming down with 4 rebounds. This was a great team effort as additional points, rebounds and solid defense was contributed by Michael DiFronzo, Mark Keller, Tim Havener, Robert Schweizer, Kevin Kelley and Shawn Lefebvre.

UMass 20 -- Louisville 18 (2OT)

In one of the best games all season, UMass had to endure two overtimes before downing Lousville by 2 points. Both teams played intense playoff style basketball with few baskets scored during the entire contest. Josh Marcotte led the way with 7 points. The game was sent into overtime with a free throw by Mike Tice shortly before regulation ended. The 1st overtime went by without score, but a streaking Justin Sheehan (12 rebounds) hit the game winner late in the second overtime to secure the victory.

BC 30 -- Providence 28

BC edged past Providence in a tough offensive battle. For Providence, the leading scorers were Michael DeDonato with 8 pts, Zach Gareri with 6, and Mark Albee and Dan Gillette with 4 each. Nick Alvarez had 2 points and 3 assists, and Cam Enghdahl and Michael DiPietro had 2 points each.

UConn 32 -- Syracuse 15

UConn ran past Syracuse behind a team high ten points from Alex Paroyian. Jake Murphy and John Corbett chipped in with 6 points while Nick Vogler had 4. Max Shinnick, David Crocker and Jack Laundry completed the scoring for UConn with two points each.

Duke 24 -- Temple 14

Duke was victorious over a hard playing Temple team behind Sameer Omar and Dan DeGloria, who were aggressive on defense and were instrumental in key assists on the offensive side. Rebounds, baskets and steals were a strong point shown by Matthew Majeau and Jeff D'Auria. Travis Ricardo scored multiple baskets and a number of steals. Quinn Cooney lead in both offensive and defensive rebounds and scored baskets as well as Bryce Wynn. Doug Consalvi and Bernard Sou also scored.

Indiana 22 -- North Carolina 20

In another one of the day's close games, undefeated Indiana outlasted North Carolina behind Al Grillo who had 12 points for the victors. Chris Judge, Danny Nolan, Derek Dodge, Luke Grillo, Peter Breitwieser, Brendan Carey, and Ian McGinty also led the Indiana team to victory with baskets, aggressive defense and solid rebounding.


Week #4

Georgetown 31 -- Xavier 29

Georgetown outlasted Xavier in a back-and-forth shoot-out that came down to the final posession. In a game dominated by the big men, Xavier got a great performance from Kyle Manateau (10 pts) . Georgetown, however, countered with strong games from Graham Lustiber (8 pts) and Tyler Armstrong (6 pts) who each hit double-digits in rebounds. Shawn Callahan (9 ps), Zack Warnock (6 pts) and John Choukri (2 pts) rounded out the scoring for the Hoyas.

UMass 35 -- Marquette 26

Marquette got off to a quick 6-2 lead, but UMass came back behind the scoring and passing of Mike Tice (10 points and 5 assists), and took a 21-9 half time lead. In the second half, UMass held off a furious comeback bid by Marquette behind Andrew Knightly (11 pts and 5 steals). Justin Sheehan was tough for the winners in both halves with 8 points and a season high 10 rebounds.

UConn 29 -- Louisville 19

UConn defeated Louisville behind 7 points from Jake Murphy, 6 points each from Alex Paroyian and James Clasen. Also scoring for UConn were John Corbett, Nick Vogler, Max Shinnick and Nick Andre.

Providence 19 -- Florida 9

Providence used a balanced scoring attack and tough defense to defeat a game Florida team 19-9. Michael DiPietro (4), Nick Alvarez (4), Zach Gareri (4) and Cam Enghdal (6) all scored multiple baskets for Providence. Prerak Goel also had 1 point, and Mark Albee and Sujal Pandit added assists. Dan Gillette, Cam Burns and Michael DeDonato all contributed on the boards and with several steals.

BC 28 -- Kentucky 14

Jacob Ashley and Bobby Tripathi scored 10 points apiece for BC to help BC pull away from Kentucky in the 2nd half. For Kentucky Robert Schweizer led the way with 8 points and despite being outsized battled to come down with 7 rebounds. Other players who contributed with points were Tim Havener, Mark Keller and Joshua Ambrosino. Shawn Lefebvre contributed with 4 rebounds as well.

Arizona 38 -- UCLA 22

Arizona played its best all around game of the season and defeated a very scrappy UCLA team 38-22 for its first win of the season. Brian Carey led the way for Arizona with 12 points followed by Joe Markey with 8. Matty Clauson, Ryan Curran and Austin Collias had 4 points apiece for Arizona. Anthony Koeckhoven, Omkar Bhat and Romi Elfakih each chipped in with 2 points each for Arizona. Nick Arndt played a fine all around game for Arizona.

Kansas 16 -- Duke 14

Kansas edged past Kansas late in the game for the victory. In the first half for Duke, Doug Consalvi, Dan DeGloria, Ahmed Merhi, and Bernard Sou took possession of the ball with multiple steals. Rebounds were snagged by Sameer Omar. More talent was shown by Matthew Majeau and Quinn Cooney with their blocking and steals. Baskets were scored by Jeff D'Auria, Travis Ricardo and Bryce Wynn. In the second half of the game Doug Consalvi and Jeff D'Auria's blocking and Matthew Majeau's and Bryce Wynn's taking possession of rebounds enabled Quinn Cooney and Sameer Omar to each score baskets.


Week #3

In Cadet Boy’s action, Providence edged Louisville 14-12 in double OT.

Providence 14 -- Louisville 12 (2OT)

In the first double overtime game of the basketball year, Providence's Cam Enghdahl scored 6 second half points, including 2 clutch free throws and the winning basket to lead Providence to a hard fought victory over a determined Louisville team. Mark Albee had two points and a nice assist on the winning basket. Also scoring were Zach Gareri, Nick Alvarez, and Michael DiPietro. Cam Burns, Dan Gillette, and Sujal Pandit chipped in with some very strong defense as Providence rallied from a 4 point halftime deficit.

Georgetown 31 -- Arizona 26

In a great see-saw battle, Arizona sprinted out to a 16-8 halftime lead, thanks to great team defense and solid shooting. Georgetown used a swarming defense, led by Bret Dery and Josh Gaurnera, to storm back in the second half. It wasn't until the final segment that Georgetown took their first lead of the game thanks to key blocks by Tyler Armstrong and Graham Lustiber. Zack Warnock and Shawn Callahan combined for 29 of Georgetown's 31 points; including 23 by the dynamic duo in the second half comeback. For Arizona, Brian Carey and Ryan Curran each had eight points, Matty Clauson and Connor Scribner four each and Joe Markey two. Also, Omkar Bhat, Austin Collias, Romi Elfakih and Nick Arndt hustled all over the court and played good all around games.

Duke 28 -- Kentucky 20

Duke pulled away to the victory after some good back and forth action by both squads. Kentucky came out in the first quarter scoring early. Duke was able to hold them at 4-0 at the end of the first quarter. Duke matched Kentucky's talent in the second quarter with baskets scored by Travis Ricardo, Doug Consalvi, Matthew Majeau and Bryce Wynn. The third quarter continued to prove talent on both benches but Kentucky could not hold back baskets scored by Bernard Sou, Sameer Omar and Travis Ricardo. The fourth quarter opened with the score 22 Duke, 12 Kentucky. Despite the 10 point lead, Duke played hard to earn baskets scored by Jeff D'Auria, Bernard Sou and Matthew Majeau. Quinn Cooney dominated the court at both ends and came thru with a foul shot. Mark Keller scored 8 points for Kentucky with Jacob White, Timothy Havener and Robert Schweizer chipping in with 4 points each. Schweizer also had 16 rebounds and 3 assists. Michael DiFronzo played some excellent defense for Kentucky as well as coming down with 4 rebounds.

Indiana 25 -- UCLA 17

UCLA quickly started the game scoring six unanswered points in the opening quarter. Indiana’s bench rallied late in the first period with some nice steals and hoops by Joe McGlaughlin (6 pts) and Chris Judge (6 pts) to tie the score. UCLA played some nice team defense and held Indiana scoreless in the second period. Luckily the Indiana squad chipped in with nice team defense of their own and solid defensive rebounding by Luke Grillo, Joe Dowd, Peter Breitwieser, and Ian McGinty. Indiana came out smoking right after halftime with baskets from Al Grillo (4 pts), Derek Dodge (4 pts), and Danny Nolan (3 pts). At the end of three, Indiana had racked up 17 points. In the final quarter UCLA closed the gap to just 2 points (17-15) before Indiana spread its offense and scored hoops by Brendan Carey (2 pts) and his teammates.

UConn 26 -- North Carolina 19

Alex Paroyian (12 points) and James Clasen (4 points) led the way for UConn. Five other players scored a basket each. Seven out of nine players attending the game for UConn scored in this exciting contest.

UMass 34 -- Florida 6

UMass dominated Florida from start to finish with 8 players scoring for UMass in the victory over Florida. Alex Marcotte, Andrew Knightly, and Justin Sheehan combined for 20 points. But it was the team wide defense, keyed by Shayan Sabhian (rebounding well in his first game), and Mike Tice (passing) that helped in the win.