CYBL Coaching Tips

Chelmsford Youth Basketball League (CYBL)

  1. You might encourage the parents of your players to stay for the first few minutes of your first practice to go over the following;
    • Encourage prompt drop-off and pick-up for practices and games.
    • Remind them to notify you if their child cannot attend a practice or game.
    • Encourage no basketballs on game dates. There really is no place to use them.
    • Emphasize proper fan behavior at games. "Encourage and cheer" rather than "criticize and harass" our own children and other children.
    • Harassing and criticizing officials is not appropriate behavior.

  2. Your own tone sets an example for your players and their fans. Treat everyone; players, parents, other coaches, officials, and anyone else whom you come in contact with respect and exhibit a sense of fair play and sportsmanship at all times.

  3. Please begin and end your practices on time. There is likely to be someone in before you and/or someone coming in after you. Ask your players to come in no more than 15 minutes ahead of time for practices and games. Please make sure that you or your assistant are there when your players start coming in and that everyone is picked up or accounted for before you leave the gym. If you are the last practice of the evening, please DO NOT linger!

  4. Please give out any handouts that CYBL requests that you distribute. Do NOT collect any raffle money. We will inform you and the players about collection times/places.

  5. If a player cannot play because of a long-term illness or injury, make sure he/she has written medical clearance before returning.

  6. Try to remember;
    • To be patient, positive, and help every player feel important.
    • To encourage and develop pride in each player.
    • To reduce fear and the fear of failure.
    • To not ignore or (especially in front of others) ridicule or criticize any players.
    • To encourage your players to have fun.
    • To be a positive role model for your players.


Please follow the playing time rules. You may sit a player down for discipline reasons at any time. Immediately notify the opposing coach and the official in charge.