False 911 Phone Calls from School Pay Phones

Unfortunately, there have been several instances during the season where false 911 emergency "hang-up" phone calls have been made to the Chelmsford Police during CYBL sponsored events (games or practices) from pay phones at several Chelmsford schools.

CYBL has discussed this situation with the Chelmsford Police and we want to share the following information with our Parents, Coaches and Players:
  • The details of ALL 911 calls, including 911 "hang-up" calls, are recorded by the Police. Details include the phone number from which the call was made and the exact time the call was made.

  • A 911 "hang-up" emergency phone call received from any phone located in a school building must be treated as a "Code 3" by the Chelmsford Police - typically 2 cruisers respond with lights and sirens - fire and ambulance may also respond. Given the recent tragic events at schools across the US, this response must occur whenever a 911 hang-up call is received from any phone at a school.

  • Not only does his type of mandatory emergency response place the police officers responding in danger, it also places any citizens the police encounter during their response in potential danger, and it eliminates those emergency personnel from being able to respond to another (legitimate) 911 call.

  • Placing a false 911 emergency phone call can be treated as a misdemeanor crime in this state ("False Report of a Crime", Mass. Law Chapter 269, Section 13A) that is punishable by a monetary fine and/or imprisonment.

CYBL asks ALL Parents to discuss this situation with ALL of their children (CYBL players as well as any younger brothers and sisters) and impress upon them the importance of NOT making false 911 phone calls.

ALL CYBL Coaches are also asked to discuss this situation with their Players and impress upon them the importance of NOT making false 911 phone calls.