CYBL - No Drop-off Admission Policy

All Children Must Be Accompanied By An Adult at All Times

Due to issues resulting in inappropriate behavior and vandalism, the Chelmsford School Dept. and the CYBL Board of Directors have instituted a policy requiring the adult supervision of all youth attending CYBL Intramural and Travel games.

PLEASE NOTE: No children will be admitted to Chelmsford school gymnasiums during a CYBL event unless they are accompanied by an adult. Also, during games, no children are allowed to be in school hallways unattended.

This policy will be enforced by members of the CYBL Board of Directors.

Also, any inappropriate behavior by CYBL participants while attending any games may result in their suspension from future CYBL participation.

The CYBL Board of Directors also reminds attendees to 'be a fan, not a fanatic' and respect the players, coaches and officials during all games.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

CYBL Board of Directors