Chelmsford High School Coaching Tips

Chelmsford Youth Basketball League (CYBL)

Courtesy of Coaches Charlie Micol and Mike O'Keefe.

The Big 5 for Coaches

  1. Our goal must be to provide a learning environment in which young children can develop themselves as a person, student, and athlete.
  2. As coaches, we should be the kind of coach we would want our children to play for.
  3. We must never lose sight of the fact that basketball is a game and it should be fun.
  4. Because basketball is a great teaching situation, we must use this opportunity to educate the children on our teams. We must prepare them for the many decision they will be making that will have long range effects on the quality of their lives
  5. This is the bottom line: Are we doing all we can to make our player's basketball experience as rewarding as possible?
Reasons for Playing Sports
  • To have fun
  • To improve skill
  • For the excitement of competition
  • To be part of a team
  • To get exercise
  • To learn new skills
  • To go to a higher level of competition
  • Learning to win - Sportsmanship
Practice Tips
  • Be organized - try to stick to schedule
  • Get most out of your time
  • Make it fun
  • Improve skills
  • Make it competitive
  • Keep them moving
  • Try to incorporate stations
    • Passing
    • Ball handling
    • Shooting
    • Defensive slides
    • Screens/picks
    • 2-on-2 games
  • Team concepts
    • Offense
    • Defense
  • Scrimmage